HTML+ Tables

HTML+ provides much-needed support for tables with the <TABLE> tag and its elements:
Table title tag
Table header tag
Table data cells
Row divider
Table headers and cells can have ROWSPAN and COLSPAN attributes which can expand a cell or header to any number of cell rows or columns. The ALIGN attribute can be set to LEFT, CENTER or RIGHT to position cell data.

Here is an example from an HTML 3 standards document:

<CAPTION> An Example of a Table</CAPTION>
<TH ROWSPAN=2 TH COLSPAN="2"> average <TH> <TH> <TH>other <TR>
<TH> height <TH> weight <TH> category <TR>
<TH ALIGN=LEFT colspan=2> males <TD> 1.9 <TD> .003 <TD> yyy <TR>
<TH ALIGN=LEFT colspan=2> females <TD> 1.7 <TD> .002 <TD> xxx

An Example of a Table
average other
height weight category
males 1.9 .003 yyy
females 1.7 .002 xxx

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