Why is document structure important?

If you design documents that adhere to the HTML 3.2 standard then you can be sure that every user will see all of your textual content the way you intended.

While many people maintain that the field is narrowing in the browser wars there are actually dozens of Web browsers in use around the world today. Even though you might be using Netscape on a PC running Windows 95, there are people around the world accessing the Web through TV set-top boxes like Web TV or through palm top devices like the Apple Newton.

Are you certain that your Web pages will only be used by English speaking US citizens running Internet Explorer 3.0 under Windows 95? Then by all means, abandon the standard and have a good time. But if you are like most people with something to say on the Web, then you simply cannot be sure how or when your pages will be accessed. If you stick with standards, your audience will get the message.

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