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journal titleeditor(s)e-mail 1)   ALAN Review
      Assembly on Literature for Adolescents Patricia P. Kelly
      Virginia Tech
Robert C. Small Jr.
      Radford University kellyp@vt.edu 2)   Catalyst
      Community Services Catalyst** William Flynn
      Palomar College wflynn@hal.palomar.edu 3)  CJTCS
      Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science* Janos Simon
      University of Chicago simon@cs.uchicago.edu 4)  Electronic Antiquities Terry Papillon
      Virginia Tech Terry.Papillon@vt.edu 5)  JCAEDE
      Journal of Computer-Aided Environmental Design and Education** Joan McLain-Kark
Robert Schubert
      Virginia Tech jmkark@vt.edu
silver@vt.edu 6)  JCN
      Journal of Contemporary Neurology* Keith H. Chiappa
      Harvard University chiappa@helix.mgh.harvard.edu 7)   JDC
      Journal of Design Communication Joan McLain-Kark
      Virginia Tech jmkark@vt.edu 8)  JFE
      Journal of Fluids Engineering Demetri P. Telionis
      Virginia Tech telionis@vt.edu 9)  JFLP
      Journal of Functional and Programming Logic* Giorgio Levi
      University of Pisa, Italy levi@igor.di.unipi.it 10)  JIAHR
      Journal of the International Academy of Hospitality Research Eliza C. Tse
      Virginia Tech tseet@vt.edu 11)  JITE
      Journal of Industrial Teacher Education Rod Custer
      Illinois State University custer@indtech.it.ilstu.edu 12)  JJSTE
      Journal of the Japanese Society for Technology Education Hidetoshi Miyakawa
      Aichi University of Education Ihmiyakaw@auecc.aichi-edu.ac.jp 13)  JMSEC
      Journal of Mathematical Systems, Estimation, and Control** Edwin Beschler
Clyde Martin
      Birkhauser Boston beschler@birkhauser.com
gqcfm@ttacs1.ttu.edu 14)  JTE
      Journal of Technology Education James LaPorte
Mark Sanders
      Virginia Tech laporte@vt.edu
msanders@vt.edu 15)  JTS
      Journal of Technology Studies Jerry Streichler
      Bowling Green State University jstreic@bgnet.bgsu.edu 16)  JVME
      Journal of Veterinary Medical Education** Billy Hooper
      Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine
1240 Lynn Hall
West lafayette, IN 47907-1204 17)  JVTE
      Journal of Vocational and Technical Education Betty Heath-Camp
      Virginia Tech heathb@vt.edu 18)  JYSL
      Journal of Youth Services in Libraries** Donald Kenney
      Virginia Tech kenney@mail.vt.edu 19)  Modal Analysis
      International Journal of Analytical and Experimental Modal Analysis** Kenneth A. Galionee
      Society for Experimental Mechanics Ken4sem@aol.com 20)  SPT
      Society for Philosophy and Technology Paul T. Durbin
      University of Delaware 18512@udel.edu 21)  SNDE
      Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics* Bruce Mizrach
      Rutgers University mizrach@econ.rutgers.edu 22)  WILLA
      Women in Literature and Life Assembly Patricia P. Kelly
      Virginia Tech
kellyp@vt.edu * MIT Press mirror

** No longer published electronically Janet Fisher jfisher@MIT.EDU

updated Feb. 16, 1999 (GMc)

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