Netscape Textual Elements and Character Entities

UL, OL, LI tags:
Unordered and Ordered lists now have a TYPE attribute that controls the labeling of list items. Unordered lists types are disc, circle or square. The following example uses <UL TYPE=square>:
Ordered list types are A for capital letters, a for small letters, I for large roman numerals, i for small roman numerals or 1 for numbers (the default). This example uses <OL TYPE=I> for roman numerals:
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LI tag:
The list item tag has a TYPE attribute as well. This allows you to change the type within the list. It also has a value attribute that allows you to change the numbering of ordered lists within the list:
<LI TYPE=circle> changes the bullet for this item and all items that follow to a circle.
<LI TYPE=a VALUE=4> changes the numbering type for this ordered list item to lower case letters and starts a new numbering with the letter d.

New Character Entities:
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