Form Tags - FORM

The <FORM> tag is placed around a section of an HTML document which includes FORM elements. Other BODY tags can occur in a form, and multiple forms can occur in a document, but forms cannot be nested.

There are two attributes essential to forms:
ACTION indicates the URL of the processing gateway. This URL will point to a program rather than a document. This program will receive the contents of the form in one of two ways depending on what value is specified for the METHOD attribute.

METHOD can be assigned one of two values: GET or POST. Gateways can accept data directly when METHOD is GET or look for it in a special variable if POST is used. If you are using an existing gateway, refer to its documentation for the correct METHOD.

Sends the contents of a form directly to a gateway called marian-gate.

Form elements should not occur outside <FORM> start and end tags.

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