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[INLINE] "Evolving Genre of Electronic Theses and Dissertations," Gail McMillan
32nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Jan. 7, 1999
Based on proceedings prepared by Ed Fox, Gail McMillan, John Eaton. [Acrobat]
[INLINE] Requiring Theses in Digital Form: the First Year at Virginia Tech, Jeffrey R. Young,
Chronicle of Higher Education, Feb. 13, 1998; read others' comments and join the online debate
[INLINE] Libraries Address the Challenges of Asynchronous Learning, Joanne Eustis and Gail McMillan
Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks, Vol. 2, Issue 1/March 1998

[INLINE] ETDs: Library Issues, Responsibilities, and Data, Gail McMillan [<- Acrobat format]
[INLINE] Electronic Theses and Dissertations: Merging Perspectives, Gail McMillan
Electronic Resources: Selection and Bibliographic Control (New York: Haworth, 1996): 105-126
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