META and SCRIPT are elements of the <HEAD> tag and cannot appear outside the header section of the document: More tags used within the document header
This tag is used in many ways. It is often used to include keywords a document, or to pass messages to the client such as the language of the document content using the HTTP-EQUIV and CONTENT attribute pairs:
<META HTTP-EQUIV="keywords" CONTENT="Biology, Chemistry">
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Last-Modified" CONTENT="Sep 06, 1996">
The SCRIPT element is used to point to or embed the source of a client-side script application in an HTML document. Here is an example that points to an external Javascript:
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="validate.js">
The STYLE element is used to point to or embed style sheet information, such as Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) properties. Here is an example:
H1 {font-family:times-roman; font-style:bold; font-size: 36pt}

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