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Throughout 1995/96 the Scholarly Communications Project continued to focus on its mission -- publishing electronic journals and experimenting in electronic scholarly communications. The goal to increase access to scholarly works and those of local and regional interest by electronically developing resources serves the University Libraries and Virginia Tech community well. The Project's endeavors add value to scholarly works that may also be published in paper and expands library services beyond its buildings or the limits of the campus through all day every day Internet access. Below is a summary of the resources that were begun or enhanced this year by the University Libraries' Scholarly Communications Project.

Electronic Journals http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/ejpage.html

The Project's roster of ejournals/ grew with the addition of significant new titles, three edited by VT faculty, two mirrored in collaboration with MIT Press, and one negotiated by a VT faculty but edited by a University of Delaware colleague. Remarkably, four new titles (*) are published only electronically. Please refer to Appendix 1 for fuller information about ejournals/, including continuing titles and potential new electronic publications of the Scholarly Communications Project.

6 new scholarly electronic journals

ALAN Review
Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science *
Journal of Computer-Aided Environmental Design and Education *
Journal of Functional and Logic Programming *
Journal of Vocational and Technical Education
Society for Philosophy and Technology *


National Recognition for the Scholarly Communications Project

A directory of rated and reviewed Internet sites, awarded 3-stars to the Scholarly Communications Project and three of its electronic journals: Journal of Technology Education, Journal of Industrial Teacher Education, and Journal of Veterinary Medical Education. Catalyst received 2-stars.
(see attached documentation)

The Journal of Technology Education was recognized in PC Week, Aug. 7, 1995, for its electronic publication.

FDA Approved Animal Drug Data Base Rated among the top 5% of all Internet sites by Point Survey (notification received October 18, 1995) "Here's help for switched-on veterinarians: a searchable database of FDA-approved animal drugs. If Fido has tapeworms, the user can search either dogs or tapeworm and call up a list of potential medicines, including Yomesan 5/20 and (no kidding) HappyJack Tapeworm Tablets. Or, call up the specific drug and get ingredients, doses, restrictions, and so forth. Simple, sensible site."
During 1995/96 this FDA database was migrated from plain ASCII to HTML; updated quarterly; and received improved searching and readability of records.


Virginia News http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/VA-news/

Major improvements in searching, presentation, and content (including the addition of WDBJ-7 news reports to the Roanoke Times and Virginian Pilot news).

In 1996/1997


ETDs: Electronic Theses and Dissertations http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/theses/

Established new Web site and improved it throughout the year. Content grew from seven to forty ETDs.

What should happen in 1996/97


Electronic Reserves and VT Online Class Materials http://reserve.lib.vt.edu

In 1996/97


Virginia Tech Digital Library http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/digilib/

What should happen in 1996/97


Digital Images http://scholar2.lib.vt.edu/arch/CTHA/CTHA.html

A Visual Text: History of Architecture Catalogue for Hypertext by Humberto L. Rodriquez-Camilloni and Abbye A. Gorin; Center for Theory and History of Architecture, College of Architecture and Urban Studies, 1988.

In 1996/97


Digital ImageBase http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/imagebase.html

In 1996/97: Increase effectiveness of first generation system


Presentations about the Scholarly Communications Project (McMillan)

"Developing Digital Libraries" at CAUSE/CNI Northeast Regional Conference, Networked Information: Challenges and Solutions, with David Seamans (UVa Etext Center), May 30, 1996, Philadelphia

"Scholarly Communications Project: A Digital Library for the Changing Academy" at the ALCTS Electronic Library Institute: Administrative Issues for Organization and Access, April 26, 1996, Boston

"Extending Technical Services" for the CIA Library's Staff-Readiness Program and MITRE Corp. Presented the range of applications, roles, and practices that characterize modern librarianship and information services delivery, February 27, 1996, MITRE in McLean, VA


Virtual Tours of the Scholarly Communications Project


1996/1997 at the Scholarly Communications Project

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