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2003-2004 ETD Author Survey

1. While preparing your ETD, where did you find answers to your questions?
Please select all that apply.

2.64%\% at an ETD workshop (42/1589 responses)
10.13%\% from my committee (161/1589 responses)
19.07%\% from friends (303/1589 responses)
2.27%\% from New Media Center staff (36/1589 responses)
4.53%\% by telephone (72/1589 responses)
3.52%\% through e-mail (56/1589 responses)
2.45%\% other Web site(s) (39/1589 responses)
48.9%\% VT ETD Web site (777/1589 responses)
1.01%\% from ETD tech support (16/1589 responses)
5.48%\% Other/Comments (87/1589 responses)
97.19% of the people who took this survey
(864 / 889) answered this question.

Other Responses (87 for this question)
"Adobe Acrobat help"
"but I received conficting answers"
"Christine Silverthorn 480 838-9525"
"CWT System Administrator"
"Dave Trauger"
"Dennie in Grad School Office"
"Dennie Munson in graduate admissions"
"Department Administrator"
"department staff"( 2 ) responses
"Easy Methods found elsewhere"
"Ellie Stephens"
"ETD tutorial"
"ETD Web tutorial"
"from David Pluska"
"Grad School"
"Graduate School/David"
"Gwen Ewing"
"had to get style expectations from other people. There is no reason why there is't a better style guide available for this."
"Handout prepared by the department secretary"
"I had no questions"
"It is a self explanatory process"
"Library staff (NVC)"
"my husband"
"My school's Computer Resource Teacher"
"no mention of keywords on title page"
"no questions"
"NVC Library - Debbie"
"online ETD workshop"
"other"( 43 ) responses
"paperwork provided in defense packet"
"rude emails"
"Secretarial Staff"
"student manual for my program"
"The biggest problem was converting .ps to pdf and preserving fonts nicely. The solution was simple (dvips w/ appropriate switches) but the information was hard to find."
"Visited David Pluska"
"Visited Graduate School"
"VT library staff"

2. If you consulted the VT ETD Web site, please indicate if the site was useful.

2.69%\% Not useful (23/854 responses)
21.19%\% Useful (181/854 responses)
29.04%\% Somewhat useful (248/854 responses)
42.39%\% Very useful (362/854 responses)
4.68%\% Did not consult VT ETD Web site. (40/854 responses)
96.06% of the people who took this survey
(854 / 889) answered this question.

3. If you attended an ETD workshop, please indicate if you found the workshop useful.

2.22%\% Not useful (18/811 responses)
3.21%\% Useful (26/811 responses)
4.19%\% Somewhat useful (34/811 responses)
3.95%\% Very useful (32/811 responses)
86.44%\% Did not attend ETD workshop. (701/811 responses)
91.23% of the people who took this survey
(811 / 889) answered this question.

4. If you used the New Media Center, please indicate if the staff was helpful.

7.43%\% Very helpful (60/808 responses)
2.6%\% Somewhat helpful (21/808 responses)
3.09%\% Helpful (25/808 responses)
0.74%\% Not helpful (6/808 responses)
86.14%\% Did not use the New Media Center. (696/808 responses)
90.89% of the people who took this survey
(808 / 889) answered this question.

5. How many ETDs did you consult while preparing your ETD?

2.57%\% more than 10 (22/856 responses)
18.81%\% Did not consult any ETDs. (161/856 responses)
33.53%\% 3-5 (287/856 responses)
37.38%\% 1-2 (320/856 responses)
7.71%\% 6-10 (66/856 responses)
96.29% of the people who took this survey
(856 / 889) answered this question.

6. Compared to what you expected, how difficult was it to create a PDF file?

4.19%\% Much more difficult (36/860 responses)
10.93%\% Somewhat more difficult (94/860 responses)
19.77%\% Somewhat less difficult (170/860 responses)
38.02%\% Much less difficult (327/860 responses)
27.09%\% Neither more nor less difficult (233/860 responses)
96.74% of the people who took this survey
(860 / 889) answered this question.

7. My computer is a

2.29%\% Other (20/872 responses)
3.56%\% Unix (31/872 responses)
90.25%\% PC (787/872 responses)
3.9%\% Mac (34/872 responses)
96.96% of the people who took this survey
(862 / 889) answered this question.

Other Responses (20 for this question)
"Linux"( 3 ) responses
"other"( 10 ) responses
"prepared on PC, submitted from a Mac"
"Those three options are not mutually exclusive! I suppose 'PC' means 'windows'. I used both windows and linux based software preparing my ETD."
"Use both Mac and PC"
"used both PC and Mac Home-PC Work-Mac"

8. Where were you when you submitted your ETD?

29.3%\% Off-campus residence (274/935 responses)
11.76%\% off-campus workplace (110/935 responses)
2.14%\% Northern Virginia Center (20/935 responses)
31.44%\% Campus office (294/935 responses)
0.43%\% Campus residence hall (4/935 responses)
2.89%\% New Media Center (27/935 responses)
3.32%\% Tech Connect lab (31/935 responses)
2.99%\% Another university (28/935 responses)
15.72%\% Other (147/935 responses)
97.08% of the people who took this survey
(863 / 889) answered this question.

Other Responses (147 for this question)
"Arch Annex lab"
"At the elementary school where I teach!"
"at work"
"Biology Dept."
"Brooks Lab"
"BSE gradlab"
"CAD/CAM lab"
"Campus/In Jamaica for corrections"
"CEARS computer lab"
"CEARS Lab, Cheatham Hall"
"College of Natural Resources CEARS Lab"
"computer lab"
"Computer room in Cheatham Hall"
"Cowgill Hall - My Computer"
"CPES"( 2 ) responses
"Departmental Computer Lab"
"dept. of landscape arctitecture studio"
"Easy Chair Coffee Shop"
"Equine Nutrition Lab"
"grad office"
"home"( 7 ) responses
"home office"( 2 ) responses
"L.A. studio"
"LAR Studio"
"Math dept grad student computer lab"
"My workplace"
"NASA Langley Research Center"
"New Jersey"
"Northwest Maine on a dial-up connection Uggh!"
"office"( 2 ) responses
"on-campus laboratory"
"other"( 71 ) responses
"other country"
"Out of state vacationing. The internet played a key role."
"Out State Residency"
"out-of-state residence"
"Palm Springs California"
"Patton Hall"
"Randolph Hall"
"Research and Extension Center"
"Research and Extension Station"
"residence out-of-state"
"studio computers"( 2 ) responses
"Tech Library Bridge"
"the bridge"
"Time Domain and RF Measurement Laboratory in Wh. 412"
"Torgersen Hall"
"Torgerson Bridge"
"Torgeson Lounge"
"Vet Med Department"
"Vet Med library"
"Vet School"
"Virginia Tech CADLab"
"Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center"
"Wood Science Dept."
"work place"( 2 ) responses
"working in AZ"

9. Compared to what you expected, how difficult was it to submit your thesis/dissertation electronically?

20.74%\% Neither more nor less difficult. (179/863 responses)
4.63%\% Much more difficult (40/863 responses)
9.15%\% Somewhat more difficult (79/863 responses)
25.96%\% Somewhat less difficult (224/863 responses)
39.51%\% Much less difficult (341/863 responses)
97.08% of the people who took this survey
(863 / 889) answered this question.

10. Throughout the development of your ETD, what formats (i.e.paper, electronic, other) did you use to share your dissertation with your committee?

8.59%\% Electronic----pdf (74/861 responses)
45.64%\% Mix of electronic and paper (393/861 responses)
33.91%\% Paper---just a printout (292/861 responses)
11.73%\% Electronic----text document (101/861 responses)
0.12%\% Other (1/861 responses)
96.85% of the people who took this survey
(861 / 889) answered this question.

11.How did your commitee chair and/or committee add comments to your document during the writing process?

Text Responses (693 for this question)
""Comment" function in Ms Word"
"1) direct editing of word files (chair), 2)emailed comments (committee members)"
"1. e-mails 2. Manual changes on paper copies 3. orally"
"14 days"
"A couple of years"
"A preliminary review of early draft."
"added comments to paper copy of dissertation"
"added notes and comments in writing and through a book discussion meeting"
"Added some annotation using MS Word, but also just summary information using email."
"adding comments to word file."
"After the defense, mostly to synthesize things and to clarify the contribution of the dissertation"
"Annotations and email"
"at first he wrote on hard copies, towards the end he emailed me suggestions and referenced what page they were found"
"Both by electronically and by paper."
"Both by marking changes on paper and by using the 'Track Changes' feature in MS Word"
"Both comments within word and via hard copies"
"Both electronic and paper. For electronic we used Word with the track changes features"
"both electronically and on hard copies"
"Both on paper copies and annotations to a PDF file."
"Both paper and pdf"
"Both with track changes and written comments"
"by adding comments on paper"
"By adding comments to the documents."
"By commenting on the paper printout versions."
"By e-mail"
"By e-mail or direct handwriting or somtimes used oral information"
"By editing attachment files online and by marking up paper copies of text."
"by email and verbally"
"By email."
"By Hand" - ( 4 responses)
"By hand - Wrote comments on printouts"
"by hand and electronically"
"By hand on paper"
"By hand on the print out copy"
"by hand on the printout paper thesis"
"By hand. Marked up my sketches."
"by hard copy and electronic"
"By ink"
"By marking on the paper"
"by pdf comments and hard copy comments"
"By printing it out and then giving the comments on the printed copy"
"by updating to the MS word file"
"By writing"
"By writing comment on the hard copy."
"By writing comments on printed out copies and also on electronic copies."
"By writing comments on the printout I gave to each committee member."
"By writing comments/corrections directly to the printouts that I made for them. Also, if smaller sections were being looked over, they would use Microsoft Word's correction option."
"By writing in the margins and verbally in meetings after readings."
"By writing in the printout"
"By writing on a paper version of the dissertation."
"by writing on paper"
"By writing on the hard copy"
"by writing on the hardcopies I supplied"
"By writing on the paper copy I provided them."
"by writing on the paper or through email"
"By writing on the printout and sent to me the pdf copy"
"By writing on the submitted thesis paper."
"By writing the comments on printed copies of the dissertation."
"By writing them on the paper I gave them"
"chair - electronic, rest - paper & pencil"
"Chair added comments to the Word document. However, other committee members wrote comments on paper copies."
"Chair and committe members came up with suitable changes/suggestions. These were usually marked on the printouts turned in."
"Chair marked-up a printed copy. Committee members made verbal comments."
"co-advisor: electronically other committee members: paper feedback"
"comment on the paper copy"
"comment ont hard copies"
"Comment were written on the document"
"Comment were written on the document provided."
"commented on printed out versions"
"Commented on te pdf version and also on printed copy"
"Commented on the paper version and returned the papers for me to incorporate the changes."
"Commented on the paper version."
"Comments added to electronic version."
"Comments during the writing process is optional. An architectural thesis is revised and critiqued during the final defense with your committee members present. The thesis book documents the work and any improvements you decide to make."
"comments in electronic document or on hardcopy"
"Comments in the printed paper drafts, their preference, and also because MS Word changes format when not"
"Comments in WORD file, annotations on hard copy"
"Comments made in person, and e-mail."
"Comments on hardcopy."
"comments on paper copy"
"Comments on paper printouts and track changes feature in Word"
"Comments on the document pages"
"Comments on the paper" - ( 2 responses)
"Comments through e-mail as well as highlighted comment embedded in the document and sent back to me."
"Comments were added in Microsoft word during the writing process"
"Comments were added to the body of the paper where needed. All Committee Members received hard copy for evaluation."
"Comments were added to the paper documents for corrections to be made"
"comments were send to me through e-mail"
"Comments were written directly on paper printouts and electronic version was highlighted and explained in an one on one meeting"
"Comments were written on submitted paper versions of thesis"
"Committe printed out the pdf and added comments to it."
"Committee members did not add comments to the document"
"Committee only looked at paper copy...(previous question asks, "Did YOU or your committee...?"; yes, I did)."
"Conversation and on the paper drafts."
"Corrected/suggested new writing techniques by writing on a paper printout of the thesis or on the blackboard or by e-mail"
"Correcting and reorganizing the document"
"Corrections on paper, and using Acrobat 6 to add comments in the electronic format."
"Corrections using Microsoft Word"
"Corrections were marked on the paper printout."
"Corrections with pen in the document"
"Direct comments on paper copies of the thesis"
"Direct edits and paper corrections."
"Direct writing comments using a hard copy draft"
"directly on a printed copy returned to me."
"directly on hard copies"
"drawing tools and post notes atop areas that needed improvement"
"During face-to-face meetings and via email."
"E-mail" - ( 2 responses)
"e-mail back corrections on a seperate sheet"
"E-mailed responses."
"Edit on the hardcopy"
"Edit print outs."
"edited a printed copy"
"Edited paper drafts, committee's choice"
"Editing mode in Microsoft Word or written on printed copy"
"Editorial notes on double spaced hard copy."
"Edits on printout and emails"
"Edits on printouts"
"electonically during the editing process and on paper copies for my defense"
"electronic and paper"
"Electronic as well written"
"Electronic comments"
"electronic or by hand"
"Electronic revisions sent through email and paper revisions"
"Electronically" - ( 5 responses)
"electronically (main advisor) committee on paper (comments in printout)"
"Electronically (some) and by hand (others)"
"Electronically (tracking and email) and hardcopy edits"
"electronically - text document"
"electronically and by paper"
"electronically and in person"
"electronically and manually"
"Electronically and paper"
"electronically and via email"
"Electronically and with written comments on a rough draft."
"electronically as well as red pen."
"electronically in Word, or written on a paper printout"
"electronically through pdf writer"
"electronically using "track changes" and through email"
"Electronically, in person and on phone"
"electronically, mostly (in Word)"
"Electronically, using "track changes" mode in microsoft word."
"eletronic and hand written"
"Email and direct discussion." - ( 2 responses)
"Email and on paper"
"email comments Microsoft Word editing features"
"Email edits and/or written edits on final paper document"
"email feedback"
"email with modifications to do"
"Email, track-changes in MS Word, conversations and meetings (verbal), written on paper documents"
"Emailed comments"
"emails, pens, and pencils"
"Expressed their comments in writting during the defense"
"From outline to grammer and typo, a lot of missing were commented from advisor and committee members"
"Generally corrections to paper printout"
"hand correctiong in the printout"
"Hand writen notes, Electronic text document"
"hand writing"
"Hand Written" - ( 2 responses)
"Hand written and electronic"
"hand written comments"
"Hand written comments on a hard copy (paper) printout"
"Hand written comments on paper"
"Hand written corrections"
"Hand written corrections on paper documents that were either returned in person as a paper document or scanned, converted to pdf, and sent over email."
"hand written notes and we sat down together to discuss the book"
"Hand written on hard copies."
"hand written on printed copies"
"Hand written on printed copy"
"hand written on the printed manuscript."
"hand written, and electronically"
"hand written, email"
"Hand-written comments"
"Hand-written comments on paper documents faxed or mailed to me."
"Hand-written comments on the printed document"
"Handwriten notes on a print-out"
"Handwritten" - ( 2 responses)
"Handwritten also attached to email (comments highlighted)"
"Handwritten and electronically using track changes"
"Handwritten comments on hardcopy documents"
"handwritten comments on paper printout"
"Handwritten comments on print copy of thesis."
"handwritten comments on printed drafts"
"Handwritten comments on printout."
"handwritten comments to hard copy were the only way he would comment."
"Handwritten Notes"
"handwritten notes on printout"
"handwritten notes on the printouts"
"Handwritten notes."
"handwritten on pages"
"Handwritten on paper copy"
"hard copy"
"hard copy mark-up"
"He made comments on the paper copies."
"He reads the dissertation several time"
"He used the comment tool in Microsoft Word"
"He would write comments on my paper during the process. Very helpful!"
"I gave him paper during the writing and revision process"
"I received both electronic comments and comments written on paper throughout the writing process. Although the majority of my committee preferred paper copies for revising, my advisor is currently in Idaho, so it was very convenient to communicate with him through electronic copies."
"I sent out a word document, and the updated document used the tools in micrisoft word"
"in microsoft word editing tool"
"In pen on hardcopy or over email."
"in person - discussion, or per e-mail"
"In red ink"
"in writing" - ( 3 responses)
"In writing and by e-mail"
"In writing and electronically"
"in writing on a paper copy"
"In writing on paper copies. By word of mouth during discussions."
"in writing on the pper document and verbally"
"in writing or in later versions red-lined in word"
"in writing or through email"
"in writing, during conferences"
"In writing. Through email"
"inline changes in draft copies"
"Inline comments in my drafts."
"Inserting comments and changes through the Word editing tool."
"Insightfull and very helpful"
"invisible ink"
"It was a good remark from them like well organised and framed."
"Just let me know what needed to be changed or added/deleted."
"Kept notes and gave them to me after my defense"
"Made changes on the printout"
"Made changes to the printout"
"Made comments on the computer copy (returned by email) and the hard copy."
"made comments via e-mail"
"made corrections and and comments on paper and returned back to me. Also had some oral disscussions."
"made corrections on hard copies"
"Made corrections on paper"
"Made corrections on paper and also sent comments through e-mail."
"Making comments on the print out copy of my thesis. Then I would make corrections and re-print my documents."
"Making notes in a spreadsheet"
"Manually on hard copy"
"Manually on paper print-out"
"mark-up of paper printout"
"Marked corrects on paper copies."
"marked on my dissertation draft."
"marked on paper"
"marked paper"
"Marked printouts"
"marked up paper copies"
"Marked up paper copies."
"marked up paper copy"
"Marked up printed copies"
"Marking on the printouts."
"Marking up paper documents."
"Marks on hard copy, also "track changes" on MSWord file."
"Markups on a printed version."
"Markups on the paper printouts."
"Members wrote on paper copy. I hired a technical editor who made recommendations electronically via MS Word's review features."
"microsoft word" - ( 2 responses)
"Microsoft Word and handwritten comments"
"Microsoft Word comment tags and change tracking. Printouts were marked up."
"microsoft word editing"
"Mix of electronic and on-paper comments"
"Mix of electronic and paper" - ( 8 responses)
"Mix of electronic and paper (co-chairs) Paper (committee members)"
"Mix of electronic, paper, and verbal exchanges"
"mix of paper and electronic comments- also through meeting in person"
"mix of pen on paper corrections and added electronic comments to electronically subbmit rough drafts (i.e. marked up Word docs)"
"Modifications to the actual source of the file Written comments on draft copies"
"most by writing on a copy they had printed-out"
"Most were on printed copies, although one memeber used the editing features in MS Word"
"Mostly through comments on paper, but also through electronic editing comments and via phone conversations"
"Mostly through the commenting tool in Microsoft Word and also via personal e-mail."
"MS Word -- Tools -- Track Changes"
"MS Word comment boxes"
"MSWord editing/proofreading tools; by hand on paper"
"My advisor added comments using MS Word comments and track changes feature. Other committee members used the hard copy to write down comments"
"My advisor used track changes in MS Word, other committee members marked up a paper version prior to defense."
"My co-chair and I sent my thesis back and forth several times during the writing process, each time with her editing and me correcting. Then I printed out copies for everyone on my committee so that they could add comments. They did so by emailing me their revisions and suggestions."
"My commitee chair and members advised for every detail in grammatical and expression matters as well as quality of the thesis. I revised 6 times based on comments of my committee chair, my advisor. Then, I distributed both the electrical version and hardcopy of my thesis to committee memebrs before 10 days of defense. After defense, we got a lot of feedbacks from committee members. We added the comments and answers for their questions into the thesis."
"My commitee memebers made written comments on paper printouts of my thesis"
"My committee chair added comments electronically and on the hard copy"
"My committee chair did the bulk of the commenting. I submitted drafts to her and she helped edit. One of my committee members let me know, via the chair member, about two small errors. One told me he was happy with the work. One made no comment during the writing process."
"my committee inserted text comments directly into the document"
"My committee members felt that my language and format was very good."
"none" - ( 3 responses)
"Note that this question is not logical. You are asking about ETD, which is by definition electronic - add you are asking if people looked at it in paper form. THis does not make sense. If you are asking how my document was shared with my advisor and committee before I reached the final ETD stage, I used a mix of electronic (MS Word - and my advisor used the track changes feature to give me feedback) and paper. Before my defense I gave everyone a paper copy."
"notes and revisions on a hard copy"
"notes on hard copy"
"Notes on hard copy of document."
"Notes on paper copies"
"notes on paper copy"
"notes on print out"
"Notes on printed copy."
"notes written directly onto a hard copy of my thesis draft"
"Old-fashioned editing with a red pen or #2 pencil."
"on a paper copy"
"On a paper manuscript and orally during the review"
"On hard copy"
"On hard copy and electronically"
"on my printout"
"on paper" - ( 18 responses)
"On paper and by Email"
"on paper and occasionally using notations in Word"
"On paper and through MS WORD change tracker"
"on paper copy"
"On paper drafts."
"on paper print-outs."
"On paper printout"
"on paper thesis, verbally"
"On paper with a big red pen."
"On paper with red ink, or on MS-Word with the edit option."
"On paper!"
"On paper, for the most part"
"on paper." - ( 5 responses)
"on paper; sometimes brief comments were sent via e-mail"
"On Printed Copies of the Dissertation"
"On printouts"
"on the electronic document"
"On the hard copy."
"On the pages of the print-out."
"On the paper copy that I gave them"
"on the print out of the document"
"One-on-one review and draft markups"
"oral and written"
"orally, pdf"
"paper" - ( 5 responses)
"Paper and electronic"
"paper and electronically" - ( 2 responses)
"paper and emails"
"Paper and verbal"
"Paper Comments."
"paper copies" - ( 2 responses)
"Paper copy"
"Paper corrections"
"Paper revisions. Written comments."
"Paper written comments"
"paper-- printed on printout"
"PDF comments, but was a little difficult to track changes."
"Pen and paper . . . lots of red ink."
"Pen and paper as well as "track changes" in Word"
"Pen and paper, or Microsoft Word Revision Tracking"
"pen on the printout"
"pen, verbal. . ."
"presentations, meetings, and reviews of thesis document by each individual committee member."
"Print out and write comments and also sent electronic recommendations"
"printed out copies"
"Printed the document and wrote on it, and gave me back the hard copy."
"Provided written comments at my defense. That is besides my committee chair who I exchanged several version with prior to submission to my committee."
"Provided written comments on paper format."
"Providing advice"
"Put notes on the hard copies I gave them."
"Red Ink"
"red marks on printouts"
"Red pen on printouts"
"redline comments on a hard copy printout"
"redlined hardcopies"
"Redlined my printout in a very organized way. We set down and went over the comments. I revised and resubmitted to my committee again for another round of comments. Adjusted PDFs as needed and submitted electronically thorugh EDT site."
"Returned paper copies of the dissertation with comments"
"Returned the hard copies of manuscript with corrections and comments"
"Review of individual chapters"
"reviewing feature of microsft word and comments on the paper printout"
"reviewing functions in Microsoft Word AND written comments"
"reviewing paper printouts and writing down comments"
"Revisions on paper and electronic"
"Revisions on paper or in Word."
"Send me a summary of the changes suggested by the committee"
"Some "track changes," some handwritten on paper"
"Some "tracked changes" in Microsoft Word, but mostly edits to a hard copy."
"some electronic, some hard copy/red pen"
"some written on paper, some submitted via email, some entered electronically into a text document"
"Some written, some using reviewing options within word processor."
"spelling corrections (one time)"
"Submit copies, make revisions."
"Telephonically, electronically, and in person"
"Textual and verbal comments, wither on print-outs of the thesis or thorugh emails."
"The commitee chair read through the document and made corrections which he went over with me. then i went and corrected them in my latex file"
"The committee chair printed out the pdf file and added comments and revisions to the paper copy."
"The committee created mark-ups on paper copies."
"The didn't"
"The made corrections on the paper copy that I gave them or by phone during my defense."
"The response was by making notes in an actual paper copy"
"Ther give me a lot of kind comments on the research topics and grammatical styles as well. I really appreciate their great help."
"There was a moderate amount of revision. I had to reformat most of the document figures and tables. I reorganized the chapters. I deleted some text and moved others to appendices. The process was appropriate."
"There were minimal changes to my Vita at the end of the book."
"They added comments on the printed drafts."
"They added corrections to the paper copy they had."
"They added hand-written comments/corrections on draft print-outs and also used email for general comments."
"They added their comments on the paper manuscripts."
"They commented both electronically and via written comments on the draft paper document."
"They commented on hard copies of my drafts."
"They either suggested comments to be changed by me or my chair himself added a few comments."
"They handwrote comments on my rough drafts."
"They helped extensively with editing and revising."
"They made corrections on hard copy."
"They made notes on the document."
"They made some corrections."
"They marked it up manually."
"They marked paper copies"
"They marked up hard copies. They also wrote e-mail."
"They marked up paper copies."
"They mentioned the changes to be made on my thesis print out, which i gave to them."
"They only gave verbal comments."
"They penciled in corrections onto hardcopy..."
"They penciled in suggestions and corrections on printed copies of the thesis that I provided to them."
"They physically wrote on the hard copies"
"They physically wrote their comments on drafts of the document."
"They printed it and provided handwritten comments in margins."
"They printed it out and wrote comments in the draft versions"
"They printed it out, and made comments by hand."
"They printed the documents and wrote on them."
"They provided written and oral feedback."
"They read a paper print out (hard copy) and wrote commments on it"
"They read over the document and provided feedback either through e-mail, individual meetings, or during the committee meetings."
"They read the printout copy of my thesis, and suggested the changes."
"They reviewed text and added comments with track changes. I reviewed the PDF."
"they revised my doument 6 times."
"they sent comments thru e-mail"
"They sent me a list of corrections that need to be completed before I submitted the document to ETD."
"They took a printout and made changes on paper"
"They took the print out of the PDF file and marked the necessary changes on it."
"They used email and added comments using the comment tool in word"
"They used the review option in MS word"
"they were very helpful to my writing."
"They would print out the document and write comments on paper."
"they wrote comments directly on a hard copy and returned to me."
"They wrote comments on first few sheets and corrections throughout."
"They wrote comments on the paper printout I gave them."
"They wrote corrections on the print outs."
"They wrote down their comments and suggestions on the printout thesis."
"They wrote down their comments on the pirnt out copies of my thesis"
"they wrote on it"
"They wrote on printouts their comments"
"they wrote on the document."
"They wrote on the paper copies."
"They wrote on the printout copy of my thesis. Also discussed changes during my presentation defense."
"They wrote the comments on the printout or emailed comments for the electronic document"
"They wrote their comments on the paper copy of the thesis."
"They wrote their comments on the printed copy."
"they wrote them on a paper draft and provided them orally"
"This was done in two ways: by Microsoft Word's "tracking changes" and by writing on the printed version."
"Through "track changes" function in microsoft word and written comments on paper copies."
"through change tracking in Word, written comments on document, and comments via email"
"Through direct communication or through marked up print outs"
"Through e-mail and paper commments."
"Through e-mail."
"Through E-mails"
"Through email and meetings."
"Through hand corrections on a printout of thesis"
"Through meetings and emails."
"Through paper work"
"Through redlines on paper."
"Through the Word reviewing process."
"through word "track changes" option"
"Through written and verbal formats."
"Thru pdf highlights and written comments."
"track changes" - ( 2 responses)
"Track changes - Microsoft Word Wrote comments by hand, coverted the document to PDF and emailed it to me"
"track changes and written"
"Track changes as a MS Word document"
"Track changes in Word, but mostly by written comments on printouts." - ( 2 responses)
"Track changes in Word, written comments on paper texts, meetings to discuss ideas, and telephone conversations."
"Track changes on MS Word documents or hand written comments"
"Track changes usung MS word"
"Track changes with MS Word."
"Track changes, verbally"
"Tracked changes electronically through MS Word."
"tracked changes in word"
"use email & attachment"
"Use ink to comment on paper."
"Used MS Word. My advisor added coments to the document with the option TRACK CHANGES, so it was pretty clear where the comments were. Other professors gave me a paper copy with their written comments."
"used the hard copy of my dissertation, wrote notes on the side"
"Used word processing to make the change."
"using "track changes" in word and written comments on the paper printout"
"Using Microsoft Word / Paper notes"
"Using Microsoft Word's "Track Changes" feature"
"Using pen on a paper copy."
"Using the "add comment" feature of Microsoft Word and writing comments on hard copies."
"Using the 'comments' feature in Microsoft Word"
"using the add comment feature of word processor"
"using the comment function in microsoft word"
"Using the track changes feature in MS Word"
"Using the track changes feature of MS Word as well as by directing writing on a hard copy."
"using track changes in Microsoft Word"
"Verbal and electronic."
"Verbal and written comments"
"Verbal/written comments"
"verbally" - ( 5 responses)
"Verbally and written."
"verbally, by e-mail, revisions on electronic copy of document sent electronically"
"Verbally, electronically, and through paper revisions"
"Verbally, within the text, and through e-mail communication"
"verbally, written, and electronic"
"very helpful" - ( 2 responses)
"Very helpful."
"very helpfull"
"Via corrections/comments on paper copies"
"via e-mail and in written comments on the paper document"
"via email and as written comments on a printed draft"
"via email and edits on hard copies of the document."
"Via email and paper"
"Via email and then by writing comments on the paper copy itself during the defense."
"Via paper copy of thesis, that they printed"
"via phone, email, snail mail, in person, fax"
"Via phone, in person, by e-mail."
"via telephone, written on hard-copies, and meetings"
"We utilized MSWords group editing facility where she could make commentsn highlighted in a different color."
"With a pen"
"with a red pen!"
"With changes within the document (ie track changes)"
"With corrections added to the document"
"With pen or pencil."
"word "add comments" and on the hard copy"
"word - tracking software, e-mail, and written comments"
"Word Comments" - ( 2 responses)
"Word comments and written comments on paper"
"Word Edit track changes function"
"word processing"
"Word program and e-mail"
"Word reviewing format."
"write comments down on the paper"
"Write comments on the printed manuscript"
"write in paper and communicate via email"
"Write on hard copy."
"write on paper, talk"
"Write on the document."
"writing by hand on the paper"
"Writing comments on printout draft."
"Writing notes on a hard copy of thesis."
"writing on a printout"
"Writing on paper copy."
"writing on paper printout and email"
"writing on the hard copy document"
"Writing on the paper printouts."
"Writing on the printout, or emailing comments."
"writing them on paper"
"written" - ( 6 responses)
"written and discussion/verbal"
"written and electronic track changes"
"Written and oral comments throughout the process"
"Written and verbal"
"written by committee. mix of written and word comments by advisor"
"written by hand"
"Written comment on the document"
"Written comments" - ( 5 responses)
"Written comments in margins of paper copy."
"written comments in the thesis document"
"written comments on a hard printed copy of the thesis"
"Written comments on a paper copy" - ( 2 responses)
"Written comments on hard-copy drafts"
"Written comments on hard-copy; Comments via email upon review of electronic version; Personal communication"
"written comments on hardcopy"
"Written comments on paper and review comments within MS Word documents."
"written comments on paper copies" - ( 3 responses)
"Written comments on paper copies, electronically via replies to emailed questions, and well as verbally in consultation"
"Written comments on paper copies."
"Written comments on paper drafts, some comments by email"
"Written comments on printed versions and by email for electronic versions"
"Written comments on printout"
"Written comments on printout of thesis."
"Written comments on printouts and comments inserted into pdf files."
"Written comments on the paper copy of my thesis."
"written comments on the submitted printout"
"written comments to paper document"
"written comments, talked about it"
"Written mark-ups and emails"
"Written notation."
"Written notations"
"written notes and emails"
"Written notes on printed pages."
"Written on dissertation copies"
"Written on dissertation."
"written on drafts"
"written on hard copies; via e-mail and phone"
"Written on hard copy. Via email."
"Written on paper and through the eduting tool in Microsoft Word."
"written on paper copies"
"Written on paper copy"
"written on printout" - ( 2 responses)
"written on the actual document"
"written on the paper copies I gave them."
"written on the printed document"
"written onto the drafts"
"written revisions on printed out copies"
"written suggestions over email and in person"
"written, electronic"
"Wrote comments in ink on paper"
"Wrote comments on printed copies of the document."
"Wrote comments on the paper form."
"wrote comments on the paper version"
"wrote comments on thesis copy"
"wrote directly on my printed drafts"
"Wrote directly on the copy of the thesis that I had printed out for them."
"wrote in comments"
"wrote in margins of printed copies"
"Wrote it on the printed matter"
"wrote on a paper copy"
"Wrote on it"
"Wrote on paper and mailed it back."
"wrote on paper copies and orally critiqued"
"wrote on paper. discussion."
"Wrote on the paper document" - ( 2 responses)
"wrote on the paper, added suggestions in red in the word document"
"Wrote on the printed out version"
"wrote on the printouts."
"Wrote on the thesis and gave the commented thesis back to me after my defense."
"Wrote suggestions on hardcopy and returned it to me"
"wrote them directly on paper copies I supplies them"
"Yes they did appropiated comments."

12. Within the next 1-2 years, what do you intend to publish from your ETD?
Please select all that may apply.

17.54%\% Don't know yet (201/1146 responses)
18.5%\% Conference proceedings (212/1146 responses)
4.1%\% Will not publish (47/1146 responses)
51.4%\% Journal article (589/1146 responses)
2.36%\% Book chapter (27/1146 responses)
3.05%\% Book (35/1146 responses)
3.05%\% Other (35/1146 responses)
96.51% of the people who took this survey
(858 / 889) answered this question.

Other Responses (35 for this question)
"already have published parts of it"
"Already published from it"
"Do not plan to publish."
"final report for sponsor"
"online articles"
"Online Journals"
"other"( 17 ) responses
"pamphlets or booklets"
"Recipe for apple pie"
"Synaesthesia Symposium October 2003"
"Technical Standard, Government Report"
"Work is already published in 4 papers"

13. If you restricted access to your VT ETD, what did you base your decision on?
Select all that apply.

11.81%\% Other (75/635 responses)
25.83%\% Personal choice (164/635 responses)
6.93%\% Advice of others (44/635 responses)
4.25%\% Advice of publisher (27/635 responses)
4.41%\% Patent pending (28/635 responses)
46.77%\% Advice of faculty (297/635 responses)
53.21% of the people who took this survey
(473 / 889) answered this question.

Other Responses (75 for this question)
"A commercial company is interested in purchasing my software"
"Advice of Private Company funding the research"
"Articles to be published have not yet been completed"
"Choice of funders"
"concerns about someone copying it"
"confidentiality considerations"
"consideration of client products"
"Data to be published"
"Did not restrict"( 4 ) responses
"Did not restrict access"
"didn't restrict"
"I did not restrict the access to my VT ETD."
"journal reviews"
"N/A"( 2 ) responses
"no restriction"
"no restrictions made"
"other"( 38 ) responses
"pending publication"
"potentially confindential info"
"proprietary nature"
"proprietary technology belonging to research sponsor"
"publication"( 2 ) responses
"publication requirement"
"Requirement for proprietary information contained within"
"requirement of publisher"
"Restrictions from LANL"
"Sponsor proprietary"
"Sponsor Requirments"
"Sponsor's decision"
"To protect information before it's published"
"wish of sponsor"

14. Please include any comments or questions that you have about ETDs.

Text Responses (142 for this question)
"$20 for a MS and $75 for a PhD is steep to store a file on a hard drive somewhere. I think I would have preferred to have a hard copy in the library like in the old days."
"A fast and easy service!"
"A online pdf converter can be included in the etd website."
"A page on common difficulties related to creating a .PDF file for ETD release could be useful. I have created many .PDF files before but had difficulties with my thesis because special symbols I used were not being converted and so were showing up as question marks. It took several hours of fighting with Adobe Acrobat and then tracking down the install disk to add the Adobe Distiller Printer (which also required a postscript printer driver which was not installed on my PC either) to get a final correct version of my thesis in .PDF format."
"Access to software to convert .doc files to .pdf files should be more readily available"
"Acrobat 6.0 is great."
"Better information about naming files"
"Communication between the goings on at the ETD and myself were significantly lacking, resulting in a month (i.e. semester's) delay (so far) of recieving my degree. Necessary corrections/resubmission requests should be posted to the submittee's e-mail. Also, all the title page information is entered on the ETD submission form, and yet a title page is still required with the thesis, which is redundant and confusing. Other than these minor concerns, I thought the process was very straightforward and am pleased with the database."
"Conversion to pdf and ETD submission was less difficult than expected once I obtained access to Adobe Acrobat and a working computer. Access to needed tools has been a large problem and very frustrating. More access is needed for off campus students and students that don't live in Blacksburg."
"Conversion via the PS2PDF adobe acrobat website creates poor results in graphics. I am very dissatisfied with the appearance of the pdf file when compared to the word document. Please offer suggestions on the website for the best way to preserve graphics, particularly graphs, when creating pdf files."
"did not see how to name the final pdf file (e.g., use auther's name? or username? how about the format? space? comma?...etc.)"
"Do all sections need to be separate pdfs or can the entire document be one pdf?"
"Easy to follow"
"Electronic submission is very effective."
"Good interface."
"good site"
"Great support from the New Media Center."
"Had difficulty getting my committee members listed in the order that I wanted. I could have missed it but it would be nice to have that option or to have it clearly indictated that the order is predetermined."
"How inaccessible are they during the period of restriction?"
"How will I know when my submission has been approved?"
"I am glad VT does this."
"I am very unhappy about the requirement that I sign over the rights to publication of my dissertation to a private concern as a condition of graduation. Had it been different, I would consider publishing the dissertation"
"I am wondering why you cannot use Internet Explorer. Luckily I had Netscape on my old computer, but otherwise I would have been in trouble."
"I expected more information at the ETD workshop about why or why not you would copyright a paper and/or restrict access to a paper. Otherwise, it was a useful workshop."
"I found using Latex very helpful, especially for formating and converting to pdf format. VT should make a general style format available for Latex users. Also, the etd website was sometimes difficult to find info wasn't always grouped logically (to me at least)"
"I had a very difficult time uploading my document due to the proxy."
"I had some problems with electronic transmission. I think it timed me out mulptiple times. It took a long time after the progress bar at the bottom was complete. I had to send files one by one at different times. Hope I get approval soon!"
"I had submitted my thesis electronically at Virginia Tech in 2000. The New Media Center was very helpful with that."
"I have used the ETDs to get info on what other students have worked on. I am glad that i can publish mine and hopefully help future students at VT with their work."
"I submitted my thesis on etd website a week and half ago and today graduate school is telling me that it was never received. It is way frustrating."
"I think it is a great idea."
"I think it is a very good way of archiving thesis documents"
"I think its great that you do it this way now. One can do it from far away as well."
"I think that the elctronic process is advantageous compared to one involving paper copies."
"I thought the process was daunting, but it turned out to be very simple. Converting to pdf was the only hassle - my document went through about 10 unsolicited major changes during successive attempts to convert to pdf from Word."
"I was not actually able to submit my ETD online yet because the server won't accept the file. I thought the website was very helpful, right up until the point that it wouldn't upload! The staff were very friendly and helpful." - ( 2 responses)
"I was terribly frustrated by the information in different places, some of which was out of date (such as software availabe in bookstore). Also I went to the Media Center for help and was given incorrect information about page numbering in Adobe Acrobat, which I followed. I had to spend an entire day undoing the mistake. It was so frustrating."
"I would have liked a comprehensive style guide in addition to example ETDs or consulting other departmental ETDs."
"Is there any word template file to develop the ETDs? I did it based on the version of previous graduated student's dissertation. It would be much better if there is a commom file all the students can start to work on his/her ETD."
"It is very convenient. I am very satisfied."
"It is vey convinient to share my research with other students."
"It was much easier than I heard from other graduate students that did it last year."
"It was very unclear to me how I should restrict access. More printed information explaining this would be helpful. I ended up restricting it to VT only on advice of faculty and hope that this does not interfere with my publishing which I intend to do."
"It would be easier if you the website told you how to make the PDF file with links."
"It would be great if a latex template was provided on the main page"
"It would be much more helpful to have a "black and white" description of what previous work requires permission prior to submission. It would also be nice to inform the student how to pay the "archival fee". The website simply says to "pay the fee," but to whom? Will it be charged to the student account? Should a check be sent, or given, to someone?"
"It's a good way to share research findings at Tech."
"Its a good option so that anyone who was a student of Virginia Tech can submit it from outside."
"Make it compulsory for all departments to have a standard format for ETDs, like standard reference listing format etc."
"Make software or way to convert to .pdf more readily available"
"Merging my word documents into one large documents and the formatting associated with that task was very difficult."
"more help and fast computer is desired in New Media Center"
"more workshops needed. Etd website should have links for persons from different departments that gives advise on how to tailor etd for you specfic area. If the paper goes in electronically all other files and payments should too to avoid coming to the office. David was very effecient in replying to e-mails thank you. A system shoudl be set up so that we start etds earlier in the paper really was a pain after defending to have to take on etds also...maybe if we have an online proposal submission (to our commitee) site through etd and thus we start the process earlier it will make it less painful in the end. Its not that the etd itself is painful it is just frustrating after you have passed your defense and think that you are finished and out of the woods to have to reformat your paper, figure out section breaks go over to the graduate school to pay and submit paper work....things like permission letter can be submitted from the proposal stage or just after so I encourage our starting earlier on this etd."
"My browser wouldn't open many of the sample ETDs that are posted. Perhaps it was because it is not Netscape. I suggest that that either be noted or changed. All the same, it was not very difficult."
"n/a" - ( 2 responses)
"Need better instructions on the website. Need to update handouts that is given in the defense packet. Information is outdated."
"need to allow edits of entered information without having to delete and start over from the beginning"
"Next step could be indicated in the main screen instead of the side. Also, the help window should open in a new browser."
"No comments" - ( 2 responses)
"No comments!"
"No comments, just a question: If an ETD is uploaded in the night, would you hear it?"
"no is easy to upload the files."
"none" - ( 4 responses)
"None at this minute."
"None so far..."
"None, thank you."
"not bad"
"One of few great experiences in the doctoral process. VT has done a WONDERFUL job making the electronic submission process very user-friendly and quick."
"Placing a link to the ETD web page on the graduate web page would be useful"
"Please be more clear about what types of formatting you require when you check these ETDs, and how they might be corrected. For instance, some standard formatting built into Latex can be very complicated to correct."
"Please simplify this process. Also please BRING THE DEGREE SELECTION OPTIONS UP TO DATE!"
"Pretty painless and straightforward."
"Process is somewhat complicated. Hints along the way were helpful, however, the advice could be improved by providing an overview at the start. The system also does not accept documents that are routinely accepted in word (e.g., with spaces in the title)."
"Question 10 should me multiple choice, with an option for preferred medium of exchange."
"recommend having an upload status/completion dialogbox"
"Seems like the information in the graduate school appendix on formatting should be included on the website. Also, seems like the standards should be better advertised. I didn't know there were any standards until 4 days before I released the document to my committee."
"Should have a reguration of creating the file name before the submission"
"slow to upload PDF files, costing more than 10 hours by using phone online connection"
"Smooth process."
"so far so good"
"Some info regarding creating nice pdf from latex source would be useful. The trick is when converting dvi to ps, specify -GO -Ppdf. then ps2pdf produces lovely output."
"Thank you"
"Thank you!" - ( 2 responses)
"Thanks, I like the ETD process (i.e., no paper copies sent to grad school)."
"That there were workshops on the ETD and packet of forms to complete was unknown to me until the time of my defense. It would have been much better in my case to have known that information within 30 days of successfully defending my prospectus, with a review within 5 days of submitting my final dissertation to committee for their review. Until I took this survey I didn't realize there was a Media Center that would assist in some way with this ETD. Once on the site, it was very helpful, particularly the step through."
"The biggest challenge was not converting to PDF, but formating MS Word to allow me to use roman numerals for the first few pages of the document...Argghhhh. Your website was helpful and very well done."
"The ETD process seems a needless hoop to jump through in order to graduate. The fact that it is non-optional, and that no option exists which allows the owner to both exercise ownership and keep VT from making the work available on its own web site is absurd. This process needs to be re-thought."
"The ETD process was great and really helped me since I could do this even when I am away from school. It is really good that there is no hard deadline on the submission once the defense is finished. I got a job and am submitting this from the workplace. Thanks, Mahesh"
"The ETD website has serious usability problems. I was quite confused more than just a few times while submitting the ETD. Moreover, I am not sure about how secure the site is, because it does not use SSL and definitely has a high timeout."
"The graduate school never updated their website for Spring semester!!!! I had no idea when and if there were workshops for ETD prep this semester. I would have gone if I knew when they were. Questions 6 and 9 on this survey are poorly worded. You can't assess anything from them. If for example, I thought it was going to be very difficult and it was, then I would answer neither more or less... It would be more helpful to ask both how difficult did you think it would be and how difficult it was compared to what you thought it would be."
"the initial steps of submitting your ETD could be less tedious. if you make a mistake or click a link for help you lose all the information you already entered. that would be a area for improvment"
"The only problem I had was with the deadline. Several places indicate that you should "submit" the dissertation by April 30. It was not until yesterday, when I was actually reading over submission instructions, that I realized that the dissertation is supposed to be *approved* by April 30. Had this been made more clear to me, I would have submitted much earlier."
"The policy on reproduction of copyrighted material seems excessively strict. All of my commitee members agreed with following statement."
"The process was relatively easy."
"The requirements for the format are not clearly outlined on the website. For instance, there is no mention of how to format the page numbers."
"The students at NVC have no workshop on ETDs to attend, and this was more difficult than it needed to be. A list of frequent problems would have helped, so we could know what the system wanted when it did not accept files."
"The VT ETD web site was very helpful."
"The VT ETD web page provides a link to the Adobe Acrobat web page where students can receive five free adobe pdf conversions. However, after reading the terms of use, it appears that content of the converted files can be used by Adobe in return for the free conversion service. I do not know if this compromises student security about their works, but it warrants investigation by the graduate school."
"The word file for example ETD will be useful."
"There are a considerable number of typos on the VT ETD Website. Given that this site is the place that houses doctoral theses that are subjected to serious revision of their own before being approved by a student's department and the Graduate School, it is only appropriate that the ETD Website itself be respectably written. If the ETD Website is a place for VT to put the work of its graudate students on display for the rest of the of the world, the site should be polished itself."
"there needs to be a more defined and more publicized stlye guide or at least a step-by-step somewhere- the ETD help guide is currently not helpful."
"There were no ETD workshops offered in the Spring of 2004. I did not decide to write a thesis until later in the Fall of 2003, so I did not attend any previous workshops. I found it very frustrating that there were no spring workshops available."
"They are great. I have gotten a lot of useful information from the ones on campus that have not yet had journal articles published from them, and have a more complete lit review than a journal article"
"this is my second one dont see what the difficulty with it is"
"This is the third time I have uploaded the same files and I am pretty discouraged that they do not appear to be uploading even though the ETD page said they were."
"This process has been horrible!!!! This is my second time submitting this ETD since for some reason the whole thing has been erased. There also is no record of the fees I paid anymore. The communication regarding changes that were necessary was unclear and not at all helpful. I have rarely in my life been so frustrated. This process clearly needs to be changed particularly regarding students who are trying to do this remotely. I am not a slacker, it is REQUIRED that I complete a one year internship before I graduate and as a result everything has been a disaster, particularly this part of the process."
"This process is not very well handled in the architecture program. It shouldn't be up to me to figure every thing out for myself - which I had to do."
"This SURVEY needs some work...specifically, the questions regarding the usefulness of something. "Somewhat useful" has LESS implied usefulness than "Useful", though it listed above it. Either the order of the options should be changed, or they should be somehow renamed (e.g. "Very useful", "Useful", "Marginally Useful", "Not useful", etc."
"This website is great! It's nice when something works well, especially during such a high-stress time! Thank you!"
"To me it was very difficult to know what was considered necessary to get approval from the publisher for. I had no direct quotes, and if I did have a graphic from a source it was only one, with only one exception. For the exception, I have two graphics from a single source. Under the description for what falls under the category or needing approval, which is very vague, it seems that I don't have to get approval from anybody. However, I don't want to it to come back and bite me in the end. I thought I would have a chance to actually sit down and show somebody what I'm talking about, but I never did. Is someone going to review the thesis for whether or not it needs approval from any sources? If not, I suppose I should just get a bunch of approvals to be on the safe side. Please give me some advise on this."
"Too many forms to fill out. Pain in the neck."
"Useful information."
"User friendly and convenient."
"User Friendly!"
"Very convenient and easy to prepare. I wish all universities implement this type of publication for their graduate students' theses/dissertations"
"very fast, painless process"
"Very good"
"Very simple"
"Very strait and easy to follow - however, you do need acrobat distiller which is not in general circulation."
"Website needs to be simplified, more user-friendly; official instructions, specifications, and procedures were difficult to find."
"When submitting the abstract, there is a note that special characters may not display properly. Most of my characters did display on the Main Record page, but when I tried to insert html codes, such as &183; (for a middle dot), the Main page just displayed &183;. Is there a way to see what the actual abstract will look like after these special codes have been entered?"
"While I found all the information on the ETD web site, it was very convoluted and difficult to follow. I found it to be a very annoying process."
"While I think it's wonderful to have immediate world wide access to the document, it is very stressful for the individual to have to worry about final (post defense) edits and meeting the timeline of ETD submission to ensure graduation status. This should not be a requirement for an individual to walk; however, it should be a requirement. Perhaps the person can have 24 hours beyond submission of her/his document, in the case where a person is being pushed to the final submission date for walking."
"While I understand the importance and utility attached to the ETD, this should be optional, not a requirement, and/or the deadline should be changed to sometime after graduation. This is a time consuming process and for those who complete at/near the end of the semester, as I did, it creates unnecessary stress/pressure to try to meet the pre-graduation deadline. Also, the formatting requirements should be consistent with departmental requirements (i.e. spacing, page numbering, etc.) so that fewer changes are necessary."
"Word would be much easier; having a specfic etd format creates many superflous tasks"
"You did a really very good job in the dissertation submition process."
"You have to make ready a Latex style file on your webpage. I believe there used to be a style file but it is not accessible anymore and it becomes tedious to make sure all the requirements are met."
"You might want to note somewhere on the ETD website that all steps of the submission should be completed at the same time. I finished all of my initial steps, but was waiting for an email response from my advisor before I did my final upload. I figured the submission would not be reviewed until all steps had been completed. But it did not work that way since I received an email stating that my files were of size 0. Since the submission process allows you to login and logout, it made more sense to me that I could do that multiple times until I had completed my submission."
"Your option to give access to all VT students or delay access by a year is backwards. On the paper form option 3 and 4 are switched from the options listed here on the ETD. This was a little misleading and took a few minutes before I realized that I had selected the wrong option on the ETD form."

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