The Alan Review
Wendy Glenn, Senior Editor
Ricki Ginsberg, Assistant Editor
Danielle King, Assistant Editor
Volume 27, Number 1
Fall 1999

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Table of Contents

A Note from the Editor
Pamela Sissi Carroll

Why Sue Ellen Bridgers' All We Know of Heaven Should Be Taught in Our High Schools
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.1
Suzanne M. Miller

"What's It Like to Be You?" A Conversation with Sue Ellen Bridgers
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.2
Gail P. Gregg and Pamela Sissi Carroll

Coping with Death in Young Adult Literature
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.3
Gail Radley

Poets Young, Forever Young, Timeless:
Creating Becoming One with the Lights

doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.4
James M Brewbaker and Dawnelle J. Hyland

Individual Choice and Family Loyalty:
Suzanne Fisher Staples' Protagonists' Come of Age

doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.5
Jinx Stapleton Watson

Clip and File YA Book Reviews
Lawrence Baines, Editor

High School Connections
Making the Transition to Lifelong Readers:
Books Older Teens Choose

doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.6
Ann Wilder and Alan Teasley, Co-editors

Music and Truth:
Discovery in Three Young Adult Novels

doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.7
Mary H. McNulty

Library Connection
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.8
John Noell Moore, Editor and Jacob Gapko

The Seeking of Self:
Voices of the Abandoned In the Work of Brock Cole

doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.9
S. Scot Smith

Professional Connection
Developmental Junctions of Text And Experience in Young Adult Literature
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.10
Kathleen Carico, Editor and Elaine J. O'Quinn, Guest Reviewer

A Portrait of Popularity:
An Analysis of Characters in Novels from Young Adults' Choices for 1997

doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.11
Rosemary Chance

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