James Powell

Systems Analyst:
Head of Distributed Information Systems (the Virginia Tech webgroup),
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Blacksburg, Virginia


"A Gaijin and his Color Zaurus" appeared in mobilis: the mobile computing lifestyle magazine, September 1997.

"REVIEW OF: Patrick Niemeyer and Joshua Peck. Exploring Java. Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly & Associates, 1996." appeared in Telecommunications Electronic Reviews: Volume 4, Number 5: May 1997.

"Welcome to the Hololib" chapter in The Cybrarian's Manual (ISBN 0-8389-0693-1): ALA Press, March 1997.

"Adventures in the World Wide Web: Creating an Electronic Hypertext Library," Database: February 1994

"Spinning the World Wide Web: An HTML Primer," Database: February/March 1995. Reprinted in "The Cybrarian's Manual"

Introduction to HTML, Scholarly Communications Project: 1994-95. (available on the WWW)

[HTML Plus! Home Page]HTML Plus! (ISBN: 0-534-51626-2): Integrated Media Group, an imprint of Wadsworth Publishing, July 1996.

"ORG: Oracle Gateway," chapter in Developing CGI Applications with Perl (ISBN: 0-471-14158-5): John Wiley and Sons (co-author: John Lewis)

Survey of Four Metadata Candidates

ORG 1.0 User's Guide - a set of templates for developing Oracle - Web gateways.

Creator of HTML-Editor for Nextstep:
[INLINE]Screen capture of HTML-Editor
Retrieve HTML-Editor current release: HTML-Editor 0.7 FAT (Intel, Motorola, HP, SPARC)

[INLINE]Coming someday - HTML-Editor 1.0 for Nextstep - bug fixes, new features.
Creator of ListservHelper for Nextstep:
[INLINE]Screen capture of ListservHelper
Retrieve ListservHelper current release: ListservHelper FAT (Intel, Motorola, HP, SPARC)

Test Stuff
This is where I try out new things like HTML 3 and Netscape Frames
Finally... fun stuff
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