Welcome To the VT ETD-db

Welcome to the starting point for all information regarding the VT ETD database. This site will include help files, frequently asked questions, as well as development and implementation resources.

Anthony Atkins
Technical Director,
Scholarly Communications Project

Public Links Help for authors. General and page-specific information for authors using the submission process to add their ETD to the database. Log In Submit a new ETD or modify a previously uploaded ETD
(requires a Virginia Tech PID and password). Browse the ETD collection Click here to browse static views of the collection by author or department. Browse the VT ETD-db Click here to browse through the database directly. Search author title pages Click here to search the html title pages for each available author using the Opentext search engine. Search the VT ETD-db Click here to search the database of available ETDs directly. ETD database development Resources for developers implementing their own ETD databases.

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