Faculty Archives - Janet L. Cameron Scrapbook

Janet L. Cameron

Janet L. Cameron

Janet Lowe Cameron served as a Foods and Nutrition Specialist with the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service from 1931 until 1964. Known throughout Virginia and the nation for outstanding programs in foods and nutrition, she taught rural women and 4-H club members. She traveled throughout Virginia and taught these topics:

This scrapbook includes her biography and many of her works. Below are links to the entire scrapbook and her many of her publications. Please note the publication date is in parenthesis.

Scrapbook [PDF 26.3 mb]

Preparing a Victory Lunch (1942)[PDF 2.9 mb]

Making Bread at Home (1944)[PDF 4.8 mb]

Canning For This Home (1944)[PDF 2 mb]

Christmas Delights [PDF 184 kb]

Homemade Mixes (1952)[PDF 4.5 mb]

Take off Pounds Safely (1954)[PDF 4.6 mb]

Apples Around The Clock (1955)[PDF 7.7 mb]

Outdoor Meals (1955)[PDF 564 kb]

Keen Teens Eat Well (1956)[PDF 2.7 mb]

Merry Christmas (1956)[PDF 10.7 mb]

Recipes For Cottage Cheese Dishes (1957)[PDF 2 mb]

The Cookie Jar (1959)[PDF 1.5 mb]

Making Bread at Home (Revised 1962)[PDF 644 kb]

Oven Meals (1962)[PDF 116 kb]

Quick and Easy Desserts (1962)[PDF 412 kb]

Around The World Foods (1963)[PDF 7.4 mb]

Freezing Fruit (1974)[PDF 2.2 mb]

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