Bobby Accessibility Report

URL:, April 20, 1999 3:36:50 PM EDT
Bobby Version: 3.0b3, build: 002
Browser Compatibility: HTML 4.0
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Accessibility Errors

This page has not been rated for accessibility. You must choose the "Accessibility Evaluation and Rating" option to get an accessibility rating.

No accessibility errors found.

Accessibility Recommendations

This section contains a list of accessibility recommendations that you should fix in order to improve accessibility. Accessibility recommendations do not affect the Bobby Approved rating.
  1. Use the LANG attribute to identify the language of the text

Accessibility Tips

This section contains a list of accessibility tips that you should review. Please note that there are some aspects of page design that are important to accessibility but can not be tested automatically by Bobby. Some of these may appear below in the accessibility tips section.
  1. Considered adding keyboard shortcuts to important links

  2. Make sure that headings are nested properly

  3. Encode list structures and list items properly

  4. Make sure that text, image, and background colors contrast well and that color is not used as the sole means of conveying important information

  5. Use the ABBR and ACRONYM elements to denote abbreviations and acronyms

  6. Make sure that document structure is supported by the proper use of structural elements

  7. Avoid ASCII art. Replace it with an image and alternative text

Browser Compatibility Errors.

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Download Time

The following three column table gives download time statistics for the images, applets, and objects on this page. The first column contains the URL of each item, the second column the item size in kilobytes, and the third column the approximate download time for each item when using a 28,800 baud modem. At the end of the report, an arbitrary delay of 0.5 seconds is added for each file to account for slow-downs caused by HTTP connection times.

Time (seconds) 13.48 K 3.75
13.48 K
HTTP Request Delays

Total + Delays