ORG 1.0 User Guide

2. Technical Description

The ORG system is a collection of scripts providing a link between Oracle tables and the World Wide Web. A cshell script is what the form's URL actually refers to: OR_add, OR_search, or OR_updt depending on the function desired. These scripts set environment variables and call PERL scripts to do the bulk of the work. This includes generating SQL to perform the desired function, executing the SQL script, obtaining the results, performing HTML markup on the results, and returning the results to the browser.

ORG expects HTML form to always supply database name, as well as search string, display type, and fields to display where appropriate. These can be concealed using the TYPE=HIDDEN option with the HTML <INPUT> tag. The form should also list required fields in this way, for security and to reduce potential confusion for the user. ORG expects that unique record identifier always be the first field of records returned by Oracle.

ORG can perform three functions: search, update and add. ORG displays search results in summary form using the HTML 3.0 table tags, or in full as paragraphs of text in HTML. Updates require the user to identify a record for updating, so the user must perform a search and intermediate results are displayed in a list with a radio button next to each record. The user can select one and only one record from this list for updating. Once a record is select, the screen is similar to the add screen where all fields requiring data entry are displayed. The update version includes an option to delete the record.

Forms using ORG specify METHOD=POST and ACTION to be one of three gateway applications: OR_add for the Add function, OR_updt for the Update function, or OR_srch for the Search function. Each of these scripts are Cshell scripts which reside in /cgi-bin. They set environment variables and then call a PERL script in /cgi-bin/OR called These PERL scripts build SQL scripts on the fly and then execute them. They retrieve the results and return HTML-tagged results to the user. A fourth script, OR_dochng is called by the form automatically generated by the update script. It in turn creates a form that allows the user to update records by sending its output (their input) back to OR_add.

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