Copyright Information for Authors, Researchers, and Scholars

Rights of copyright holders

1.   Reproduction
2.   Modification
3.   Distribution
4.   Public performance
5.   Public display

Who owns the copyright?

Creators of original works
Creators' assignees
Employers: works for hire

Sample Statements of Ownership

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Use Creative Commons to add your copyright notice to your ETD.

Permission to use a copyrighted work is NOT required if:

  • Work is a fact or an idea
  • Fair use
  • Work is in the public domain

A public domain work is not protected by copyright and may be freely used by everyone. A work is also in the public domain if it is a work of the US Government or the term of copyright has expired.

Tools to help determine when copyright expires:
      When US Works Pass into the Public Domain (UNC)
      Copyright Term and Public Domain (Cornell)
      Is It Protected by Copyright? (ALA)

US © Office
      Circulars and Factsheets
      Copyright Basics (2008)

Copyright Information for VT

Citing copyrighted works
Citation Management Tools
© Policies and Tools
ETD Copyright Flier

Fair Use Tools

Fair Use Analyzer Test tool
Fair Use Checklist Weigh the 4 factors

Registering copyright

Why?   Possibly receive greater compensation, with less documentation when filing an infringement suit

      Register online

Negotiate with Publishers

Do you need permission?

Publisher copyright & self-archiving policies Sample letter to request permission

Publishers Attitudes towards ETDs