Gail McMillan
1995 Faculty Activity Report

Publications:   Refereed

"A New Service from Libraries: Electronic Publishing" Continuity & Transformation: The Promise of Confluence, Proceedings of the 7th National Conference of the Association of College and Research Libraries, Chicago: ACRL, 1995; p. 257-266. (Based on a paper presented March 30, 1995, Pittsburgh.)

"Scholarly Communications Project: Publishers and Libraries," Filling the Pipeline and Paying the Piper: Scholarly Publishing on the Electronic Networks, Washington, DC: ARL, 1995; p. 135-145. (Based on a paper presented at the 4th symposium of the ARL/AAUP, Nov. 6, 1994, Washington, DC.)

Publications: Unrefereed

"The University Libraries, Virginia Tech," with Don Kenney VTLS Express: 10th Anniversary Issue, Blacksburg, VA: VTLS, 1995; p. 9.

Electronic Resources from University Libraries
Express Check-In: fliers for fall 1995 and spring 1996
Electronic Reserve: handouts for faculty and students
Gifts Policy for the Special Collections Department, VT University Libraries

World Wide Web pages (designed and maintained)

VIVA Special Collections

Special Collections, VT University Libraries

Friends of the Libraries

My résumé is at

About the Scholarly Communications Project

Scholarly Communications Project Statement of Purpose

Professional Development and Service Activities


ALCTS Scholarly Communications Committee, member Oct. 1991-July 1995
Active participant in planning sell-out Electronic Library Administrators Institute

CONSer Electronic Resources ad hoc Task Force, July - Nov. 1995

Workshop/Meeting Attendance
ARL Copyright Workshop, Washington, DC, Sept. 28-30, 1995
OCLC Resource Sharing Committee, annual meeting May 1994-1996
ARL Electronic Reserve Forum, Chicago, March 9-12, 1995
Requests I was unable to fulfill: (1) workshop on e-serials management for the Council on Library Research; (2) presentation to Canadian Serials Industry Systems Advisory Committee: "Electronic Journals: the Paradigm Shift" (3) "Managing Electronic Journals and Other Electronic Texts" for the Northern Ohio Technical Services Librarians"


VIVA Special Collections Committee member August 1995 to date
Actively participated in monthly meetings in Charlottesville
Designed and maintain Web page
Participated in VIVA Steering Committee meeting, Roanoke, Nov. 9, 1995
College/University Records Administrators & Archivists
CURAA meeting participant at Longwood College, Dec. 14, 1995

Virginia Tech

Parking Committee, chair, 1994/1995
prepared agenda, conducted meetings, prepared and distributed e-minutes to Committee and InfoSystem (serviced on the Committee: 1991/92-1994/95)
BEV History Project, Oct. 1994 to date (passive participant)
International Archive of Women in Architecture, governing board member
Participated in two applications Ed Fox initiated that include strong components promoting electronic library services.

Creating an Information Highway Assistance Force for TIAAP funding (Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program)

Improving Graduate Education with a National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations preproposal to Department of Education's Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education. One of 220 out of 2000 preproposals accepted by FIPSE for full consideration.

Electronic Reserve and Electronic Theses and Dissertations Information Specialist
Worked with faculty, students, and administrators to improve electronic access to library information and services (Please, see Scholarly Communications Project below.)

Information Systems

Information Systems Advisory Group, April 1995 to date
Convened the planning teams that refined goals for the Virginia Tech Digital Library and the Di gital Imaging Project

Electronic Billing Task Force, April 1995 to date (though currently inactive), contributed to:
Cost Centers and Measures in the Networked Information Value-Chain, statement of interest and experience presented to the Coalition for Networked Information by the Task Force on Electronic Billing, Virginia Tech, May 15, 1995. (contributor)

Participant in CNI Cost Centers and Measures: Buyers Expert Panel, New York, July 24, 1995 (one of nine librarians and information specialists brought in from around the country to discuss Cost Centers and Measures in the Networked Information Value-Chain)

Supporting the Information Explosion: Electronic Billing in the Networked Environment, preliminary report of the Task Force on Electronic Billing. Virginia Tech Information Systems: July 1, 1995.

Express Check-In volunteer, Aug. 22, 1995
Prepared Libraries' e-resources fliers for fall 1995 and spring 1996 registrations

University Libraries

First Search Committee, Jan. -April 1995
FUNdamental Skills: Curriculum development and teaching assistance
Mac Basics: Aug. 30, Sept. 19, 1995
Eudora: Aug.1, Aug. 3, 1995
Networked Resources Task Force, Dec. 1994-April 1995
Center for Textual and Editorial Studies: Libraries' liaison, Oct. 1994 to date
Coordinated equipment, furnishings, network access, security, and room scheduling
Reference Librarian volunteer at second floor Help Desk, Aug. 1994-July 1995 (2-4 hours/week)
Faculty Affairs Committee, Library Faculty Association
Chair 1994/95, appointed member 1994/95-1995/96
Cheds move to Storage volunteer, July 1995

Scholarly Communications Project

Liaison to e-journal editors. New publications in 1995:
ALAN Review
Dr. Patricia Kelley

Journal of Architecture and Computer Aided Design
Dr. Joan McLain-Kark, Dr. Robert Schubert

Journal of Vocational and Technical Education
Dr. William Camp

Virginia Tech Magazine
David Lotts et al. for University Relations

Liaison to managers of new Internet resources
Technology for All Americans
Dr. William Dugger, Dr. Richard Satchwell

Jim Kent

Roanoke Times
Jim Ellison

Electronic Reserve liaison to faculty and students
Produced, distributed, and kept accurate and up-to-date: Faculty Handout, Student Handout, Copyright Guidelines, Fair Use Guidelines, Flier

Trained over 400 faculty, through Faculty Development Institutes, one-on-one (drop ins and by appointment), e-mail, and telephone assistance

Assisted students through demonstrations in New Media Center (as requested by faculty for classes), e-mail, and telephone assistance

Surveyed all classes spring semester 1995--personally distributed and collected forms at term-end classes, tabulated results, distributed to teaching faculty, and presented via EReserve

Learned from other university libraries through ARL listserv (active participant), e-mail communications; and attending ARL forum in Chicago, March 9-11, 1995

Electronic Theses and Dissertations
Worked with Graduate School to improve procedures for receipt and access
Worked with Fox et al. to prepare grant applications
Arranged visit of UVa library delegation to Virginia Tech to learn more about our procedures, policies, and ideas.
Presented proposed library procedures to deans and department representatives at Graduate School fall retreat, Oct. 21, 1995, (in conjunction with Bruce Chaloux, Associate Dean for Extended Graduate Programs)

Virtual Tours of the Scholarly Communications Project

Special Collections Department, August 1995 to date

Provided motivation to quickly move all finding aids, inventories, and guides to the Internet-accessible World Wide Web environment.

Promoted needed improvements in physical space

1996 Upcoming and Known Activities


Copyright: Fair Use or Criminal Use?
PowerPoint presentation prepared for College of Education FDI, canceled due to snow
From Traditional Technical Services Librarian to Digital Librarian
February 27, 1996 for MITRE/CIA Librarians: Staff Readiness Program
Scholarly Communications Project: A Digital Library for the Changing Academy
April 28,1996 for ALA/ALCTS Institute on the Electronic Library: Administrative Issues for Organization and Access, Boston
VIVA Special Collections panel and Digital Imaging Projects panel
Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference, May 5-6, 1996, College Park, MD


"Electronic Theses and Dissertations: Merging Perspectives"
Invited article for a special issue of Cataloging and Classification Quarterly (vol. 22 no. 3/4)
Edited by Miko Pattie and Bonnie Cox, assistant directors for technical services and collection development, respectively, University of Kentucky Libraries.
In press at Haworth

"Serials Issues for Electronic Reserve Systems"
Article requested by Serials Review editor, Cindy Hepfer
I volunteered to write a chapter for the ARL book on Electronic Reserve.

Professional Development and Service Activities

Virginia Tech

Developing Standards for Electronic Theses and Dissertations
SURA grant for $92,000. Principal investigator with Dr.s John Eaton and Ed Fox
Setting the National Standards for Electronic Theses and Dissertations
FIPSE grant application to the US Dept. of Education for three-year funding. Principal investigator with Dr.s John Eaton and Ed Fox, and Neill Kipp. Would result in, among other things, MARC generated programmatically from electronic text.

Information Systems and University Libraries

Drafted Digitizing Images Tactical Plan, Feb. 1996, for Information Systems strategic plan.
Member of design and prototype team for Art History course using Art, Architecture, and Art History slides digitized through PhotoGraphic Services. While waiting for support from VP for Information Systems, we continuing team meetings and prototype design.

Drafted Virginia Tech Digitial Library Tactical Plan, Feb. 1996,with Susan Olivier, James Powell, and Ed Fox, for the Information Systems Strategic Plan. Member of design and prototype team for Virginia Tech Digital Library

Continue to document and improve services and access
Inform over 600 faculty at this summer's Faculty Development Institutes

Inform over 600 faculty at this summer's FDIs
Work with graduate students: address their concerns, train them in procedures and policies
Develop procedures for UMI to access or receive ETDs


VIVA Web Design Team member
Includes policy development for VIVA Web pages
VIVA Special Collections Committee
Hosting meeting March 8, 1996

HTML mark-up March 20, 1996