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Staff Handbook: Tasks : Creating a PDF file

This page is still being fleshed out. Here is a rough outline of the issues involved.

  • Basics: "just like printing to a file"
  • using distiller vs using PDFwriter
  • embedding fonts
  • What you do while printing versus what you do afterward with Acrobat
  • creating thumbnails, bookmarks, and links using Acrobat
  • what to look for to make sure you've created a PDF file correctly:
    • No font or display problems on any page in the document.
    • Color comes across where appropriate.
    • Images are detailed enough to look good on the screen, but no so detailed that the files are too large.
    • All links work
    • thumbnails have been created.
Last updated on: Tuesday, 31-Jul-2001 09:52:27 EDT


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