ISMAP Map File Example

Here is an image map file and an example HTML document which uses it:

default gopher://

# Link to Spectrum search 
rect gopher:// 7,23,512,109

# Link to VPI home page
rect 517,47,598,88

# Link to first article - page 1
rect gopher:// 11,125,597,351

# Link to second article - lower left page 1
rect gopher:// 13,354,149,776

# Link to third article - middle bottom page 1
rect gopher:// 157,547,457,775

# Link to fourth article - lower right page 1
rect gopher:// 455,352,600,687

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Spectrum Page Images</TITLE><HEAD>
<H1>Spectrum Page Images</H1>
<I>Click on a portion of the page to see the text</I><P>
<A HREF=><IMG SRC="spectrum1.gif" ISMAP></A>

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