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2002/2003 ETD User Survey

1. Where do you work/study?

8.19%\% Education: college (46/562 responses)
2.67%\% Education: K-12 (15/562 responses)
66.9%\% Education: university (376/562 responses)
10.68%\% Industry / Business (60/562 responses)
11.57%\% Other (65/562 responses)
96.77% of the people who took this survey
(540 / 558) answered this question.

Other Responses (65 for this question)
"absorbtion"( 2 ) responses
"and home"
"biotechnology education"
"design school"
"diode mixer"
"Electrical Engineering"
"environmental science"
"Federal Agency - USFS"
"french university, dissertation"
"graduate student"
"hospitality and tourism"
"human resource"
"Nuclear Regulatory Authority"
"other"( 28 ) responses
"ph.D"( 2 ) responses
"PhD student"
"R&D institute"
"Regulatory Board"
"research centre"
"Research institute"
"smart antenna"
"structure fonction"
"Visual Merchandising"
"Xidian University in China"

2. What do you do?

35.9%\% Researcher (196/546 responses)
2.75%\% Librarian (15/546 responses)
4.03%\% Faculty (22/546 responses)
35.71%\% Student (195/546 responses)
11.9%\% Teacher (65/546 responses)
9.71%\% Other (53/546 responses)
94.09% of the people who took this survey
(525 / 558) answered this question.

Other Responses (53 for this question)
"Administrator"( 2 ) responses
"Central Office Administration"
"chem eng in Chile"
"Comp Professional"
"Consulting Engineer"
"Engineer"( 9 ) responses
"Head Human Resources"
"Instrumentation and control engineer"
"Library Assistant"
"other"( 26 ) responses
"project manager"
"Researcher ENGINEER"
"software development"
"Training Manager"
"web Developer"

3. What type of computer are you using?

2.29%\% Don't know (12/525 responses)
1.52%\% Unix-based (8/525 responses)
1.14%\% Mac (6/525 responses)
92.76%\% PC (487/525 responses)
2.29%\% Other (12/525 responses)
93.19% of the people who took this survey
(520 / 558) answered this question.

Other Responses (12 for this question)
"dell"( 3 ) responses
"Information Literacy"
"other"( 6 ) responses
"PC & Mac"

4. What is the speed/type of connection are you using?

3.27%\% Slower than 14.4kbps (17/520 responses)
4.23%\% 14.4 kbps (22/520 responses)
2.88%\% 28.8 kbps (15/520 responses)
2.69%\% 36.6 kbps (14/520 responses)
22.31%\% 56 kbps (116/520 responses)
11.35%\% ISDN (59/520 responses)
17.88%\% Ethernet (93/520 responses)
9.04%\% T1 (47/520 responses)
10%\% Cable modem (52/520 responses)
16.35%\% Don't know (85/520 responses)
93.19% of the people who took this survey
(520 / 558) answered this question.

5. Are you familiar with Adobe PDF?

94.2%\% Yes (487/517 responses)
5.8%\% No (30/517 responses)
92.65% of the people who took this survey
(517 / 558) answered this question.

6. Are you familiar with online databases?

73.99%\% Yes (384/519 responses)
26.01%\% No (135/519 responses)
93.01% of the people who took this survey
(519 / 558) answered this question.

7. If you are from a university, does your institution accept electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs)?

19.8%\% No (100/505 responses)
18.02%\% Not from a university (91/505 responses)
62.18%\% Yes (314/505 responses)
90.5% of the people who took this survey
(505 / 558) answered this question.

8. If your institution does not accept ETDs, do you think it should?

29.77%\% No opinion (128/430 responses)
60.23%\% Yes (259/430 responses)
10%\% No (43/430 responses)
77.06% of the people who took this survey
(430 / 558) answered this question.

9. Have you ever submitted an ETD?

80.56%\% No (406/504 responses)
19.44%\% Yes (98/504 responses)
90.32% of the people who took this survey
(504 / 558) answered this question.

10. For what purpose are you using this digital library?
Check all that apply.

63.07%\% Research (439/696 responses)
10.34%\% Job related (72/696 responses)
17.1%\% Personal interest (119/696 responses)
8.48%\% Learning about ETD's (59/696 responses)
1.01%\% Other (7/696 responses)
91.4% of the people who took this survey
(510 / 558) answered this question.

Other Responses (7 for this question)
"other"( 3 ) responses
"Searching for useful information"
"thesis project"

11. Did you download any ETDs?
If so, how many?

12.13%\% more than 10 (61/503 responses)
5.77%\% 6-10 (29/503 responses)
13.12%\% 3-5 (66/503 responses)
22.86%\% 1-2 (115/503 responses)
46.12%\% Didn't download any ETDs. (232/503 responses)
90.14% of the people who took this survey
(503 / 558) answered this question.

12. If you downloaded any ETDs, how did you find them?
Please select all that apply.

25.93%\% Browsed by department (125/482 responses)
15.98%\% Browsed by author (77/482 responses)
58.09%\% Searched (280/482 responses)
69.71% of the people who took this survey
(389 / 558) answered this question.

13. If you downloaded any ETDs, how easy was it to find what you were looking for?

3.59%\% Very difficult (14/390 responses)
23.85%\% Difficult (93/390 responses)
32.31%\% Fairly easy (126/390 responses)
27.95%\% Easy (109/390 responses)
12.31%\% Very easy (48/390 responses)
69.89% of the people who took this survey
(390 / 558) answered this question.

14. If you searched for an ETD, how fast was the response to your search request?

9.72%\% Haven't searched (41/422 responses)
4.5%\% Very slow (19/422 responses)
16.59%\% Slow (70/422 responses)
27.25%\% Fairly fast (115/422 responses)
31.99%\% Fast (135/422 responses)
9.95%\% Very fast (42/422 responses)
75.63% of the people who took this survey
(422 / 558) answered this question.

15. How often do you plan to use Virginia Tech's ETD library?

13.12%\% Rarely (61/465 responses)
32.04%\% Occasionally (149/465 responses)
14.62%\% Monthly (68/465 responses)
28.82%\% Weekly (134/465 responses)
11.4%\% Daily (53/465 responses)
83.33% of the people who took this survey
(465 / 558) answered this question.

16. How often do you plan to use other ETD libraries?

36.21%\% Occasionally (168/464 responses)
15.95%\% Monthly (74/464 responses)
25.43%\% Weekly (118/464 responses)
10.56%\% Daily (49/464 responses)
11.85%\% Rarely (55/464 responses)
83.15% of the people who took this survey
(464 / 558) answered this question.

Additional comments:
Please provide any comments about Virginia Tech's ETDs.

Text Responses (142 for this question)
""flow shop scheduling""
"A search by dissertation type would be useful for me."
"a very good library"
"An excellent working group in protection area"
"At the moment, i'm working with the Digital Library University Ferm�n Toro, I will like to know if you have xml page?"
"collect the material as much as possible"
"Congratulations for the team! Please keep this program available for us that are not from Virginia U. I am talking to our librarian abaout the ETD and am confident that, in the near future, our library will apply for adhering to the ETD. I downloaded already the info and instructions to do so."
"cooperative learning"
"Could not find a list of Subjects/Departments, I've just guessed some of them"
"dery good indeed and high standard"
"Downloaded 70 ETD title page/abstracts and bibliographies for a research project. The only difficulty I could see was that students didn't use standard file names to refer to their bibliographies."
"First time inquiry."
"free for students"
"good" - ( 6 responses)
"Good resource"
"good. useful"
"horribly designed site. I think it should specify whether we're looking at a thesis or dissertation when browsing by department. the panel at the bottom of this page should have all the buttons either grey or white, not both. there are more quibbles, but i'll work some more with the site and let you know as i come across them."
"I am answering before using the ETD service: hope it is a good experience, and thanks for putting our work on the web. What a gold mine.-"
"I can find useful paper for me.Thank you."
"I couldn't use the 'Search' function, so I was unable to find what I needed."
"i do not know because this is my first time"
"i don't know much about all this database information please how can I participate in it."
"I found a chapter of an interesting thesis by using Google, but there is nothing to indicate the author - hence I have no search criteria for your database / can't cite this etc. Leaving clues in the documents for those who come in via search engines would be very useful."
"I searched more than 15 ETD library and Virginia Tech's ETDs is one of the best of them on the net."
"I suggest that you provide a more advanced search based on different criteria, like dept, year, author, abstract, title, etc."
"I think it is very useful, helpful, and easy to follow."
"I would like finding a listing of departments"
"I would like to be able to browse the data base based on the date of submission of the theses. This way, one can always check out the "latest" in his/her field of interest and does not have to search the entire listings over and over again."
"I would like to express how wonderfull this site is"
"I'am from a University at Gudalajara Mexico. I find that knowing what are doing on Virginia Tech about ETDs will improve the quality of our own"
"I'm a Chinese student,esp. a poor state (Anhui) student.I have no chance to search and download my interested paper.So,could you help me with some entrance to look trough my interested paper.Thank you!"
"if all resource are unrestricted and free ,it will bring me more convenience ,:)"
"If all the theses are permitted download,I would very glad"
"it is a good refference for my research, because i need some articles that will support my cocceptual argument."
"It is a great service. I wish I knew about it earlier. Best wishes and heartfelt thanks."
"It is powerful and convenient for document research."
"it is the first time for me to deal with this website." - ( 2 responses)
"It is useful to see what is happening with master an doctoral research. As a professor I always work in to analyse a lot of works of your collection. Our students are getting in touch with good examples of quinatitative and qualitative research. Congratulations. Thanks Dr. Heriberto Gutierrez Lopez Graduated College of Business Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico"
"it is very good"
"it is very good!"
"It is very useful" - ( 2 responses)
"It should display the free abstract and the first 25 page of evey dissertation and results as UMI'dissertation."
"it very useful"
"It would also be nice to have those department that have concentrations to list both of those. This will help with my searches."
"It would be great if there is a kind of subject search."
"It would be helpful to show up front which papers were submitted as theses towards an M.A. degree, and which were submitted as dissertations towards a Ph.D. This would inrease the relevance of my selections."
"It would be useful to provide the ability to do boolean searching, i.e. degree and subject"
"It' too good.."
"It's a great way to learn!"
"it's very good!"
"it,s perfect"
"its agood site"
"its very easy for reaserch"
"List of Departments may be made available while browsing by department"
"May I ask you some things? Why here haven't the information of electromagnetics?"
"More powerful search functions"
"narrow-perspective survey. asked if i was familiar with pdf. well of course. didn't ask if I was HAPPY with pdf. provide sectioned-html as primary, and pdf as downloadable secondary. pdf-only is an ASSUMPTION that entire file is of interest; when reality is that MOST files are not; but one can never tell until reading some of it. Abstracts are next to useless for knowing if a paper is of interest/useful. Beyond ETD's, ensure that EVERY paper produced by publicly-supported academics is available FULL-TEXT on the U's web-servers. Start putting older material up on web full-text; i.e. all papers ever written by U's personnel which appeared in Rev. of Sci. Instruments, etc. etc.. Just visited another U's ETD site, where a full 80% were abstract only! completely useless site. Yours is better; except the pdf-only is a real pain on a slow connection. you might want to keep in mind that MANY people are still on modems..especially RURAL people. best of luck with your ETD and FULL-TEXT projects!"
"no more"
"NO opinion,now"
"None" - ( 2 responses)
"Not at present"
"not so bad"
"not yet"
"open all sources for build an open society"
"Please create a section where we can browse theses by the Advisory committee chairmen"
"Please i want to search about power control PWM wind Photovoltaic grid connection but i don't know how can do that"
"Please provide more help in searching the material"
"Please, use features that gives possibility to browse by year - it gives possibility to see new etd easily.Thank you for your service."
"provide good technical data"
"Realy good for me .Thanks"
"relationship between the employees motivation pay and performance or impact the employees motivation on the employees performance"
"Should be increase more searching conditions"
"streamline curvature"
"thank you" - ( 2 responses)
"thank you !"
"Thank you !!"
"Thank you for the good information that you are bringing to all researchers in the world"
"Thank you for you documents."
"thank you for your kindly and greatly help!"
"Thank you very much for the convinience provided by your digital library. But I am at UK and can not get copy of some ETDs which are limited in VT."
"Thanks a lot for your free download."
"thanks for nice information that you provide for usage of all persone who need to this information. you are really so kind and i appreciate your policy"
"Thanks for support!"
"Thanks very much!"
"The ETD library would be more useful if one could search first by Department and then by discipline within the department. For example, I searched by Civil Engineering, but had to wade through many listings that were of no interest. If I could home in on a discipline, such as geotechnical engineering, I could save much time and avoid overlooking interesting material."
"The Networking speed is main obstacles, But the uses are very good."
"The only problem that I had with the VT ETD was that some people split their ETDs into three sections: Front, body, and back. This added a lot of additional matches to the search. I like it best when they are all together, so I can go to the top and find the table of contents, versus having to look at a different document."
"the search engine maybe can be improved"
"they are informative."
"This is a good digital library. Thank you very much!"
"This is a really great place for finding information. A friend recommended this website to me yesterday. I wish I knew about this a few years back. Why this place isn't better promoted is beyond me."
"This is good"
"This is my first attempt"
"This is my first contact. At the moment I am not able to provide any comment."
"This server seems to be *really* busy or *really* slow. It is possible to throw some more processing power at it?"
"This site is great! Being a VT grad, I expected nothing less."
"To have more indexes than author only"
"usefull, increase my knowlage"
"very good" - ( 3 responses)
"very good!" - ( 4 responses)
"Very Good!!!"
"very good,I thank for your help"
"Very informative. This should be done by all academic institutions. This way, humanity could advance forward in its quest for new knowledge. Congratulations to this new idea!!!"
"very intrestant"
"Very nice -- I didn't realize that this is available. I plan to check back frequently. I was looking for a particular masters thesis: W.Xie. Simulation of X-ray imaging systems for luggage inspection. Department of Electrical And Computer Engineering, 1995. I can find it referenced, but not online. Thanks"
"very useful"
"what exactly are they?"
"Why are so many students choosing to restrict access to within the university network?"
"Why aren't more dissertations on this database? For instance, I completed a Ph.D. at Va Tech and was not able to access my dissertation on line."
"Wonderful idea"
"Would be nice to search by subject"
"You need to make the browse and search features more configurable. Should display the document type (MS, PHd) in the browse window and when search should be able to seach by department and document type as well as year range etc. This type of advanced searching is standard on many online databases and would improve the usability of yours. Thanks for your time."
"YOur ETDs quite helpfulness for all student"

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