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What is EReserve?

Electronic Reserve is Web access to materials traditionally available at the library's Reserve Desk. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, EReserve provides centralized access to instructors' online course materials. (The Reserve Reading List Database is an online list of materials available only at the Reserve Desk and only in hard copy.)
Everyone who is a part of the university has access to EReserve. From on campus (e.g., in the library, computer lab, or dorm room) or with VTNet98, the computer's Internet (IP) address is approved for access to VT-only resources. Campus computer labs have Internet connections and software (e.g,. Web browser, such as Netscape, and Acrobat Reader) to access, read, print, and download Virginia Tech online course materials from EReserve. If you live off campus and choose not to use the VTNet98 software, you can still access EReserve and other restricted library resources by using your e-mail PID and password to verify that you are approved for access to VT-only resources. (See detailed instructions.)
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