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To create a web page simply open BBEdit and a blank text file, like the one shown below, will open up by default.
If this does not happen when you open BBEdit then go to":
File >
New >
Text Document
and a blank text file like the one shown below will come up.
BBEdit Screen Shot

When creating the page make sure that all standard beginning and ending HTML tags are included (<HTML><HEAD><TITLE><BODY> ....etc.). Also make sure that the header and footer is included.
Here is an example of the beginning HTML tags and the header. (Click Here)
Here is an example of the closing HTML tags and the footer. (Click Here)
Transferring HTML files to and from server
To save the text page as an HTML file go to:
File >
Save to Ftp Server
A window like the one shown below will then come up. Select the directory you would like to save the file in.

Next go to File Name and type in the name of the file with the .html extension. Try and relate the file name with some part of the document (i.e. author's last name). Also, type the name in lower case if possible.

To create a new folder choose which directory you want it in and then click on the New button. A small window will come up asking you what you would like to name it.

BBEdit Screen Shot
To open a file from the ftp server go to:
File >
Open from Ftp Server
The same window previously talked about will come up. The only differences are that the Get Info and Delete buttons will be accessible and the Save button will now be Open.

Find what file you would like to open from the directory and click Open. The Get Info button supplies information on the highlighted file (i.e. Size, Location, Date Modified). To delete files simply select the file and click Delete.

For more information on validating web pages using BBedit, check out the section of the section of the staff handbook entitled "Tasks : Syntax Checking".
BBEdit Screen Shot
Another good HTML syntax checker is the web browser iCab.
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