Text Elements

Text elements, like Information Type Elements are inserted around segments of text as structural elements. Here are some basic text elements:

<DIV> is used to group collections of document structures together such as headings, paragraphs and tables describing a single concept or representing a chapter or logical section.

<P> is intended to mark paragraphs. The paragraph end tag is optional, although it is good practice to insert it.

<PRE> is the preformatted text tag. There are a variety of uses for the preformatted text tag. It can be used to retain formatted ASCII text such as newsletters, calendars, spreadsheets or statistical data in columns (there is not yet an HTML tag for tables). Avoid using tabs in preformatted text - use spaces instead. Here is a brief example:

              World Wide Web Stats
                        January   February
Document 1                  752        697
Document 2                  134        232
<BLOCKQUOTE> has as its content sections of text included from other sources:
The World Wide Web Initiative (W3) links information throughout the world.

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