Table Example

Here is an example from an HTML 3 standards document:
<CAPTION> An Example of a Table</CAPTION>
<TR><TH ROWSPAN=2 TH COLSPAN="2"> average <TH> &nbsp; <TH> &nbsp; <TH>other </TR>
<TR><TH> height <TH> weight <TH> category </TR>
<TR><TH ALIGN=LEFT colspan=2> males <TD> 1.9 <TD> .003 <TD> yyy </TR>
<TR><TH ALIGN=LEFT colspan=2> females <TD> 1.7 <TD> .002 <TD> xxx</TR>

An Example of a Table
average    other
height weight category
males 1.9 .003 yyy
females 1.7 .002 xxx

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