Special Characters

HTML supports the ISO-Latin-1 character set, which includes the English alphabet, numerals, various typographic symbols and characters used in various western European languages such as French and German. ISO-Latin 1 characters are represented as character entities in HTML. These are prefixed by an ampersand and followed by a semicolon. Here is an example for the less than sign:
Capital A with acute accent (Á) is represented by Á

Characters which are used to construct tags and entities must also be represented as entities:

Character                    Entity 
Less-than sign (<)          &lt;
Greater-than sign (>)       &gt;
Ampersand (&)               &amp;
Double quote (")            &quot;
Copyright symbol (©)        &copy;
Registered symbol (®)       &reg;
A complete list of ISO-Latin-1 characters and entities is available online.
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