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2006-2007 ETD User Survey

1. Where do you work/study?

11.97%\% Education: college (99/827 responses)
2.66%\% Education: K-12 (22/827 responses)
60.46%\% Education: university (500/827 responses)
8.95%\% Industry / Business (74/827 responses)
15.96%\% Other (132/827 responses)
7.09% of the people who took this survey
(781 / 11022) answered this question.

Other Responses (132 for this question)
"agricultural"( 2 ) responses
"aircraft engineering"
"arabic drama"
"civil construction"
"civil engineer"( 3 ) responses
"civil engineering -foundatin"
"communication Eng"
"computer science"
"consultancy office"
"counseling center"
"education sexuality child"
"elementary education"
"engineer"( 2 ) responses
"facilty layout"
"favilty layout"
"fragility function"
"geodesy"( 2 ) responses
"hospital"( 3 ) responses
"Human Resource Management"
"information science"
"lattice boltzmann method"
"library science"
"mechanics book"
"other"( 45 ) responses
"physical education training"
"piller metal chips press machine"
"research work"
"research center"
"rf amplifier"
"shakespeare"( 2 ) responses
"space organization"
"structural engineering"
"work & study"

2. What do you do?

31.52%\% Researcher (243/771 responses)
1.56%\% Librarian (12/771 responses)
6.49%\% Faculty (50/771 responses)
37.87%\% Student (292/771 responses)
11.8%\% Teacher (91/771 responses)
10.77%\% Other (83/771 responses)
6.68% of the people who took this survey
(736 / 11022) answered this question.

Other Responses (83 for this question)
"administrator"( 3 ) responses
"and researcher"
"Balasubramanian"( 2 ) responses
"Civil Engineer"
"Consultant"( 2 ) responses
"doctor"( 2 ) responses
"Doctoral Student"
"engineer"( 8 ) responses
"Engineering Development"
"erection of bridges"
"insurance officer"
"other"( 41 ) responses
"Sales Consultant"

3. What type of computer are you using?

7.87%\% Don't know (58/737 responses)
0.95%\% Unix-based (7/737 responses)
1.76%\% Mac (13/737 responses)
85.62%\% PC (631/737 responses)
3.8%\% Other (28/737 responses)
6.61% of the people who took this survey
(729 / 11022) answered this question.

Other Responses (28 for this question)
"dell"( 2 ) responses
"Electric Engineering"
"hp"( 2 ) responses
"other"( 16 ) responses

4. What is the speed/type of connection are you using?

3.85%\% Slower than 14.4kbps (28/727 responses)
3.85%\% 14.4 kbps (28/727 responses)
3.99%\% 28.8 kbps (29/727 responses)
3.03%\% 36.6 kbps (22/727 responses)
18.57%\% 56 kbps (135/727 responses)
13.2%\% ISDN (96/727 responses)
13.89%\% Ethernet (101/727 responses)
2.89%\% T1 (21/727 responses)
12.52%\% Cable modem (91/727 responses)
24.21%\% Don't know (176/727 responses)
6.6% of the people who took this survey
(727 / 11022) answered this question.

5. Are you familiar with Adobe PDF?

94.77%\% Yes (689/727 responses)
5.23%\% No (38/727 responses)
6.6% of the people who took this survey
(727 / 11022) answered this question.

6. Are you familiar with online databases?

72.45%\% Yes (526/726 responses)
27.55%\% No (200/726 responses)
6.59% of the people who took this survey
(726 / 11022) answered this question.

7. If you are from a university, does your institution accept electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs)?

14.75%\% No (105/712 responses)
16.43%\% Not from a university (117/712 responses)
68.82%\% Yes (490/712 responses)
6.46% of the people who took this survey
(712 / 11022) answered this question.

8. If your institution does not accept ETDs, do you think it should?

28.64%\% No opinion (183/639 responses)
58.69%\% Yes (375/639 responses)
12.68%\% No (81/639 responses)
5.8% of the people who took this survey
(639 / 11022) answered this question.

9. Have you ever submitted an ETD?

76.88%\% No (542/705 responses)
23.12%\% Yes (163/705 responses)
6.4% of the people who took this survey
(705 / 11022) answered this question.

10. For what purpose are you using this digital library?
Check all that apply.

69.5%\% Research (629/905 responses)
7.73%\% Job related (70/905 responses)
11.82%\% Personal interest (107/905 responses)
8.84%\% Learning about ETD's (80/905 responses)
2.1%\% Other (19/905 responses)
6.59% of the people who took this survey
(726 / 11022) answered this question.

Other Responses (19 for this question)
"Forming Organization"
"graduation projects"
"other"( 10 ) responses
"school work"
"Tracking former students"

11. Did you download any ETDs?
If so, how many?

14.81%\% more than 10 (104/702 responses)
5.13%\% 6-10 (36/702 responses)
7.83%\% 3-5 (55/702 responses)
21.23%\% 1-2 (149/702 responses)
51%\% Didn't download any ETDs. (358/702 responses)
6.37% of the people who took this survey
(702 / 11022) answered this question.

12. If you downloaded any ETDs, how did you find them?
Please select all that apply.

25.42%\% Browsed by department (166/653 responses)
15.93%\% Browsed by author (104/653 responses)
58.65%\% Searched (383/653 responses)
4.88% of the people who took this survey
(538 / 11022) answered this question.

13. If you downloaded any ETDs, how easy was it to find what you were looking for?

6.2%\% Very difficult (33/532 responses)
26.88%\% Difficult (143/532 responses)
30.26%\% Fairly easy (161/532 responses)
25.56%\% Easy (136/532 responses)
11.09%\% Very easy (59/532 responses)
4.83% of the people who took this survey
(532 / 11022) answered this question.

14. If you searched for an ETD, how fast was the response to your search request?

12.21%\% Haven't searched (73/598 responses)
3.18%\% Very slow (19/598 responses)
16.05%\% Slow (96/598 responses)
28.26%\% Fairly fast (169/598 responses)
28.76%\% Fast (172/598 responses)
11.54%\% Very fast (69/598 responses)
5.43% of the people who took this survey
(598 / 11022) answered this question.

15. How often do you plan to use Virginia Tech's ETD library?

12.33%\% Rarely (80/649 responses)
27.43%\% Occasionally (178/649 responses)
12.94%\% Monthly (84/649 responses)
34.05%\% Weekly (221/649 responses)
13.25%\% Daily (86/649 responses)
5.89% of the people who took this survey
(649 / 11022) answered this question.

16. How often do you plan to use other ETD libraries?

25.49%\% Occasionally (168/659 responses)
11.38%\% Monthly (75/659 responses)
35.2%\% Weekly (232/659 responses)
16.84%\% Daily (111/659 responses)
11.08%\% Rarely (73/659 responses)
5.98% of the people who took this survey
(659 / 11022) answered this question.

Additional comments:
Please provide any comments about Virginia Tech's ETDs.

Text Responses (216 for this question)
"A good source of information for research work."
"all thanks"
"am assisstant leacturer at benha university at egypt , psychology branch"
"am very thanks"
"best of best"
"best wishes"
"best wishes............"
"can you set it up so i can search the titles by keyword?"
"Could not search only on the particular phrase. For example, if I search on ELECTROMAGNETIC BRAKES. It displays all with Electromagnetic and all the Brakes. I need to find the exact phrase only. Not Electromagnetic seperately and Brakes seperately."
"Department names should be given instead of just Alphabets so that user can easily search the department where is the department of computer science"
"do your best"
"dont know"
"easily accesible"
"easy to get thesis in hand thanks"
"Es de mi interés leer la tesis del Ing. Roger M. Herdocia"
"excelent tool for reseacher"
"excellent" - ( 3 responses)
"excellent free database"
"free on line,thesis,book"
"good" - ( 12 responses)
"good for me"
"good institute"
"good job, simple but effective"
"GOOD luck!"
"good sources"
"good website"
"good, i like it"
"Great service, convenient access to knowledge that might otherwise not have been found."
"Have no idea now."
"help me" - ( 2 responses)
"help me for my project"
"hi im looking to get thesis for civil engineerin in road department"
"Hi, thank you for help us but some of searchs has vt or btd i want to read it but i can't . can you help me and give me the password."
"high strain rate characterization of low-density low -strength materials"
"hope it useful"
"Hope that there wont be any restrictions"
"I believe it's a best place for finding economic letters though it's my first time using it. Because my teacher recommend it to me"
"I am a freshman to this ETDs.but i think we will have a good time here."
"I am not able to download etd. i can view Access denied or restricted to download."
"I am Ph.D researcher in the field of corrosion of reinforcement in concrete. And this site is very useful to me, thanks for your effort."
"I am sorry that too many papers are restricted in the database."
"i bleave it will help me in research"
"I could not find the dissertation I needed."
"i couldnt get any ebook from the library. i would like to ask about the publication in the journals. can i send my papers for you in order to help me in this regards"
"I find papers via Google. It would be nice to search a visual 'tree' organized by subject. ie. a branch could be entitled switching power supplies, sub branches could be hard switched, soft switched, resonant, etc."
"i happen to login this.i haven't used it but i will use this."
"I have no any comment now."
"I hope even a new users can search without athens."
"i hope to find what i want cause i need it for my research about corpus grammar of non finte clauses so i hope that i will find answer"
"I just want to learn their methods in the lab" - ( 2 responses)
"I think your library is one of the excellent libraries in the net"
"I tried to browse by department but alas it still came up with authors name - not helpful"
"i want to get in quickly"
"i want to learm more!!!"
"I wan�t to know about it"
"I was glad to see one could search for thesis/diss titles by department. What would make it even better is if it included the date the title was submitted."
"I wish find what i want,Best wish and regards!"
"I'm looking for "Heat Engine Driven by ...." by Ean H. Schiller. Thesis submitted for Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering on Sept 19, 2002. How can I search?"
"if can try to provide a small part for searcher to seach their related tittle by some keyword because it is very time consumng scrolling towords all the tittles just looking for something that we need in the website."
"If possible, to easily get the required document, i would propose that the ETDs be also sorted in term of topics or areas of research."
"ineed sum research & assignment"
"inference plat recogntion"
"is excelent"
"Is much information, but I can not find construccion of studio audio. regards David Corona"
"isee if you have a search system it will be more active"
"It appeared that some of the ETD's I attempted to view were not there."
"It contains wide rang of fields that can be useful to researchers & students"
"it is very good"
"it is a good platform"
"It is a great web site"
"It is a very fast library systerm!"
"It is good" - ( 2 responses)
"It is nice but access procedure should be simple.there should be a facility to search a specific topic and download."
"it is the first international one"
"it is very easy"
"it is very good to help for research"
"it is very goog instit for all researches in all domains"
"it is very hard to get what you looking for"
"It is very perfect!"
"It is very useful, except that in other parts of the world we can not access it because the institution you studying at is not registered or ..."
"It perfect! Thank you"
"It provides golden opportunity to research student like me. I hope I will be provided more facility in future."
"It provides students in learning so much. Wanna study some reference books such as " Ni, S.Y., Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, Virginia Tech, Personal Correspondence, December 1998.""
"it should be more simplified and"
"It should provide a search engine to find ETDs"
"It would be helpful to search for ETD's by keyword."
"It's a powerfull engine"
"it's would be great to help me"
"Itis useful to use virginia-ETDs for searching.thakyou"
"its good free site"
"its very good but we are in iraq find difficulties in searching the exact what we need"
"It`s good, and make our study career mroe convenient."
"Lots of information I need!"
"may be it is very good"
"NO" - ( 2 responses)
"No coments"
"No comment"
"NONE" - ( 2 responses)
"not bad. more to improve."
"not have any right now, I will set them to you if I get some"
"not simple"
"nothing" - ( 3 responses)
"OK" - ( 2 responses)
"organic chemistry"
"Os useful for students , Thank you very much"
"Paper and pulp industries relates to water pollution contains with china and malaysia"
"personal maglev research. similar research:"
"Pleade release EDTMULAQ for full downloading"
"please help me!"
"please i am engineer and i prepar on master degree in controler i wish i find help in your site"
"provide more useful articles"
"providing rare collection ofinformation"
"reed canarygrass"
"Sent abstract of research"
"sir,u may please includea topic wise search also"
"so how can I download the source code & the m-files of his thesis to assist me in my Research(spatio-temporal smart antenna in WCDMA)"
"so interresant"
"sorry,first time use"
"Speed should be quicker."
"Thank all of u !"
"thank u , so much"
"thank u for ur help and we wait more and more. please send to me any graduation project in (implement iso 9001:2000 in an industrial organization)"
"thank u so much"
"thank you" - ( 4 responses)
"Thank you for powerful library of theses that i didn't find anything like this"
"thank you very much" - ( 2 responses)
"Thank you very much for all your kindly help for me"
"thank you your ETD was very helpful"
"thanks" - ( 2 responses)
"Thanks for making available all these researches and knowledge all in one site. It's a huge step forward for the real "knowledge" society nowadays. Thanks so much"
"thanks for this huge work"
"thanks for this service"
"Thanks to Virginia Tech 's ETDs. For such a nice help"
"that is my first time here"
"the first time, don't know"
"Their should be a lot of websites of this kind. Especially that I am from a country (Philippines) where there aren't a lot of books needed we rely on the internet if we don't have no choice anymore. Thank you very much, you are changing lives."
"There are a lot of lab-mates of mine who defended and (I believe) submitted EDTs, but I cannot find them when browsing by author or department. I *think* they should be here."
"they are very much faster and reliable"
"think you very much"
"This data pool is very fruil"
"This is a beautiful site. I`ll send the link to my friends."
"this is my first time to use it , hopefully it will help me alot"
"This is the best regarding education,research&guide material."
"This is the first time I have started using Virginia tech's ETDS. Earlier I used TexasAM, MIT etc. So right now I wont comment. But I would be grateful , if informations regarding Space Research, Multibody Dynamics, Tethereed satellite Systems, Rotation (in general),Control System, Dynamics and Kinematics (in general), Robotics etc. could be sent to me by email in a regaular basis. Thanks."
"This should be something that ALL universities and college maintain and pocess"
"trying to find info. about W&W tie treating plant explosion radford VA (i was a child)"
"very good"
"very good" - ( 7 responses)
"very good and helpfull for any one interesting in reading and research"
"very good collection of data for research scholor"
"Very good for its profound materials"
"very good site"
"Very good source of information"
"very good!" - ( 2 responses)
"very important source"
"very informative."
"very interesting and first time i meet the education like VTETDs"
"Very resoureful"
"Very useful materials. Gives us ideas what tpics are being done by Virginia Tech students!"
"Virginia Tech is comparatively easy nto operate"
"Virginia Tech's ETDs is really fantastic facility providing for fresh students as well as for researchers."
"What Do I need to do to be part of the Group so that i can be able to interact with other proffessionals in my field"
"wonderful service. thank you!"

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