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2006-2007 ETD Author Survey

1. While preparing your ETD, where did you find answers to your questions?
Please select all that apply.

0.8%\% at an ETD workshop (11/1378 responses)
13.06%\% from my committee (180/1378 responses)
17.71%\% from friends (244/1378 responses)
0.44%\% from New Media Center staff (6/1378 responses)
4.43%\% by telephone (61/1378 responses)
3.19%\% through e-mail (44/1378 responses)
3.77%\% other Web site(s) (52/1378 responses)
51.67%\% VT ETD Web site (712/1378 responses)
1.09%\% from ETD tech support (15/1378 responses)
3.85%\% Other/Comments (53/1378 responses)
97.32% of the people who took this survey
(799 / 821) answered this question.

Other Responses (53 for this question)
"Cathy Hill"
"Cathy Hill in Mechanical Engineering Staff"
"David Pluska was helpful"
"from a former student's dissertation. There was very little useful information regarding format on the ETD webpage."
"From the administrative support at CPAP."
"Grad Catalogue"
"Grad school personnel"
"Graduate School"( 2 ) responses
"Graduate School ETD presentation"
"Graduate school mailing."
"Gwen Ewing"
"handouts from department staff"
"I am a former NMC employee"
"I couldn't find an answer to my question- what files need to be uploaded separately?"
"It wasn't easy to find!"
"It would be really handy if all of the ETD info was concisely listed in one place so that we didn't have to track down 10 different websites, handouts from the grad school and psychics to get this thing taken care of"
"Jenny Catalano provided a very helpful preview of my ETD submission."
"library staff"
"microsoft word"
"microsoft word for sections and numbering"
"online ETD training on grad school site"
"other"( 26 ) responses
"Package sent from Graduate School"
"prior experience with ETD"
"School District Technology Support"
"The template is basically not any help at all"
"VT Grad School staff"

2. If you consulted the VT ETD Web site, please indicate if the site was useful.

3.4%\% Not useful (27/794 responses)
20.78%\% Useful (165/794 responses)
32.49%\% Somewhat useful (258/794 responses)
37.78%\% Very useful (300/794 responses)
5.54%\% Did not consult VT ETD Web site. (44/794 responses)
96.71% of the people who took this survey
(794 / 821) answered this question.

3. If you attended an ETD workshop, please indicate if you found the workshop useful.

0.13%\% Not useful (1/766 responses)
1.96%\% Useful (15/766 responses)
2.35%\% Somewhat useful (18/766 responses)
2.87%\% Very useful (22/766 responses)
92.69%\% Did not attend ETD workshop. (710/766 responses)
93.3% of the people who took this survey
(766 / 821) answered this question.

4. If you used the New Media Center, please indicate if the staff was helpful.

4.59%\% Very helpful (35/762 responses)
1.57%\% Somewhat helpful (12/762 responses)
1.44%\% Helpful (11/762 responses)
0%\% Not helpful (0/762 responses)
92.39%\% Did not use the New Media Center. (704/762 responses)
92.81% of the people who took this survey
(762 / 821) answered this question.

5. How many ETDs did you consult while preparing your ETD?

3.39%\% more than 10 (27/797 responses)
17.57%\% Did not consult any ETDs. (140/797 responses)
34.88%\% 3-5 (278/797 responses)
37.39%\% 1-2 (298/797 responses)
6.78%\% 6-10 (54/797 responses)
97.08% of the people who took this survey
(797 / 821) answered this question.

6. Compared to what you expected, how difficult was it to create a PDF file?

2.51%\% Much more difficult (20/798 responses)
9.9%\% Somewhat more difficult (79/798 responses)
16.42%\% Somewhat less difficult (131/798 responses)
34.46%\% Much less difficult (275/798 responses)
36.72%\% Neither more nor less difficult (293/798 responses)
97.2% of the people who took this survey
(798 / 821) answered this question.

7. My computer is a

2.97%\% Other (24/809 responses)
1.85%\% Unix (15/809 responses)
87.52%\% PC (708/809 responses)
7.66%\% Mac (62/809 responses)
97.2% of the people who took this survey
(798 / 821) answered this question.

Other Responses (24 for this question)
"Linux"( 5 ) responses
"other"( 13 ) responses
"PC / Debian / Mac"
"super computer"
"Used both PC and Mac"

8. Where were you when you submitted your ETD?

35.18%\% Off-campus residence (305/867 responses)
11.65%\% off-campus workplace (101/867 responses)
1.61%\% Northern Virginia Center (14/867 responses)
27.91%\% Campus office (242/867 responses)
0.81%\% Campus residence hall (7/867 responses)
0.46%\% New Media Center (4/867 responses)
2.88%\% Tech Connect lab (25/867 responses)
2.31%\% Another university (20/867 responses)
17.19%\% Other (149/867 responses)
96.95% of the people who took this survey
(796 / 821) answered this question.

Other Responses (149 for this question)
"Arch computer lab"
"architecture computer lab"
"architecture department-vtech"
"Architecture Lab"
"Architecture Print Lab"
"Arlington, VA"
"At my residence in Chile"
"At work"
"Back seat of my car"
"Baghdad, Iraq"
"both home and tech computer lab"
"Burchard computer lab"
"burchard hall"
"Burchard Hall lab"
"CEARS Lab, Cheatham Hall"( 2 ) responses
"Cheatham SEARS lab"
"chemistry computer lab"
"Coffee Shop"
"Computer lab in Chem Phys building"
"cowgill hall"
"Deet's Place"
"Dept Comp Lab"
"Geography computer lab"
"GLC Comp Lab"
"Graduate Life Center"
"Graduate School lab"
"Graduate School Office"
"Graduate student computer lab"
"Hampton Roads Center"
"Holiday Inn"
"home"( 6 ) responses
"In my Tech campus office"
"MARE Center"
"my apartment"
"My Job Office"
"My work office"
"New Jersey"
"New York"
"New York!"
"Newman Library"
"off-campus coffee shop"( 2 ) responses
"off-campus library"
"on campus"
"On campus lab"
"on vacation"
"On-campus Lab"( 2 ) responses
"other"( 72 ) responses
"outside a Texaco station in London E3 2TJ using T-mobile wireless"
"School District Office"
"Southern Piedmont AREC"
"Studio in Cowgill Hall"
"Stuttgart, Germany"
"Tech classroom"
"Tidewater Agricultural Research and Extension Center"
"TORG 1010"
"Vacation in Colorado"
"Vet Med computer lab"
"Veterinary Teaching Hospital"
"Virginia Tech MAREC"
"VT AREC office, Middleburg, VA"
"VT CAD Lab"
"Work, Charlottesville, VA"
"Work. I studied in Danville, Va at IALR and had to wait till I started work before I could upload."

9. Compared to what you expected, how difficult was it to submit your thesis/dissertation electronically?

21.2%\% Neither more nor less difficult. (169/797 responses)
2.26%\% Much more difficult (18/797 responses)
11.04%\% Somewhat more difficult (88/797 responses)
29.23%\% Somewhat less difficult (233/797 responses)
36.26%\% Much less difficult (289/797 responses)
97.08% of the people who took this survey
(797 / 821) answered this question.

10. Throughout the development of your ETD, what formats (i.e.paper, electronic, other) did you use to share your dissertation with your committee?

17.38%\% Electronic----pdf (138/794 responses)
48.11%\% Mix of electronic and paper (382/794 responses)
20.4%\% Paper---just a printout (162/794 responses)
13.6%\% Electronic----text document (108/794 responses)
0.5%\% Other (4/794 responses)
96.71% of the people who took this survey
(794 / 821) answered this question.

11.How did your commitee chair and/or committee add comments to your document during the writing process?

Text Responses (717 for this question)
"* By using the 'Tracking' feature of Microsoft Word * Verbally * over e-mail"
"1)hand-written comments on print-outs, 2)added comments on electronic word file"
"1. In-line texts in email. 2. Handwritten comments on the hard-copy."
"A mix of electronic and paper comments."
"add comment to document"
"add comments to the pdf file directly."
"Added comments after early drafts I printed"
"Added comments both electronically and hand written on paper printouts of my thesis."
"Added comments by e-mail and to the paper copy"
"added comments directly on printout"
"Added comments in writing or MS Word comments"
"added comments on the pdf file using adobe professional"
"Added them directly into the electronic document"
"adding changes on the text or pdf file"
"Adding comments on text document"
"Adding notes to a paper copy of my thesis, these notes were then used to correct my thesis."
"Adobe Acrobat comments"
"Advisor printed a hard copy, wrote revisions, and emailed it back as a PDF file."
"After my defense, my committee gave me feedback on the dissertation, and made minor typographical suggestions."
"all gave individual comments"
"All three of my committee members requested paper copies rather than electronic and made written corrections in the printed copies. They said they preferred this so that they could "take it with them" and "work on it anywhere"."
"At the beginning, my advisor used electronic correction because the volume of dissertation was not large. Later, notes on hardcopies were more frequently used."
"auto correct in Word" - ( 2 responses)
"both annotating printed copy with red ink and using Adobe Acrobat to mark on .pdf"
"Both electronically (Track Changes) and with written comments on the printouts."
"Both electronically and hand-written"
"both electronically and handwritten"
"Both electronically and on paper"
"Both electronically as well as on paper"
"Both electronically in word using the reveiwing fuction and on paper."
"Both hand written on printed pages and using track changes function in MS Word"
"both in writing and electronically"
"Both on paper and electronically"
"Both printed copies and on file comments through Microsoft Word."
"both through track changes and paper"
"both with track changes in MS word and through hand written notes and verbal communication"
"both written and electronic"
"Both written and electronically within a text document."
"By annotating the PDFs that I submitted to him."
"By email and in person"
"by email mostly"
"by email, handwritten in the paper version, phone conversations"
"By hand" - ( 2 responses)
"By hand after printing it out and by sending a word document of corrections."
"By hand and electronically depending on the committee member"
"by hand and MS Word"
"by hand and using microsoft word"
"by hand as comments on the side of the text"
"by hand on hard copy; track changes in Word"
"By hand on printed paper."
"by hand on the original print documents"
"by hand writing and commenes in word file"
"By hand, on paper copies of the dissertation"
"By hand, writing on the side of the paper."
"By Hand."
"By hand. They printed out drafts of my thesis and returned hard copies with their comments."
"By marking up a printed copy and returning it to me."
"by paper and electronic documents through emails"
"by pen"
"By printing it and writing on the paper, or using the Track Changes feature of Microsoft Word."
"By reading the hard capies of my draft and return them to me."
"By writing in my text document."
"By writing notes and making corrections on the hard copy, or by phone."
"by writing on hard copy of my draft and by e-mails"
"by writing on it or using comment features"
"By writing on the paper print out"
"By writing them on hard copy with red ink."
"Chair added comments electronically (pdf file notes) as well as hand written. Committee added notes by hand to their hard copies."
"Chair commented digitally in word, committee commented in writing on hardcopy"
"Chair discussed comments with me while other committee members wrote changes on ETD paper copy"
"Chair only throughout the writing process - usually by face to face meetings after he had read part of the manuscript The Committee members made only a small contribution before the defense"
"Change tracking via Word and written notes on hardcopies."
"Combination of handwritten, verbal and e-mail comments."
"comment on printed copies"
"Commented in ink on hard copy that was given to them."
"Commenting electronically in Microsoft Word"
"commenting tool with 'Word' and handwritten comments"
"comments during the defense. advisor printed pdf and gave me the marked paper version."
"Comments in pdf and as text through email."
"Comments in printouts"
"Comments on a printout."
"Comments on paper printouts of the dissertation."
"comments on printed version of dissertation"
"comments on the paper print out"
"comments on the paper printouts"
"comments on the printout, personal consultation"
"Comments tool"
"Comments were added directly to paper copies. General comments were sent via e-mail."
"Comments were added via paper revisions."
"Comments were almost always indicated on paper. I have a few e-mails recommending specific changes, however."
"Comments were given on the written text of the document and mailed to me at various points in the dissertation process."
"Comments were made on paper and scanned into pdf files for electronic transfer."
"Comments were made on paper copies."
"Comments were made on the page."
"Comments were on paper."
"Comments were provided by print versions and email."
"Comments were written on paper copies and returned to me"
"Comments were written on the document."
"Comments written on paper copy of thesis"
"Committee chair added comments on the paper printout."
"Committee chair printed a copy and gave hand-written edits, committee members gave electronic edits."
"Committee members added comments to the hard copy."
"Committee members either made comments directly on hard copies of the thesis, made a list of comments (some typed, some hand-written) of what they liked or wanted changed, or consulted me personally in a face-to-face conversation."
"Committee personnel forwarded comments for review and transition into the dissertation. Then the Committee reviewed again for analysis and approval."
"Cooments were given after the whole disseration was written. It was included in the coument"
"Correct on printed dissertation."
"Correspondence over e-mail, phone and also by sending me printouts with comments"
"Deending on the format she either corrected the hardcopy of the softcopy"
"Directly in the pdf or as comments in word."
"Directly into word document, by email, and on paper."
"Directly writing on the thesis and handing it back to me and over the phone."
"Dr. Vlachos did electronic comments using MS Word and Dr. Diller gave me comments on paper."
"during ph.d. defense after reading the hard copies"
"During the progress meetings."
"e-mails, meetings, phone"
"edited hardcopy"
"edited my printed material"
"edited the pdf or written"
"Editing functions in microsoft word and simply by writing on paper copies and returning to me"
"editing through word"
"Either by hand or through e-mail"
"either by markings on a printout or handwritten notes on separate pages"
"Either on the printed material, by person in a meeting or via e-mail."
"Electronic & paper"
"electronic (mostly) and written"
"Electronic and by hand (hard-copy)"
"Electronic and paper" - ( 3 responses)
"electronic and paper comments"
"Electronic comments added to PDF file. Pen & paper comments."
"Electronic document changes and comments as well as verbal interactions"
"electronic inserts"
"electronic, written & verbal"
"electronic- track changes manually - penned comments"
"electronic/paper corrections"
"Electronically" - ( 9 responses)
"Electronically (pdf)"
"electronically and handwriting"
"electronically and in person"
"electronically and in writing on the hard copy (mailed to me)"
"electronically and on paper"
"electronically and on paper copies" - ( 2 responses)
"electronically and paper"
"electronically and personally"
"electronically and through committee meetings"
"electronically and vocally"
"Electronically and written" - ( 2 responses)
"electronically and written copies"
"Electronically as well as paper copy correction"
"Electronically in the document"
"Electronically on a pdf file and hand written notes on paper copies."
"Electronically through Microsoft word editor"
"Electronically through the comments function in Word and physically with pen to paper."
"Electronically through Word "track changes" and "comments""
"electronically through word comments"
"electronically using "track changes & comments"; in person; and, via telephone conferences"
"electronically using Microsoft WORD editing software"
"electronically using MS word "track changes" and also on hard copy"
"Electronically using Word's markup language, and also comments written on paper."
"Electronically via Microsoft Word "Reviewing" feature"
"Electronically, on the pdf document."
"Electronically, verbally and with comments on a print out."
"electronically, verbally, and handwritten on paper"
"Electronically, verbally, and in writing"
"electronically, via e-mail"
"Electronically- Leave notes on the paper version"
"Electronically- using microsoft word's mark up capabilities hard copy- using a red pen"
"email" - ( 5 responses)
"Email and marking on paper"
"Email and personal conversation."
"email or on the paper copy"
"email or writing directly on drafts"
"email suggestions, paper markings on draft"
"email, electronically, hand written"
"Email, on paper, and during my defense session."
"Emailed comments"
"emails, electronic-pdf mark-ups, handwritten."
"Good" - ( 3 responses)
"Good Writing :)"
"hand corrections and verbal reccomendations"
"Hand writing"
"hand writing on paper"
"hand writing, pdf, email"
"hand written"
"Hand written and electronic"
"hand written and mailed back"
"hand written and track changes mix"
"Hand written comments" - ( 2 responses)
"Hand written comments and electronic comments using Microsoft Word Tracking function"
"hand written comments on hardcopy of thesis."
"Hand written comments on my paper submission."
"hand written comments on the document itself or separate paper."
"hand written comments, verbal feedback during defense, comments using pdf comment tools"
"hand written on drafts"
"Hand written on printed copy."
"hand written or electronic"
"hand written or through microsoft word"
"Hand written suggestions on paper copy, tracked edits in word on electronic copy"
"hand written to printouts, using microsoft word 'track chnages'"
"Hand written."
"hand-written comments on hard copy"
"Hand-written comments."
"Hand-written on drafts, via track changes in Word, in separate documents, and verbally."
"handwriting and electronic"
"handwriting on hard copy"
"Handwritten" - ( 2 responses)
"Handwritten comments" - ( 2 responses)
"handwritten comments on a printout"
"Handwritten comments on paper copies."
"Handwritten comments on paper print-out."
"Handwritten comments on printouts or comments sent via email i n the message text."
"Handwritten comments on printouts, verbal discussion, tablet pc, reviewing software through Microsoft Word"
"Handwritten comments on the hard copies and use of the edit on electronic use"
"Handwritten comments to hard copies of Word documents"
"Handwritten notes"
"Handwritten notes on paper printouts."
"Handwritten notes on printed pages of the thesis."
"Handwritten on printout." - ( 2 responses)
"Handwritten or inserted in text and marked by a change in font colors, asterisks, or bold fonts"
"Handwritten, track changes in Microsoft Word"
"Handwrittenc omments"
"hard copy" - ( 5 responses)
"Hard copy comments"
"hardcopy of my dissertation"
"He didn't comment on it until it was finished and I handed it out to my committee prior to my defense."
"He printed my drafts and added comments in the margin - or sometimes just sent me notes in email form."
"He printed out emailed documants, then wrote notes on the hard copies and scanned them back via email."
"He used a pencil and wrote on a hard copy."
"Hybrid. At one point in time, my thesis chair printed a copy and hand wrote comments. Most comments were added electronically for my review."
"I gave them hard copies and they added their comments and corrections to the hard copies."
"I handed in a draft, the three corrected the draft, and returned it back to me. This process will continue until it is fully corrected."
"I printed the ETD for my advisor along the way and he provided handwrited comments. I gave it to one of my committee members electronically and he added comments with the stylus of his tablet PC. Finally, my committee provided handwritten comments at my defense on the version that I had printed nicely."
"I received comments either handwritten on a paper copy of my thesis or the text document was revised by "tracking changes.""
"I received written comments on the document, itself."
"I received written comments on the paper drafts I submitted."
"I was notified be e mails"
"in detail"
"in miscrosoft word and on paper"
"In MS Word, using track changes and comments"
"in PDF version of the file"
"In person through a series of meetings as well as written suggestions through the various drafts."
"in person...desk critic"
"In writing"
"In writing and electronically"
"in writing and using track changes"
"in writing on my paper copy"
"In writing on printed reading copy."
"In writing on the paper copy"
"inking in the changes"
"Inserted comments via word and e-mailed me with modified document or additional word document with notes typed out."
"It has been alot helpful via communicating by e-mail"
"Just highlighted parts in words"
"just indicated mistakes and wrote in red ink"
"just put their comment on the hard-copy (print-out)"
"just write it down on the hard copy"
"Made changes directly on the electronic copy and the hard copy"
"made comments on a paper copy of my thesis"
"Made comments on hard copy"
"Made comments on the PDF"
"Mainly, oral comments."
"majority on hard-copy with some electronically"
"Manually and electronically"
"manually on paper"
"manually, on paper"
"mark on paper"
"Mark up hardcopy."
"mark up on hard copy and pdf file"
"mark ups and suggestions"
"Mark-ups on a paper printout."
"mark-ups on drafts"
"Marked changes on hard copy."
"Marked on paper and email"
"Marked up hard copies, 'review' function in MsWord and typed up comments."
"Marked up printouts."
"Marking up a printout."
"Members either wrote their comments directly on my paper copy or submitted a separate piece of paper with their comments included."
"Microsoft Word (Track Changes)"
"Microsoft word comments program"
"Microsoft Word editing format as well as emails"
"Microsoft word track changes"
"Mix between comments on the thesis print out and comments on latex file"
"mix of electronic and paper" - ( 3 responses)
"mix of electronic and paper comments"
"Mix of electronic and paper edits."
"mix of eletronic and paper"
"mix of paper and electronic"
"Mix of paper and electronic feedback."
"Most comments were written on printed copies of the thesis."
"Mostly by hand"
"Mostly markups on printed copies, some email."
"Mostly written comments on paper. Several times by chair sent comments electronically through word"
"MS editor"
"MS Word provides feature to add comments and track changes"
"MS Word Track Changes and hand written comments"
"MS Word track changes feature and by marking up hard copies"
"MS Word's track change feature"
"MS word-track changes and email comments."
"My advisor commented through hand and electronic revisions, while the other committee members commented through verbal communications."
"My advisor used MS Word's correction / comment feature. The rest of my commitee marked on a hard copy of my thesis."
"My chair added them directly to the electronic version (word) and my commitee members wrote their comments to the paper version."
"My commitee used both printed out copy to add comments and notes and electronic copy with comments and notes during the various stages and drafts."
"My committe chair and members and I had many verbal discussions about the writing / structure of the book. Each committee member also were given paper copies of the writing on which to comment."
"My committee chair likes to use electronic comments, while my two readers used written comments on paper. I added my corrections electronically, and sent them out to the committee that way."
"My committee chair provided a lot of help and comments."
"My committee emailed suggestions to me. I added them to the document using the tracking feature in MS Word."
"My committee members were extremely helpful during my writing process."
"My document is very clear."
"No additions."
"No contributions at all."
"No. Suggestions from the committee were received through verbal or e-mail based discussions."
"Noted directly on the hardcopy."
"Notes on paper and electronic submissions"
"Notes on paper copy"
"notes on printout"
"ok but need betterment in formatting"
"On a paper copy"
"on a pdf or directly on paperr."
"On hardcopy or using Adobe Acrobat Comments"
"on my word document"
"On paper" - ( 14 responses)
"On paper and by word processor comments function."
"on paper and electronically"
"on paper and through email"
"On paper and through track changes in word"
"On paper and using Word's built-in revision features."
"On paper by hand"
"on paper copies"
"On paper copy"
"On paper or by email."
"on paper or Word file"
"on paper submission"
"on paper, electronically, and verbally"
"on paper, pdf, and word document"
"On paper."
"On person made edits to the thesis paper directly (while keeping Track Changes ON), and others either wrote comments on a printout of the Thesis paper or emailed edits/suggestions."
"on printout copies"
"On printouts and using Adobe Acrobat marker"
"On the paper copy"
"on the paper printed out"
"On the printed copy."
"on the printed document."
"On the printout, in person."
"One chair member printed it out and wrote his edits on the paper. The other two members edited the document and then emailed it back to me."
"One committee member (the chair) used the "reviewing" functions in WORD. The others used the paper version and made correction in pen."
"One committee member used the track changes feature in Microsoft Word and other provided hand written comments."
"One member printed the document and wrote directly on the printout. Another wrote general comments seperately. Another gave verbal comments."
"One member used Word's changes feature, another printed out the document and wrote comments."
"One printed out a hardcopy and made corrections to that, the other two made electronic corrections and gave me back my corrected thesis."
"oral dialogue, electronic mail, and written notes"
"Oral recommendation"
"Over the phone"
"Paper" - ( 3 responses)
"paper and electronic" - ( 3 responses)
"paper and electronic corrections."
"Paper and Electronic Track Changes in Microsoft WOrd"
"Paper and email suggestions."
"paper comments"
"paper copy, e-mail"
"paper edits"
"Paper on a print out, and electronically"
"Paper printouts"
"paper, electronic"
"paper/pencil and computer editing"
"PDF comments"
"PDF comments and handwritten hard-copy comments"
"pdf comments tool and written paper comments"
"PDF editor"
"Pen" - ( 2 responses)
"Pen on paper!"
"Pen on paper."
"Pen to Paper - also through general comments ent via e-mail."
"Pencil edits on print-outs"
"Physical markup of printout"
"Physically written on a paper copy."
"Placed comments using a pen on paper printouts"
"primarily by emails, sometimes in face-to-face meeting"
"primarily by writing on a paper copy; occasionally via electronic comments"
"Primary changes and editorial issues addressed by "track changes" features in word processing software, but paper print-outs were used to show changes to graphs and illustrations."
"printed it out and wrote on it"
"printed out pdf, marked with pen, scanned, sent as pdf"
"Printing and editing by hand"
"Provided comments through hard copies mostly."
"Red line in the book"
"Red marks on the paper"
"red pen" - ( 2 responses)
"Redlined hard copy"
"revision on paper"
"Revisions and more in-depth discussion"
"Some added comments electronically (in the pdf document) and some added comments on the paper version itself"
"some by commenting in papaers some by adding comments to word file."
"Some electronic, but usually manual markup of hardcopy."
"some electronically, some on the paper copy"
"some of the members added comments electronically and others added comments on the printed document."
"Some provided comments with Microsoft word, others wrote annotated PDF files to make suggestions"
"Some written comments on paper, some in text notes on electronic files, and via email."
"Sometimes they used paper while other times they edited it in word."
"spoken comments during the defense and written comments on the print-out"
"Suggestions added to a printed copy, or verbal communication."
"Suggestions were made mainly in hard copies of my dissertation. In some cases, comments on the PDF format were done."
"Tablet PC using Adobe Acrobat Std with the Pencil object in Acrobat."
"Textual comments added on the paper version submitted to the Chair/Committee."
"The committee made comments directly on my paper document."
"The wrote it on the printouts"
"The wrote on the document, and utilized the edit function in word for email responses."
"Their comments were written on the document."
"They added comments by marking up paper copies of the document."
"They added comments using Track Changes."
"They added the comments on the paper or the text file."
"They all editted it on the paper copies."
"They commented right on the draft copies"
"They commented their opinion on the printout directly."
"They did track changes on the electronic format or just wrote them on the hard copies."
"They e-mailed their comments to me."
"They edited my draft editions in word and made suggestions as well."
"They edited the paper copies and returned them to me."
"They either wrote their comments on paper copies of the dissertation or emailed them to me."
"They emailed the original document back to me with typed comments."
"They helped me very well."
"They left comments on the paper copy."
"They liked my works, and recommanded more proof reading."
"They made both technical as well as english grammatical changes! They were very helpful."
"They made comments electronically via email."
"They made comments/suggestions/edits on the hard copy given to them."
"They made suggestions as for change of content and structure. They made grammatical and APA style change corrections. They made the changes, revisions, suggestions orally, by handwriting, and electronically while it was as a word document."
"They marked on various drafts on my hard copies I gave them with a pen"
"They marked the suggestions on the hard copy and sometimes on the soft copy by adding comments."
"They printed and wrote in the margins"
"They printed it and wrote comments on top of it."
"They Printed out copies and marked them or simply made suggestions to me personally."
"They printed out the document and wrote comments on the printout."
"They printed out the electronic .pdf file and wrote comments on the document by hand."
"They provided their feedback on the text document."
"They read the document and each wrote comments on his or her own paper copy of the document, which was then returned to and discussed with me."
"They returned a printed copy of my electronic document with corrections, comments, and edition suggestions."
"They sent me an e-mail with simple modifications on the writing style and some information to be added"
"They shared written comments with me"
"They simply wrote on the paper and shared their comments with me during my final defense."
"They suggested me to fix some minor things(e.g grammer, insert table)"
"They used a pen"
"They used written comments on paper copies and inserted comments through track changes options in Microsoft Word."
"They were written on paper copies from word documnets."
"They wrote comments and corrections on a printed document of my Thesis."
"They wrote comments directly on the paper document."
"They wrote comments on the hard copies I handed in to them."
"They wrote comments on the paper copies of the thesis that I gave them."
"They wrote comments on the paper copies."
"They wrote directly on the document or electronically."
"They wrote on a copy of thesis paper that I gave to them"
"They wrote on hard copies and returned them to me."
"They wrote on the paper thesis."
"They wrote on the print out or edit in the word file directly."
"They wrote their comments either on the hardcopy or in the Latex file."
"They wrote their comments on the print outs and handed them back to me."
"They wrote their comments on the printouts."
"they wrote their feedback on paper copies of my dissertation"
"They wrote them on the paper and gave me a copy back to refer to"
"they wrote them with pens and pencils onto paper"
"Three made verbal comments, one made comments on the paper thesis copy he was given." - ( 2 responses)
"Through adding comments on the hardcopies and adding comments on the pdf files."
"through discussion and marking written work"
"Through E mail"
"through email"
"through email, meetings, paper revision"
"Through emails and conversations."
"through emails and meetings"
"Through Microsoft editing and through paper"
"Through online communication"
"Through oral discussion points."
"Through paper or through the track changes feature on Word."
"Through the use of Microsoft Word's editing tools."
"Through had boxes that were highlighted. If written, pen markings."
"Through writing on the document."
"Through written comments on paper or through Adobe"
"Throught email and personal contact."
"Track changes" - ( 2 responses)
"track changes & pen"
"track changes and hand written notes"
"Track changes and on paper"
"track changes feature in MS Word"
"Track Changes feature on Microsoft word or written comments to hard copy of text"
"Track changes in MS Word and comments on printouts"
"Track changes in MS Word and orally via telephone"
"track changes in Word"
"Track changes in word and comments in pdf. Corrections in writing on hardcopy."
"Track changes in word processor"
"Track Changes in Word, hand written comments"
"Track changes in word, writing on a hard copy"
"Track changes in Word."
"Track changes via Microsoft Word"
"Track changes with Windows word"
"track-changes, verbal, written"
"Tracked changes in a word document"
"Tracked changes in a Word document. There were a lot of formatting issues with this method added several days of work to the whole process."
"Tracked changes using Microsoft word"
"Two committee members added handwritten comments to a printout of the document, while the other one added comments electronically to my word document."
"Two members used electronic markup and comments while one member used a paper copy with red ink."
"Two members used the comment function in word. One member commented with hand written notes on hard copy."
"Two members wrote on paper copies & one member used reviewing functions in MS Word"
"Two used hard copies and one used computer."
"typed comments/changes on word documents written comments on paper pdf printouts written comments on electronic pdfs (tablets)"
"typically, by hand on a hard copy of my thesis"
"Using "track changes" feature in MS Word, as well as written comments on thesis hardcopy."
"Using "track changes" in MS Word and through email communication."
"Using Adobe Acrobat, one committee member used the comment feature available in Adobe Acrobat Reader."
"Using Microsoft Word Reviewing Toolbar"
"Using microsoft word track changes"
"Using microsoft words editing tools, and paper marking with comments."
"Using MS word comments features and written comments on paper copies."
"Using MS Word's comment feature."
"Using MS Word's track changes functionality"
"using the comments application in WORD, and via e-mail"
"Using the comments feature of MS Word"
"Using the Reviewing tool in Microsoft Word"
"Using track changes in Word" - ( 2 responses)
"using Track Changes in Word and through paper copies."
"Using track changes option in word"
"Using tracked changes and comment feature in Microsoft Word and handwritten notes on printouts"
"Usually by paper and hand written editing process, but a limited amount by email and attachment."
"Verbal and writing comments"
"verbal and written"
"Verbal comments and comments via email."
"Verbal communication Written comments on the draft"
"Verbal feedback during defense."
"Verbal mostly, few redlines"
"Verbal, email and/or written on physical copies"
"verbal, email."
"Verbal/written comments"
"Verbally and through the comment methods in Word"
"Verbally told me what to add or change."
"Verbally, email, and notes" - ( 2 responses)
"verbally, Microsoft Word reviewing tools, on paper and email"
"very good"
"Very helpful"
"Very much."
"very well"
"Via comments in Adobe"
"via e-mail and hand written on a print out of my document"
"via email" - ( 3 responses)
"via email, separate from the document"
"Via email, verbally, by drawing, and sometimes even yelling."
"Via PDF editor and a tablet. This system is excellent as my advisor is "remote", so I could get hand-written comments back in less than 24 hours."
"Via pen to paper and using the comment boxes in Word."
"via text files"
"Via the comments section of word"
"Watned to add some more future works"
"We discuss the dissertation based on a printed-out version, and he add comments on it with a pen."
"We exchange paper copies."
"We had meetings and also by email"
"We had several meetings and they would return the paper documents to me with comments and revisions written on the paper form of the draft."
"We met together and discussed it. We both made notes with a pen and I made the additions."
"while writing, my advisor used microsoft word editing program. At defense, my committee gave me paper copies of thesis with handwritten comments"
"with a pen"
"with pencil"
"Word - track changes"
"Word: track changes and Text comments"
"write on paper"
"Write on paper-based prints of my dissertation drafts"
"Write on the printout"
"Write on the printout."
"Writing and discussion"
"Writing and speech."
"writing and with electronic comments on word reading layout"
"Writing back in red pen."
"Writing comments and corretions on the printed dissertation"
"Writing comments on copies that I had printed and given to them."
"writing comments on the drafts"
"Writing comments on the paper version of dissertation"
"writing notes on a paper version."
"writing on hardcopy"
"Writing on paper thesis"
"writing on printed document and digital document"
"writing on the hardcopy"
"Writing on the paper copies"
"Writing on the paper."
"writing-paper and electronic"
"Written and electronic"
"written and verbal"
"Written comments" - ( 2 responses)
"Written comments - electronic correspondence"
"Written comments and using Word to track changes"
"Written comments given at thesis defense."
"Written comments in printed copy margins and oral comments during meetings"
"Written comments on a hard copy."
"Written comments on a printed copy"
"Written comments on hard copies"
"Written comments on paper and electronic comments on pdf"
"Written comments on paper copies"
"Written comments on paper copy of thesis."
"Written comments on paper copy. Verbal Comments."
"written comments on printed copy of dissertation"
"written comments on printed hard copies which were then scanned in pdf and returned to me"
"written comments on printed manuscript"
"Written comments on printed versions of the document"
"Written comments on the copies of my thesis that I submitted to them."
"Written comments on the hard copy."
"Written comments on the paper copy"
"Written comments on the paper itself and via email"
"Written comments on the printouts and verbal comments during the defense."
"Written comments were added and then the entire document was returned."
"Written comments, comments with track changes in the word file, comments through e-mail, and oral comments during the defense."
"Written comments, email exchange and verbal suggestions"
"Written comments, scanned and emailed to me"
"Written corrections on paper printout and verbal meetings."
"Written notes on paper and commenting tools in Word/Adobe."
"Written on a printout."
"Written on draft"
"written on draft of book"
"Written on hard copy"
"written on paper"
"Written on paper documents"
"written on paper print out and some use of word track comments"
"Written on paper, electronically"
"Written on paper; orally"
"written on physical copies of my thesis"
"Written on printed drafts and verbally."
"Written on printouts, verbal, and by using the Track Changes and Commenting features in MS Word"
"written on the pages"
"Written on the printed copy given to them."
"Written on the printout."
"Written responses to paper copy of dissertation"
"Written, oral, and electronically"
"written; comments in Word"
"Wrote comments on hard copies."
"Wrote corrections on paper copies that were submitted"
"Wrote directly on the paper."
"Wrote in suggestions, and verbal discussion of thesis"
"Wrote on it, and discussed in meetings."
"Wrote on paper"
"wrote on paper copies and highlighted parts on electronic text documents"
"Wrote on paper copies, marked changes in Word documents"
"Wrote on paper copy"
"Wrote on paper copy of manuscript."
"wrote on print out or tracked changes on file"
"wrote on printouts"
"wrote on the hard copy of the draft"
"wrote them on paper copy and returned to me"
"Yes, both using scanned handwritten notes and Adobe-style notes added electronically."

12. Within the next 1-2 years, what do you intend to publish from your ETD?
Please select all that may apply.

16.67%\% Don't know yet (183/1098 responses)
18.85%\% Conference proceedings (207/1098 responses)
3.83%\% Will not publish (42/1098 responses)
50.36%\% Journal article (553/1098 responses)
3.83%\% Book chapter (42/1098 responses)
4.1%\% Book (45/1098 responses)
2.37%\% Other (26/1098 responses)
97.08% of the people who took this survey
(797 / 821) answered this question.

Other Responses (26 for this question)
"already published in journal articles"
"APS meting"
"Company website"
"Compilation of deck panel research for VDOT"
"individual poems"
"other"( 13 ) responses
"planning follow up studies"
"Possibly as a book... or use certain chapters in a book"
"previously published"
"Technical Note"
"Technical Reports"
"The paper from the thesis has already been accepted for publication in the journal of Computational Optimization and Applications."

13. If you restricted access to your VT ETD, what did you base your decision on?
Select all that apply.

14.47%\% Other (91/629 responses)
19.87%\% Personal choice (125/629 responses)
7.31%\% Advice of others (46/629 responses)
2.7%\% Advice of publisher (17/629 responses)
5.88%\% Patent pending (37/629 responses)
49.76%\% Advice of faculty (313/629 responses)
56.03% of the people who took this survey
(460 / 821) answered this question.

Other Responses (91 for this question)
"advice from a graduate school staff"
"Advised by the USAF"
"chapters submitted for publication in journals"
"did not restrict"( 3 ) responses
"did not restrict access"( 5 ) responses
"For publication reasons"
"I did not restrict access"
"I didn't restrict access"
"It contains unpublished results"
"Keep options open for possible publishing."
"N/A"( 4 ) responses
"NA"( 3 ) responses
"Navy sensitive info"
"No restriction"
"No restriction for my ETD"
"Nondisclosure agreement with particpating manufacturing companies"
"not restricted"
"Nothing like that"
"other"( 47 ) responses
"Pending publication"
"potential publishing"
"Project sponsor'"
"Project sponsor's interests"
"publication opportunities"
"Publication restrictions for most journals"
"Request of sponsor"
"The fact that I am working on a paper to be submitted"
"United States Government/Sponser(proprietary) requirements"
"US goverment"
"Wanted to allow time to prepare pieces for publication."( 2 ) responses

14. Please include any comments or questions that you have about ETDs.

Text Responses (149 for this question)
"Allow additional characters in the file name (or publish what characters are/are not valid). I tried to upload a filename with a ',' and it said that a character was invalid."
"appendix 1 of the graduate catalog is supposed to have formatting information, and I was never able to find a working weblink to it"
"As far as I can tell, there is no way to get to the EDT website from the graduate school website, and I was unable to find the EDT website at all until I was given a link."
"being at the WAAC campus, it was very difficult to get information about necessary documents and deadlines."
"Copyright and release issues are not well explained in the ETD workshop file and difficult to understand. Please specifies more in detail. Maybe examples will be helpful."
"Copyright law is very confusing and it would be helpful to have an expert in the manner available to give advice and answer questions."
"diffisult to find the login page"
"Does the VT ETD website suggest were one can make a pdf fild from a word document? If it did, I might have missed it. Suggestion is there for to put this information there, or if it is already there, to make it more visible."
"Easy to access. Instructions were clearly given. This surprise me because I had heard horror stories concerning this process..."
"EDT website needs to consider the pecularities of crating the documentation for an architectural project"
"ETD should have templates in terms of Microsoft word document or Latex that will make it easier to make a document conforming to ETD requirements."
"ETD website needs to be updated and streamlined - not very user friendly and seems dated."
"Extremely sparse in the amount of help given in the instructions or the examples. For the examples I need to know what specifically makes the document exemplary given that the examples varied. Also more flexibility should be considered in the formatting. Since major field formats already exist the ETDs should try to follow these formats rather than invent others."
"Good website"
"Great service. The 24hr ETD telephone number was helpful..."
"Have someone rewrite in plain english with much more detail. It's a bit frustrating at this point."
"How do I obtain hard copies of the thesis and how much does it cost? My individual committee members want copies as well. Does this mean I have to pay for all of them?"
"how long does it take to get a response about the etd submission? I completed all the requirements before. A week after, when I checked the status by login to the, it asked me to fill out about my record again. However, when I did it, it totally erased my old record. So I have to do it all over again for the second time. I hope things like this will not happen again."
"How long will we hear from grad school whether or not the ETD submitted is acceptable?"
"I am not convinced the site is up to date compared to the questions I asked the Graduate School."
"I am satisfied with ETD"
"I am still confused about the ability to alter a pdf once it has been created and how to include page numbers. Mostly, this is an issue with not being familiar with Adobe rather than an issue with the ETD online system."
"I anticipate having to correct small style/formatting issues if they matter for the ETD because I never heard or found any specific rules regarding these issues (e.g. page numbering, line spacing, etc.)"
"I attached my thesis documents in three parts(3 word documents) because of page number formatting issues. Would this cause any problem?"
"I did not find a specific list of what PDFs needed to be submitted."
"I didn't even know so many sources were available to us from this site. I never knew about examples or workshops or anything. It was very frustrating re-writing everything to match a template that I should of had to start. I don't know when/where I would of recieved the original template though."
"I didn't think it was easy to find the information I needed online. Information such as word counts for the abstract are not obvious. Especially for internationals, some information are not easy to understand."
"I don't have any questions."
"I don't know how I got to the etd site to begin with, but once I made it, very easy to use. Needs a more pronounced link on graduate school website."
"I found it difficult to find all of the style guidelines and expectations for my etd format in oneeasily accessable place."
"I found the interface of ETD not very user friendly."
"I had to resubmit my thesis through ETD, because the first time it wasn't accepted and no one told me."
"I love it! I'm also glad that VT allows for differences and creativity and is not militant in micro-managing the layout and design of the document."
"I think the website is extremely crude. It is not very user friendly or intuitive. It does not report file upload progress at all!"
"i thought this was a great process, and as an off-campus student finishing masters - i really appreciated the on-line ability to do this."
"I use Microsoft Word and have Adobe 6.0 on my computer. Neither the print page nor the Word document page of my thesis had Adobe icons on it. Therefore I had to find another route to create my PDF file (downloaded trial version off Adobe that made it possible to convert files)."
"I was confused about the section about adding new committee member since I already have my committee approved on my plan of study."
"I was not clear on all of the format issues in converting to a PDF document for the upload. That was frustrating. I hope it has been done correctly"
"I was unaware (and probably ignorant) that Adobe will automatically transfer the word document into a .pdf format. try to make that portion a little clearer in teh online portion"
"I whish there were more information about style at the ETD website, specially how to handle figures and tables."
"I wish the ETD website were more clear about what constitutes Fair Use of copyrighted material."
"I wonder if you can change the access restriction later. if you have time to answer:"
"I worked three full frustrating days trying to get the damn dissertation aligned correctly into the pdf file. Compared to writing the dissertation, this was pure hell! Please help me get this thing finished! Thanks!"
"I would be nice to have a better latex template."
"I would like the ETD form submission process to be online and or electronic too."
"I would like to make sure that my ETD is restricted to the public for 3 years"
"Instructions on formatting are confusing and need to be clarified -- what order do the pages go in, what needs to be in seperate documents, etc."
"Is just one pdf document enough or should I submit TeX files and .eps figure files as well?"
"It is a very useful library available on the internet"
"It is convenient, especially for other people to access the documents."
"It is easy and quick."
"It is lucky that this process exists because it is really nice and easy to use"
"It is very good system."
"It useful and clear."
"It was a lot easier than I had expected and an excellent service Virginia Tech provides to its students and other researchers. Thank you!"
"It was easy to use ETDs."
"It was unclear how to know how to cite or get permissions for graphics."
"It would be nice if there was a complete LaTeX template. I realize there are examples, however, I could not find a template."
"It would be very helpful to have more than a checklist to verify the reception and status of the review of the ETD. For example, in my case, a professional on campus submitted my ETD three weeks ago (allegedly), and I found out today that the Graduate School had not received it. Only by persisting with emails and phone calls to the personnel at the Graduate School did I find out the information that, in fact, the Graduate School had not received it."
"It would have made the process much easier if I could have submitted my thesis as a word document. I did not have access to Adobe writter at the time of submission and converting my thesis to .pdf form was the most difficult part of the process."
"It's fine"
"It's good."
"Its difficult to find the formatting guidelines when you first go to the website. My suggestion would be to make that more prominent."
"Latex sample documents would e helpful with templates and examples of how to do illustrations, code etc."
"Makes much more sense than physical copies since most people cannot visit the library. This gives the whole world the chance to see what graduates here are doing."
"Many students use Latex as the typesetting system. Many schools have Latex templates that adhere to their specifications. It would be helpful if VT makes such a template available to students."
"Might be good to have the requirements/questions of the UMI database match those of ETD."
"More background information on format, layout and resources within VA Tech to network for assistance on preparing for format requirements of dissertation would be helpful. Also a 1-credit course or paper that identifies the core requirements of a dissertation would be extremely useful for students."
"n/a" - ( 6 responses)
"na" - ( 2 responses)
"Names of ETD pdf files need to allow for special characters and spaces. I had to rename my file twice before it would accept."
"Need a better web page for how to prepare dissertation using LaTeX, especially the formatting information. The one availalble does not offer much help."
"need a more organized website to look for necessary information and quick e-mail responses to questions"
"Need more time to get copyright permissions."
"Nice efficient process! Bravo!"
"No comment."
"No comments"
"No comments..."
"No questions or comments."
"No, thanks."
"none" - ( 12 responses)
"None." - ( 2 responses)
"Not sufficient information for those preparing an ETD with LaTeX"
"Options for restricted access were confusing. There was different wording on the paper thesis (ETD) approval form than on website. Option 2."
"Overall it is ok"
"Please allow submission of Microsoft Word documents also. Formatting was lost when converting to a pdf document."
"Please beware that few pages are set up as "Landscape" to meet the margines. My advisor and I have carefully and diligently worked to make sure that my thesis document is completely within the margines."
"Please speed up the processing time"
"pretty comfortable to make ETDs"
"Protected MS Word files should also be allowed to be uploaded instead of just PDF. The MS Thesis or PhD Dissertation processes should also be explained on the ETD website for quick reference or at least have a link."
"Rude Chandra"
"seems like a very complicated process to submit. However, I believe that the etd website is great for finding material for research and future needs."
"Should require only the formatting that committee expects"
"Simple rules or instructions for ETD submission, such as filename format, should be included in the web page instead of in a linked page."
"submitting an ETD really was a easy process, but the directions make it seem arduous and overwhelmingly difficult."
"thank you !"
"Thank you!"
"Thanks for the ETD system"
"Thanks for the tutorials!"
"The committee members are listed in alphabetical order by name. I wanted to arrange them in a different order."
"The conversion of my word document to pdf was difficult because I did not have the program on my computer and the University computers kept crashing. I ended up paying Kinko's to convert it in less than a minute."
"The ETD tutorial was extremely helpful."
"The hardest part of the process was figuring out what I had to submit. I already had the complete text, with front and back matter, in a .pdf - why would I need to muck about more with linking other files? I did create and submit a redundant, text format copy of the abstract, but why?"
"The inflexability of the format did not allow me to express the complete thinking of my thesis."
"The practice submission was of great help as I figured out what I was doing incorrectly. Converting the dissertation to the pdf. format was a bit challenging as I was uncertain what format to use (web, print, press, etc.) and what adobe version (options were 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0). Also, the suggestion from the ETD site was to use single or 1.5 spacing. I chose not to due to having to reformat the table of contents, tables, and figures. The pdf. file I submitted is in it's original form. I am hoping this is acceptable."
"The process was presented clearly and concisely"
"The VT ETD web page was useful in that it provided some relevant information, however, it seemed to contradict information I found on other web sites (such as at the Graduate School)."
"The website is hard to navigate...information not very user friendly. One has to "dig" for information."
"The website was quite useful, but it could use a stronger table of contents or index page--it took me awhile how to actually get to the page to submit the real thing!"
"The written directions given to students could be less cumbersome and clearer."
"There should be a clearer style requirement for the main text. There isn't any instruction from my college or department."
"There was no information on formatting preferences (margins, font, etc), or the basic submission process. Plenty of information about the concept, but no step by step "Start with filling in a profile and end with a survey.""
"They are very helpfull"
"This is a good website."
"this is a really useful and convenient web site."
"This seems like just another way for the graduate school to waste my time."
"Very simple process. I am very impressed with how easy and stress free it was compared to other universities."
"Very useful"
"Wasted half an hour trying to use a non-compatible browser to upload..."
"Web page not too easy no navigate. I had problems with the LaTeX format: it did not typeset properly."
"website is helpful"
"Whenever I submitted changes to the main page, there were no links on the left side of the page to continue working. Only the text was there. I had to keep logging off and logging on to continue on to the next step in the process."
"Would be nice to have a more standard latex template/class for the format." - ( 2 responses)
"You need to have a format that everyone can follow for the layout of the entire work, just as you would find in a conference proceeding or journal paper."
"You should provide Word and Latex templates on the ETD website."

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