Applet Tag Example

The APPLET tag is also a container tag. Its contents can include one or more <PARAM> tags which are applet specific. Each PARAM tag represents one name,value pair that is made available to the applet while it is running. For example, if the applet was a ticker tape banner, the programmer who developed the banner might have the applet look for a PARAM tag with the name MESSAGE. The value assigned to message would be the text the ticker tap would display:

<PARAM NAME="MESSAGE" VALUE="Message of the day">

If there is text included between the APPLET start and end tag, this text is displayed on Web browsers that cannot run Java applets. Here is an example of a Java applet that acts as a ticker tape or displays the message "Java applet here" if the browser cannot run applets:

<EM>Java applet here</EM>
<PARAM NAME="MESSAGE" VALUE="The news of the day">

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