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2001/2002 ETD User Survey

1. Where do you work/study?

7.68%\% Education: college (174/2265 responses)
3.97%\% Education: K-12 (90/2265 responses)
63.27%\% Education: university (1433/2265 responses)
10.55%\% Industry / Business (239/2265 responses)
14.53%\% Other (329/2265 responses)
72.47% of the people who took this survey
(2153 / 2971) answered this question.

Other Responses (329 for this question)
"Academy of Sciense"
"Adjuct Faculty & USACE"
"American University"
"art education"
"asphelt treatments"
"ball powder"
"business communition"
"case study"
"Cememtitious Composites"
"chemistry"( 4 ) responses
"civil engineer consultant"
"civil engineering"( 2 ) responses
"communication system engineering"
"community services"( 2 ) responses
"consulting engineering"
"control system"
"Counselling Agency"
"dwelling quality"
"Economic Research Institute"
"Education: PhD"
"engineering"( 6 ) responses
"environment management"
"Environmental science"
"Executive Information System"
"federal government"
"finit element"( 2 ) responses
"fluid dynamics"
"G. Mizusawa,"
"gear failure"
"government"( 4 ) responses
"Governmental lab"
"High Tech"
"historical society"
"homemaker"( 2 ) responses
"ian dance"
"Impact Mechanics"
"inclusive education"
"Indian Institute of Technology"( 2 ) responses
"Industry/Business and Education university"
"institute"( 5 ) responses
"institute of Earthquake"
"insurance"( 3 ) responses
"Jens Tandler"
"law"( 3 ) responses
"magnetic bearing"
"marine surveyor"
"marketing education"
"Master degree"
"mathematics education"
"medical education"
"mental health"
"Multicarrier CDMA"
"neural network"
"nllink sap2000"
"non-profit health agency"
"on teaching English as a second language"
"other"( 119 ) responses
"PhD in medicine"
"Philip Kitcher"
"piled rafty"
"political science"
"polymer composites"
"power converter"
"power electronics"
"Power transformer Insulation Condition Assesment and Maintenance"
"private research"
"public institution"
"Public relations"
"Puerto Rico"
"quality of life"
"reading comprenhsion"
"red blood cell and membrane"
"remote sensing"
"Research"( 5 ) responses
"research and devlopment"
"Research Inst."
"research institut"
"Research Institute"( 5 ) responses
"research state institute"
"retired history professor"
"schorly electronic journal"
"shear connectors"
"Teacher certification and student achievement"
"teacher education"
"Textile fabrics"( 2 ) responses
"Textile Techican"
"tourism"( 2 ) responses
"transportation industry"
"turbo code"
"UN"( 2 ) responses
"UN Organization"
"unconditional stability"
"video on demand"
"workplace learning"( 2 ) responses

2. What do you do?

35.08%\% Researcher (756/2155 responses)
2.04%\% Librarian (44/2155 responses)
6.08%\% Faculty (131/2155 responses)
34.9%\% Student (752/2155 responses)
11.83%\% Teacher (255/2155 responses)
10.07%\% Other (217/2155 responses)
69.34% of the people who took this survey
(2060 / 2971) answered this question.

Other Responses (217 for this question)
"a teacher and studying for master degree"
"Administrator"( 8 ) responses
"Amateur Writer"
"Architect"( 3 ) responses
"assistant teacher"
"Business Development"
"central office"
"Chief Of Production Planning and Control"
"Civil Engineer"
"collect adv degrees"( 2 ) responses
"Consultant"( 2 ) responses
"consulting engineer and p/t lecturer"
"corp exec"
"Customer service"
"Director of Human Resources"
"Doctorate programme on chemistry education"
"doing master in safety and health in industrial"
"Education Coordinator"
"electronic eng."
"engineer"( 16 ) responses
"Environmental Management"
"Faculty / Researcher"
"Faculty at one campus while still a student at another (ABD)"
"Federal Employee"
"Graduate Engineer"
"guidance counselor"( 2 ) responses
"Human Resources"
"Instructional Designer"
"Junior Engineer"
"Library Assistant"
"Manager"( 2 ) responses
"Manager, Instructor, and doctoral student"
"master and ph-d thesis"
"masters degree"
"medical worker"( 2 ) responses
"menufacture and design"
"Michael Spadafora history"
"organization"( 2 ) responses
"other"( 108 ) responses
"part-time graduate student (Temple and VaTech) and work full-time"
"Ph.D student"
"r & d"
"R&D Eng"
"related financial dept."
"retired"( 2 ) responses
"School Administrator"
"structral engineer"
"survey of different types of vessels"
"technical papers"
"Test engineer"

3. What type of computer are you using?

4.42%\% Don't know (91/2059 responses)
1.51%\% Unix-based (31/2059 responses)
0.92%\% Mac (19/2059 responses)
91.02%\% PC (1874/2059 responses)
2.14%\% Other (44/2059 responses)
68.93% of the people who took this survey
(2048 / 2971) answered this question.

Other Responses (44 for this question)
"Both PC and Mac"
"dell inspiron"
"Dual boot"
"hewlett packard pavilion"
"lap top"
"other"( 26 ) responses
"pc, linux-based"
"Unix and AIX"

4. What is the speed/type of connection are you using?

4.09%\% Slower than 14.4kbps (83/2028 responses)
2.61%\% 14.4 kbps (53/2028 responses)
3.94%\% 28.8 kbps (80/2028 responses)
4.04%\% 36.6 kbps (82/2028 responses)
21.7%\% 56 kbps (440/2028 responses)
11.69%\% ISDN (237/2028 responses)
15.83%\% Ethernet (321/2028 responses)
5.33%\% T1 (108/2028 responses)
11.69%\% Cable modem (237/2028 responses)
19.08%\% Don't know (387/2028 responses)
68.26% of the people who took this survey
(2028 / 2971) answered this question.

5. Are you familiar with Adobe PDF?

92.63%\% Yes (1884/2034 responses)
7.37%\% No (150/2034 responses)
68.46% of the people who took this survey
(2034 / 2971) answered this question.

6. Are you familiar with online databases?

72.95%\% Yes (1483/2033 responses)
27.05%\% No (550/2033 responses)
68.43% of the people who took this survey
(2033 / 2971) answered this question.

7. If you are from a university, does your institution accept electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs)?

19.44%\% No (389/2001 responses)
17.49%\% Not from a university (350/2001 responses)
63.07%\% Yes (1262/2001 responses)
67.35% of the people who took this survey
(2001 / 2971) answered this question.

8. If your institution does not accept ETDs, do you think it should?

28.82%\% No opinion (498/1728 responses)
61.52%\% Yes (1063/1728 responses)
9.66%\% No (167/1728 responses)
58.16% of the people who took this survey
(1728 / 2971) answered this question.

9. Have you ever submitted an ETD?

81.83%\% No (1617/1976 responses)
18.17%\% Yes (359/1976 responses)
66.51% of the people who took this survey
(1976 / 2971) answered this question.

10. For what purpose are you using this digital library?
Check all that apply.

65.62%\% Research (1775/2705 responses)
9.02%\% Job related (244/2705 responses)
13.72%\% Personal interest (371/2705 responses)
8.8%\% Learning about ETD's (238/2705 responses)
2.85%\% Other (77/2705 responses)
68.02% of the people who took this survey
(2021 / 2971) answered this question.

Other Responses (77 for this question)
"as thesis advisor"
"checking articles for publication in scholarly journal"
"checking to see if mine is online yet"
"class demonstration"
"Continuous Dyeing"
"Dissertation Research"
"doctorate degree student"
"Examples of thesis."
"for graduate class, we had to critique dissertations on a topic similar to ours"
"Info About Ed Pol. Study"( 2 ) responses
"learn about how to write ETD"
"looking at other doctoral dissertations in org dec making"
"other"( 38 ) responses
"project purpose"
"reviewing dissertations in preparation for my own topic"
"school"( 2 ) responses
"school paper"
"search for potential thesis directors for students"
"Seek listing of my own work"
"take a survey"
"Teaching info skills to post-grad users"
"thesis"( 3 ) responses
"thesis writing"
"update info"
"very useful"
"view classmates work"
"will be submitting one soon"

11. Did you download any ETDs?
If so, how many?

12.46%\% more than 10 (247/1982 responses)
4.79%\% 6-10 (95/1982 responses)
11.3%\% 3-5 (224/1982 responses)
25.93%\% 1-2 (514/1982 responses)
45.51%\% Didn't download any ETDs. (902/1982 responses)
66.71% of the people who took this survey
(1982 / 2971) answered this question.

12. If you downloaded any ETDs, how did you find them?
Please select all that apply.

25.89%\% Browsed by department (473/1827 responses)
14.01%\% Browsed by author (256/1827 responses)
60.04%\% Searched (1097/1827 responses)
52.41% of the people who took this survey
(1557 / 2971) answered this question.

Other Responses (1 for this question)
"no comment"

13. If you downloaded any ETDs, how easy was it to find what you were looking for?

5.86%\% Very difficult (90/1536 responses)
24.15%\% Difficult (371/1536 responses)
29.04%\% Fairly easy (446/1536 responses)
28.58%\% Easy (439/1536 responses)
12.37%\% Very easy (190/1536 responses)
51.7% of the people who took this survey
(1536 / 2971) answered this question.

14. If you searched for an ETD, how fast was the response to your search request?

10.71%\% Haven't searched (180/1680 responses)
2.92%\% Very slow (49/1680 responses)
16.85%\% Slow (283/1680 responses)
30.06%\% Fairly fast (505/1680 responses)
27.02%\% Fast (454/1680 responses)
12.44%\% Very fast (209/1680 responses)
56.55% of the people who took this survey
(1680 / 2971) answered this question.

15. How often do you plan to use Virginia Tech's ETD library?

15.13%\% Rarely (282/1864 responses)
31.22%\% Occasionally (582/1864 responses)
14.54%\% Monthly (271/1864 responses)
27.84%\% Weekly (519/1864 responses)
11.27%\% Daily (210/1864 responses)
62.74% of the people who took this survey
(1864 / 2971) answered this question.

16. How often do you plan to use other ETD libraries?

31.44%\% Occasionally (588/1870 responses)
15.83%\% Monthly (296/1870 responses)
28.02%\% Weekly (524/1870 responses)
10.75%\% Daily (201/1870 responses)
13.96%\% Rarely (261/1870 responses)
62.94% of the people who took this survey
(1870 / 2971) answered this question.

Additional comments:
Please provide any comments about Virginia Tech's ETDs.

Text Responses (572 for this question)
"A blog for new entries organized by departments (plus a general one) may be very useful. Thank you very much for your service. {xjimenez AT gmail DOT com, 2005-06-23}"
"a good help for my research"
"A good site for a researcher."
"a good website"
"a search engine would be most beneficial"
"A subject browse page would be helpful."
"A superb innovation. Found it today. Congratulations on your hard work."
"A useful research option THANKS !!!"
"about searching interface, I think it's better to enable search specific department, instead returning a page with all departments starts of "C". also i want to check only master student's thesis. is there any difference between master ones and phd ones?"
"Access to thesis is good."
"An Abuse of this incredible resourse is a distinct possibility via Plagerism."
"An additional index could be added that lists the titles by subject catrgories."
"An excellent. Thank you very much!"
"Arrange the theses by tehre name rather than auther name"
"As a part time EdD student I am extremely grateful for the effort you've made, to provide such awide range of material"
"As I search about cotton chemical structure, I come across your address. It is so good to make a survey.Have a good day and you should rise your questions."
"Availability of Documents in US is a great deal which is very difficult to obtain in the "old Mediterranean Europe" Thank you so much for this"
"best wish"
"better search engine"
"Better search facilities required."
"can we sarch for something using topics?"
"can you set up a button "search""
"Can't get in"
"Convinient library"
"Could not save file from ETD to disk...wonder why"
"could you provide a subject search"
"Dang van hieu"
"Dear Sir/Madam I am now preparing for my master thesis in dispute resolution in the construction industry, so that if you can help me to obtain some theses about the mensioned subjec, I will be thankfuul. I search for the thesis of (Manning. D (1995) An Examination of Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Construction Industry MSc. Dissertation, South Bank University, London)"
"Department name should be more extensive or wide"
"Didn't know this site existed until I found a link while researching my own M.Ed. thesis."
"difficult to locate theses can't figure out your organization"
"Do you plan to migrate to newer tecnology??? Im working on a proposal of a ETD system in J2EE."
"Don't make certain theses restricted!! I can't get the thesis I need on Louise Rosenblatt that wasw written by Aleta Jo Crockett! It's really annoying to find something that might help me with research and not be able to get it! Don't put it on the web if it's not really available!"
"donot know"
"easier is good!"
"Education Theses index and Fulltex send plase my"
"emotional intelligence"
"epoxy _polysulfone networks as advanced matrices for compsite materials"
"ETD facility is good. But I feel search facility will improve use of this facility."
"ETDs can be organized by subject"
"ethical infrastructure in public service"
"ever thought about people who are not living in the USA and don't know much about your university system and useual abbrevations? You make it rather diffucult for them (=me) to find anything fast."
"evry good."
"Excelent performance"
"Excellent" - ( 4 responses)
"Excellent and helpful"
"Excellent material!"
"Excellent source!"
"Fabolous site... we can get many refs from this site."
"fine library"
"First time at this site. It looks like just what I am looking for."
"First time user"
"For me it is very interast to use Virginia tech. ETDs and many thesis I was download which is support my Ph.D research" - ( 2 responses)
"From ((((((Ahmed Abu Rass - Palestine - Gaza ))))) (((E-mail : or ))) Dear Sir/Madam I am now preparing for my master thesis in dispute resolution in the construction industry, so that if you can help me to obtain some theses about the mensioned subjec, I will be thankfuul. I search for the thesis of (Manning. D (1995) An Examination of Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Construction Industry MSc. Dissertation, South Bank University, London)"
"From an abstract, have a link to "other papers in this dept" and "other papers with similar subject matter" instead of going back to the alphabetical index by department. I am currently searching "finite element models" through outside search utilities (yahoo, google) and would like to find other papers on FEM analysis, numerical methods and such. These papers can reside in many different departments in my experience, so more powerful keyword links would be helpful."
"good" - ( 38 responses)
"good and ok!"
"good data base"
"good effort"
"Good enough and helpful, thank's"
"good idea"
"Good ideas and very usefull"
"good service"
"good site"
"good!" - ( 5 responses)
"Good! & Thanks!"
"good,but so limited browse options"
"good,very good"
"good." - ( 3 responses)
"Gracias por su atención" - ( 2 responses)
"Great database, got me started on my research. Perhaps we could have more unrestricted ETD, after all, things are going global. Sharing helps!"
"great efforts, thank you"
"Great idea to make in depth information available over the net."
"Great site and great service to academia!"
"have a search by subject or a key word search for those persons who don't know the others and for those topics that are a cross discipline types of topics"
"Hello. I have found that occasionally one of the files in an ETD page will either: 1. not download 2. or not be available This has happened even after several attempts. Unfortunately, at this time, I cannot remember with which ETD's I have had the problem. If this is miportant I can check my folder to see which examples they were. Thanks, ROBIN MARSTRAND"
"Helpful to students to read about reasearch information"
"helpfull for me"
"hi dear ETD I'mso glaaaaaad 2 found U baby"
"hleping reseach program by providing all important information."
"hmmm i don't it...i haven't seen it...but i think it's great one"
"Hope to get somethings i need."
"Hope you can encourage all authors to make their ETDs available online, instead of limiting access within the Virginia Technology campus."
"how about adding a subject search?"
"How about trying controlled vocabulary (i.e., subject headings). How much good does it do to have a huge database of freely available dissertations when you can't depend on subject searching? Author-supplied keywords are insufficient. If the university is saving so much money by not housing the bound volumes, put some of that money into hiring a cataloger."
"How about you make it possible to download material? I keep getting told the document (i.e. thesis) can't br downloaded."
"htinks fort all this."
"I am a graduate student and i am working on my thesis .the subject of my thesis is active suspension .would you please let me know about simmilar works done in your university and are provided only for campus students.i need these information to avoid repeatatin. i look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. your faithfully. mehdi soleimani"
"I am a graduate student at Bowie State University, Bowie, Maryland and I have found this site extremely helpful!"
"I am a Ph.D student , I interested in the field of statistical energy analysis"
"I am a student of university of hull in U.K. I found your site quite useful, but as the access to the ETD's are restricted to the campus users or the students and staff of your institution only, i am helpless. I liked your site and i would appreciate if you could allow me an access even temporarily.if you want, my professor can undertake the formal guarantee of my request on behalf of the university. i would further pay the amount if you need any, to secure a temporary access."
"I am concerned that I am unable to simply browse through titles grouped by general topic areas."
"I am delighted to see this excellent facility. In addition to existing browsing options (by Author and by Department), browsing by Keyword and Subject if kindly added may be very helpful for faculty and researchers!"
"I am doying my research in microwave energy assisting mineral processing operations .I think that the technical information provived by your ETDs will help me in my research work."
"i am having trouble down loading an ETD"
"I am logging on for the first time I will get back to this question in a few weeks"
"I am researching the massachusetts town meetings. I hit a Chapter called "Citizenship in America" by browsing the internet, but your site doesn't have any facility for finding out the author, whose name doesn't appear in the pdf file"
"i am seraching for the item: Foreign market entry mode, on your basis i didn't find any thesis. Can you help me for this please."
"I am sorry to tell that I dont know much about you"
"I am the first time to come here"
"I am thrilled! I cannot believe that the FirstSearch dissertation that I have been trying to locate was so easily found. My literature review is finally going to be complete!!!"
"I am trying to download the following thesis "Throughput Measurements and Empirical Prediction Models for IEEE 802.11b Wireless LAN (WLAN) Installations" by hentyl; but I strongly doubt that there is an error in the pdf doc. I downloaded it twice but unable to open it. Please see into the matter and reply me. I want to study that thesis because I am currently doing research on 802.11, and think it useful. Thanking you in anticipation. With Regards."
"I am very interest about this, make my froblem to be easy because this web have solution.(sorry my english not good) "I am student""
"I am working in the field of power electronics and taking it as my academic interest. I hope there are more ETD about the power electronics"
"I am working on two-phase flow, entrainment phenomena. Recently I was seaching on the net for a word "droplet", I came across an internet file "ch5d.pdf". The start and end of the above file were missing. I tried to locate the same in internet. I landed up in your website. The thesis and dessertions list given there is funtastic but if had it been an option for search for a word, it could have been very easier for the visitors. I tried to locate the above file for more than hour, but failed. Could you please help me to locate the head and tail of the above file. pilkhwal"
"I believe it will improve information dessimination"
"I belive it will be of great help to me"
"I can not find an etd I submitted in May of 1999. It was entitled "Variables that Contribute to Job Satisfaction of Secondary School Assistant Principals." Is there a reason thata it is not cataloged? Stanley P. Waskiewicz"
"I could not find any search by title or words"
"I could not use "Search VT ETDs". I think it has a problem."
"I didn't actually download any ETDs, but rather bookmarked them for later. I think links to other online ETDs would be fabulous as well as a google style search engine for this one. Basically what I did to expidite my own search needs was click on the link to All thesis titles and then used my browsers Ctrl - F function to search for terms of personal interest. For example: Presidential Libraries, Shuttle, Info, Archives, and Rocket. This seemed like the fastest way to negotiate the list rather than clicking links to various departments since I am not familiar with V. Tech departments. There did seem to be some lag when clicking the back button when I wanted to navigate from one department to another. Anyhow most of my searches were very succesful and I would like to thank you for allowing access to this information."
"i didn't find any thesis on developing students speaking skills in a multilingual context. could it be added?"
"I didn't know such a thing existed. It has been quite helpfull."
"I didn't know this was available--great resource. I found the dissertation on Google. Exactly what I needed."
"I don't know how to collect the thesis from ETD.Please inform me through my mail."
"i don't know the details of your information i am afraid that i cannot answer this question well"
"I find it very resourceful and helpful to my research"
"I find the collection good but many of them have restricted acess"
"I found a thesis, chapter 1 pdf. However, there was no identification of the author or the title of the document. The url ended something like: /theses/available/etd-04262001-194845/unrestricted.pdf I found this by accident. It is useless to post a pdf document with no information regarding the author or other citation information."
"I found it very good and efficint"
"i found the pdfs needed by using google. now i would like to use a search box but i can't find it (for the moment).i am looking for ITS technologies:traffic detectors,actuated signals... . i hope to find the search box . wish me luck ;) byebye"
"I found what I was looking for by the Google search engine and then the VT site was very easy to use."
"I have no comment since I haven't acessed the thesis"
"I have not"
"I have seen this kinda library first time. Very useful. I dont see any improvment is needed to this library."
"I hope the rosponse to my request are faster"
"i hope....."
"I is serving the people in the best possible way"
"i like this"
"I like how it is set up and easy to use. Besides by author and department, could it have a reference to subject for cross reference, i.e., agriculture, forestry, engineering"
"I like it"
"I like it because it benefit my studies."
"I like the cite and appreciate the information that is accessable."
"I logged on to see how to update my e-mail listed in my dissertation. I am now"
"I need most in pdf in Manaagement and supply chain management please"
"I prefer to search by topic for thesises"
"I think I certainly like this web site, because I can learn more scientific research from here. Thank you very much."
"i think it is on of the best ETD"
"I think it is one of the best libraries i ever try"
"I think it is very good.There are many ETDs that I want. Thank you!"
"i think it may help the resrchers sptially in the poor countries"
"I think it very well, it contribute to my research! I hope the dissertation can be searched in a variety of ways,such as according to keyword, etc. thanks!"
"i think its site is very good for who take the informations about thesis.etc"
"I think that these ETDs have helped me allot in my search. Its a very good idea and I just want to congratulate who came up with such an idea."
"I think Virginia Tech's ETDs is very good for all reseachers"
"I think you must added search function in ETD"
"I think you should organize the database by semester, year, and department. I have tried locating theses written by friends of mine, but have been unable to locate them using your search engines. It is more useful to researchers to have access to archived theses, but your database does not allow easy access to them."
"I tried to download two paper, and both were restricted access by author. Can you tell me why they would choose to restrict access? Thanks."
"I want know the best way to be familiar with this database"
"i want Researche about learn children's computer skills and proplem solving"
"I WANT SOME RESTRICTED PAPER.BY TITLE "Validation of FWD Testing Results at the Virginia Smart Road: Theoretically and by Instrument Responses"."
"I want to have a test."
"i want to know more about this thech's"
"i was looking for MiMo Design Matlab Programs and got to know abt ur library, hope i may find something which is useful...Thank you"
"I wish that Virginia Tech's ETDs can improve the type of researing the thesis,I think it is difficult to find my the thing that I wanted.I think it should provide collection Browse Available ETDs by subject."
"i wish to add more specific and new departments e.g. computer eng. etc."
"I wonder that why there are no icons for subject area in ETDs."
"I would like a feature to list the departments that have ETDs, rather than having to select "Browse by Dept." and then scroll thru hundreds of them."
"I would like Info about Doctorate of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies" - ( 2 responses)
"I would like to know how to entrance ETDs. Please tell me about that. Thank you vey much"
"I would like to search about my theses through your location by subject (e.g.: Career path development). Thank you"
"I would like to see links to other universities ETD pages if possible."
"I would strongly prefer the theses be in one file rather than several; several makes downloading and organization of files tedious and prone to error."
"i'd like to join you...thanx"
"I'm just arrived"
"I'm very interested in civil engineering ETDs... think you've the better DB ..."
"i's good"
"Iam M.S.C Student,I try to get thesis abut web browser. how could i?"
"If a Boolean feature can be added to the search, similiar to ERIC's that would be fantastic."
"If material is not available to off-campus users, please don't present it to us in the available category."
"If possible ,please provide other languges interface. thanks"
"If the Dissertations with Multiple PDF's were condensed into one large PDF, even as an option, it would make life dramatically easier."
"If you add another browse method (Browsed by Chair of the Advisory Committe members), it will be more helpful"
"if you can send me the programs MATLAB of the parallel interference cancellation"
"If your ETD is being suppressed for a period of time, will it still show up in the listing (while still being inaccessbile)?"
"interesting data base"
"Is Ok"
"It is a good database for teachers and reseachers."
"It is a good model others should adopt"
"It is a good resource to look and gain the information Iam looking for"
"It is a good source for students and teachers, Please do it better if you can."
"It is a good tool, I like it very much."
"it is a good work"
"it is a very appreciated work"
"it is a very good facility to improve the scientific research"
"It is an excellent service that is being provided by your university."
"It is an useful link for me."
"it is fantastic"
"it is good"
"it is good ,but i cannot get all.Perhapes i am a chinese student."
"It is good to have ETD as it provides other people around the world the work being done on particular subject which can be useful for other also. Please provide search by department name like Chemical, Psychlogy etc."
"It is good.It can do some help to me.Many thanks."
"It is realy very usefull for researcher"
"It is the first time that I contact this page, however I would like to use it many times ."
"it is very nice"
"It is very good"
"it is very needed for the research students. but i dont think all of them are aware of it. to day only i came to know about this."
"It is wounderful & great"
"it should be easier to search"
"It surely a simply homepage. Interactive and colorfull homepage will be better. About the etd, why there still any restriction for others that not related to your univ?"
"It would be nice if existing Theses could be converted to ETD"
"It would be nice if i could search by topic or keyword. The way it it is set up right now is not very helpful. For example, I am looking for dissertations and thesis using Monte Carlo studies, i looked under education... statistics...and haven't found anything. I am sure there are a number of people who use Monte Carlo studies but unless I can search by keyword, I can't access them."
"It would be nice to have a listing of departments in the area where one is selecting the search - that way you don't have to pick all letters"
"It's a fantastic job. Internet turns usefull with this work !!!!"
"it's a good database for researcher!"
"it's a good place"
"it's a good site of research and offert many way to find any article to use in our personnal research. Please send me any article or message in our area research (fatigue, simulation by finte element method, crack, residual stress and phenomeneon of retardation)"
"It's a very interesting librairies. Best Regards"
"It's a very useful resource. The interface is clean and the search screen is intuitive enough (at least for a librarian) to use."
"It's better if it facilitate access to resources"
"It's convient"
"It's cool"
"it's give me more effective and effisien in order to find any documents from internet"
"It's good. There are a surprising number of typing errors in the abstracts."
"It's my first time here. It is a good place to find what I want,especially what I am interested in."
"it's nice and vey help take many peoples"
"it's OK"
"It's really nice to see an electronic thesis from the internet"
"It's the best!!!"
"It's very exciting"
"it's very good" - ( 2 responses)
"it's very good idea providing ETDs i am very impressed with it"
"its a best way for reseach"
"its fine."
"Its Good job ur doing"
"its good because it providing all paers without subscription"
"its highly very useful students liking me"
"its important to learn about techniquea and how to discusse results"
"its is the first site that i found it easy to look for information in it since i am not an expert in searching for information on the net"
"Its very good"
"its very good idea"
"It�s a good contribution to the massification of knowledge. I have found very interesting information about some topics that I am using in my job."
"Just first time trying"
"Just list the ETD's you have in your database by title under a specific school of study."
"Just stopped in to see an example of an online survey for a marketing research class - Davenport University Grand Radids, MI"
"Lack of indexing cripples searching. Unable to search using present system. Recommend double linked access by subject, discipline and title with browsing capability from a given point."
"liquid soap"
"Looking for ETD of Lora Zimmerman, saw her presentation at Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society Symposium in Durham. She advised the information would be posted. Could be useful to my work."
"Make available Download by topic"
"Make it easier to get a printer friendly version of the title page so it all fits on one page (or at least so the right margin is not cut off.)"
"make searching more easy."
"Many interesting ETDs are available for download within VT campus. This is sometimes very frustrating. Knowledge is there for sharing. So, please make all Dissertations-Theses online, so that people living in Third world countries can also learn."
"Many thanks for so much knowledge! It gives me a great pleasure into this to read. (free translated ..) Regards, Richard Rossa" - ( 2 responses)
"maybe add keyword search"
"Mi trabajo me requiere investigacion.(My Job requeriments investigation of food ingredients and your aplication."
"More and more"
"more and more knowlege"
"need a search by subject. i am not familiar with your departments."
"nice" - ( 2 responses)
"nice and good work"
"nice work guys keep on"
"Nicely maintained"
"nil" - ( 3 responses)
"no" - ( 2 responses)
"No comment"
"no comment" - ( 3 responses)
"No comments" - ( 4 responses)
"no comments and thank for survis"
"no more comments"
"no thesis related to Automobile handling"
"none" - ( 2 responses)
"not at all"
"not full"
"not sure yet, it was the first time to come to here"
"nothing about us"
"nothing." - ( 2 responses)
"please help me"
"Please I need pdf inarchitecture msc. of Coley, James please in urgent resopnse thank u very much"
"Please provide some dissertation about GPS , OFDM and Turbocodes to us ."
"please remove restriction like limited access to vt only... this prevent students from other nations like me from india not able to access valuable informations..."
"principles of foundation engineering"
"Processing and Reliability Assessment of Solder Joint Interconnection for Power Chips by Xingsheng Liu is very well written and has information that will be of signifiicant value in our current design project. Thank you, all. (Found it using a Google search)"
"Provide what you say you have. I was looking for theses because that's what your web says.But nothing appeared."
"Recently I am to this ETD, will send my comments later"
"Regarded Sir, Your system is running fairly enough. As u people are asking question about SPEED. I would like to suggest there should be DOWNLOADING ACCELERATOR SOFTWARES which can resume while downloading, so that one can download the remaining one another day. This will helpthose people who have slow connection along with dissconnections. I found that in "some" theses there is no considerable COMPRESSION while converting them into PDF format. Because different setting yield different quality of PDF files. I think u can have TWO COPIES of a same ETD having different QUALITIES/SIZE. Moreover I found MOZILLA FIREFOX [] browser for downloading ETDs more efficient then Internet Explorer due to some additional features. Inshort I would suggest you people to have TAILORED MADE BROWSER/EXPLORER along with download accelerating capabilities. I think your software engineers can easily build such customized browser. with best regards Muhammad Imran Textile Institute of Pakistan [A project of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association]"
"search based on subject is very usefull."
"Search by department should be able to display full name of department and not a single "M","F". M is"
"search by id number too would be nice"
"search by subject is prefered"
"search by subject would be easy."
"Search by topic or keywords would really help!!!"
"Search reponse fails so have reverted to browsing. I will test from home PC to compare access speed (work should be faster)."
"search thesis about civil engineering dealing seismic base sislation of buildings (elastomeric isolators and sliding)and mathematical model"
"searching by the key words and research fields are easy for users."
"sheet piles"
"Should be more apparent how to search."
"Should be more searching clues."
"should be searchable by date & department"
"should study more"
"should to ad spaciously"
"Since I am a technocrat ,I seem this site is preety good for getting knowledge of technical field"
"single pile in sand"
"sir, i was serching for the work " Bhutta, S. (1993). "Analytical Modeling of Hybrid Composite Beams." M.S. Thesis, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA." but i could not get it ... if you send me the link then i would be grateful ... i am doing thesis on Strengthening of Fexural Member using FRP"
"sitll no opinion"
"slow downloading of documents"
"so far no commments"
"soil water flow subsurface irrigation"
"Some ETDs listed under Accounting Department are not really accounting ETDs. They belong to other departments!"
"Sorry, I can't say anything concrete about it, because I use it for the first time"
"Sou aluna de bibliteconomia na universidade de Brasilia , gostaria de saber algumas coisas como funciona ETD da univerdidade Virginia Tech, por favor me respondam estou precisando muito da vossa ajuda, infelizmente n�o escrevo bem ingles mas prefiro em portugues, tambem qualquer resposta se for possivel pode ser em portugues. Obrigada Sonia"
"Spherical vessel for LPG storage tank"
"still to check"
"thank you"
"Thank for your serves."
"thank the website very much. it's a wonderful website for my reseach."
"thank you" - ( 7 responses)
"thank you ,please i want any research about using AHP in maintenance process (TMP)"
"thank you and more work"
"Thank You for Doing what You Do"
"thank you for help me"
"thank you for helping me in studying an article of my choice."
"Thank you for making such a significant body of work accessable to the public."
"Thank you for the great service; I wished more schools provided this service. Congratulations"
"Thank you for this great servise. I prefer to search with subject"
"Thank You for very nice and usefful doctoral theses."
"thank you for your help"
"Thank you for your library,I just used it for the first time,I think it will be better if I can search by titles"
"thank you very much" - ( 2 responses)
"thank you very much. I am feeling lucky to find your site."
"Thank You!"
"Thank you. You saved me HOURS and MONTHS of research -- especially the bibliography!"
"Thank's alot" - ( 2 responses)
"thanks" - ( 4 responses)
"thanks alot about your work."
"thanks alot for this valuable efforts"
"Thanks for ETDs for your information. I've many information about your reseach in VT. In the future i'll discuss about robotic. I'm reseach robotic in my University now. but My references not enough"
"Thanks for giving the possibility to use your library"
"Thanks for making this wonderful stuff available."
"thanks for your complete database"
"Thanks for your efforts..."
"Thanks for your help"
"thanks for your service"
"thanks if you giveme theses"
"Thanks, for good site"
"thans for all aurhors"
"The ETD our patron wanted is restricted to VT. Your information about restrictions is poor and confusing. Can't you put some information on your policies---we don't care about how many are restricted, just what options scholars have to try to obtain restricted dissertations from your school."
"The facility is excellent for researchers.Add text books also, if possible"
"The front page is disorgranized! There is no hierarchy of what's important or what the relationship to a site map is. I find the large blue type to be a distraction and because it does not seem to be at the top of a category, I am not sure what information the color conveys. This page which is supposed to be your lead in fails to do the job. I am president of 9th Insight, we do web sight design and hosting, I critque my company's work too. Visit our site and take a look at the World Bank web site, or Discovery Channel to see what I am talking about."
"The idea to maintain ETD library is good"
"The listing for the department of Industrial and Systems Engineering is pretty long. It would be helpful if it were broken down by option area (Human Factors, Optimization, Management Systems Engineering, Manufacturing) to help you find theses."
"The more essays , the better you be."
"the proxy server is unreliable"
"the site is great,keep up the good work guys."
"the students in Iraq want to thank you all"
"The Virginia Tech papers that I've accessed, so far, have been assigned as background case studies in my doctoral program, and have been pdf'd for us. I did not have to search your database."
"the Virginia Tech's ETDs make researcher easy to find what he want"
"The Virginia Techs ETDs is quite a wonderful project"
"They are qualified for being used as learning materials, and I love them very much."
"think you"
"this best program to shear knowledge to other and help everybody who interest in reading"
"This is a fantastic system. I am very impressed and pleased that I was able to get a month old dissertation immediately. Now that I know about it I will be using it more. Kudos to you!"
"This is a good digital resource.Wish more people browse it,and please teel me how I can search what I want."
"This is a good website for new researcher."
"This is a great service."
"This is a wonderful resource. How long has the program been in place? Also, what other universities are doing similar programs (making ETDs available to all web users)?"
"this is good for research"
"This is the first time I am logging in, wud like research infn in the area of Manrketing , mgt"
"This is very good information for researchers"
"this is very good, becouse it is simple research"
"this is very useful site, especially for me who lives in e developing country"
"This library is very good for student as well as researchers"
"This resource is is similar to MIT's OCW and i like it. My Thanks and wishes to the university people who have directly and indirectly contributed towards this project. Navigation can be made more elegant so that the user can access things much faster."
"This site is a neat site of thesis. The site shoud be categoized by subject, department,etc. Many thanks"
"this site is very usefull to me. becouse from it i can get a lot of thing that related to my study. i'am very interested in technology. espescially in electrical engineering, i expect to get more "science thing" fom it"
"This study will help me in the research and presentation of my term paper"
"Though this is the first time using ETDs,I think it will help me much,thank you!"
"title thesis"
"to be more freely"
"to date have searched using google, how can I search direct. My company is a part of cpes, can i access restricted papers"
"To study . I'm Electrical Enginer."
"Tried searching by keyword. No results."
"Useful website especially to researchers like me. However some dissertations are not accessible to some of us who are not membres of your institution and you do not tell us what we should do to get them even if it means some kind of payment."
"Usefull ressourses"
"using first-time no comments"
"V. good site"
"Very difficult to search with key words"
"very easy to find the full text of masters and phd theses - good reference for student"
"Very Fast. Organized. Free-what more could you ask for??"
"very good" - ( 27 responses)
"very good and helpfull"
"very good but a new front homepage are recommend to be more attractive"
"very good but slightly difficult to find the right one because of the searching system. I hope it will improve soon. Thanks"
"very good feature"
"very good information,congratulations"
"very good place"
"Very good reference bank for any researcher."
"very good service"
"very good site"
"Very good tool to me. Can tell me other ETD libraries? Just for my research."
"Very good your service"
"very good!" - ( 7 responses)
"Very good!!!"
"very good."
"very helpful for research and study work"
"Very helpfull"
"very helpfull database and I hope that the site will include links to other databases from other universities"
"very heplfull facility"
"very interessting"
"Very micho yall"
"very nice" - ( 5 responses)
"Very nice library and University. Thank You."
"very nice,thanks"
"very rich"
"Very useful" - ( 2 responses)
"very useful for researchers"
"very useful to a person who is studying or doing thesis work"
"very usefull"
"very usful!"
"Virginia Tech's ETDs are very good resources from which many more people will know the university, i think."
"Virginia Tech's ETDs is highly information and arranged in an easy to use basis"
"Virginia Tech's ETDs is very good!"
"Virginia Tech. is a very good University."
"VT ETD is good but I hope VT ETD will provide the easier way to access"
"Was searching for a friend's thesis--couldn't find it under author, so searched by dept."
"When browsing by department, it would be useful if the reference page distinguished in some way between masters and Ph.D. theses."
"when searching by department, instead of just showing by alpha character, a, b, c, d, the full name of the departent."
"when searching by department, it would be nice to see the date or year, defended, beside the name of the student."
"where is the search?? If you have this option, please make it more visible."
"wish to have monograph on " teaching Enlish as a second language in high school"
"Would help to have a search by author option up-front."
"Would like to browse by SUBJECT."
"You are the best of this university,,,,"
"you could classify VT's ETD based on subject/ topic also. Right now either Dept. or Author is provided making it difficult to look for specific topics"
"You don't seem to be up-to-date on dissertations. Some from apparel area are not listed. Others are only accessible from VT. Not much good to me."
"You need an option to look only at specific ETDs. Also you need a date filter."
"You need to improve the search capabilities by subject"
"You ought to provide a search by subject. This would be even more useful than sorting according to the Author's name... If you already have this then please make it more prominent than it is... I didn't see it... Sorry if I'm wasting your time... In any event, this is a useful service - helps people like me to see what the prevailing standard in PhD theses is these days and it gives an indication of the sorts of things that are being studied. I hope to be able to submit something to you in the next three years say... Wish me luck..."
"you should put/arranged all the theses according to topics and faculties."
"Your project is very helpful"
"Your searching is not very well.Maybe search by keyword?"

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