University Libraries Travel Request

Check one: TREC Job-Required LSA Other (specify)

Travel Dates
Rank (e.g. Instructor, Asst.Prof.):
Name of Meeting or Purpose of Trip:

Please explain in detail your role or level of participation at this conference or workshop and its relevance to your position (e.g. attending a mandatory committee meetng, making a presentation):

Member of sponsoring organization?: Yes No Not Applicable

Traveler's Signature _____________________________________________ Date __________

Immediate Supervisor/
Dept. Head Signature ____________________________________________
Date __________

For Job-Required Travel Only: Travel Fund Used

Authorization Signature ____________________________________________ Date __________

(Your signature here signifies acceptance of travel deductions from your travel fund.)

Original Form to Business Services; copies to

Personnel TREC LSA Traveler

Estimated Expenses

A. Preconference and Conference Estimated Expenses

Preconference Registration $

Conference Registration $


Name of hotel (optional)

nights X rate per/ night =

If you are sharing a room, you MUST obtain a receipt for the amount paid.

Meals are reimbursable only for overnight travel. Refer to Out-of-State M&IE as appropriate for maximum allowable rates. Keep records and submit your meal expenses when requesting reimbursement.

Full days: days X $ (reimb. rate) = (a)

Partial Days (Fill in departure and return days ONLY if they are partial meal days; otherwise, count them as full days above.)

Breakfast: X (reimb. rate) = (b)
Lunch: X (reimb. rate) = (c)
Dinner: X (reimb. rate) = (d)

SUBTOTAL FOR MEALS (add a, b, c, and d) =


B. Transportation and Other Expenses

Air Fare

Airline tickets MUST be purchased using an ATA through one of the following agencies:
The Travel Company of Blacksburg
University Travel Consultants
Travel Masters, Inc.
World Travel Service, Inc.

Do NOT purchase tickets before travel approval is secured.

Attach itinerary or include itinerary below. If your trip involves changing planes, please include arrival and departure times for each plane taken.

Date Leaving From Time Arriving From Time


Fill out ONLY ONE of the following sections for state or private car (primary driver only).
State Car:
Traveler must call motorpool to reserve car (1-6141). You will need to know department & FRS no. (obtain from Business Services).

$.22/mile for small sedan
$.26/mile for large car
$.30/mile for mini-van
$.43/mile for van

State Car: Round Trip Cost: miles X $ =
Date and time of state car pick-up and return (required).
Pick up: Date: Time:
Return: Date: Time:

For state car, list ALL drivers (for insurance purposes):

Driver Name License Number Expiration Date

Private Car:
Private Car: Round Trip Cost: miles X $0.22 =

Are you carpooling?

If yes, with whom?

Other (e.g. limousine, bus, taxi, rental car, parking, tax, toll)
Turn in all original receipts. NO RECEIPT, NO REFUND.


Subtotal A (Preconference and Conference Estimated Expenses)
Subtotal B (Transportation and Other Expenses) +

Overall Total (Add Subtotals A and B) =

Fill out University Travel Approval Form for all travel requests. Leave the Total Estimated Cost line blank.