The Alan Review
Wendy Glenn, Senior Editor
Ricki Ginsberg, Assistant Editor
Danielle King, Assistant Editor
Volume 27, Number 3
Spring 2000

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Table of Contents

A Note from the Editor
Pamela Sissi Carroll

An Interview with John H. Ritter
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i3.a.1
Chris Crowe

Covering the Bases with Young Adult Literature: Implementing John H. Ritter's Choosing Up Sides and Over the Wall as Touchstone Texts in a Middle School Language Arts Program
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i3.a.2
Patricia K. Ladd

A Few Thoughts on Susan Vreeland's Girl in Hyacinth Blue
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i3.a.3
Linda Broughton

Notes from Conversations with Teacher and Author Susan Vreeland
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i3.a.4
Linda Broughton with Susan Vreeland

Speaking Out
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i3.a.5
Laurie Halse Anderson

The Research Connection: Creating a Censorship Simulation
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i3.a.6
Jean E. Brown and Elaine C. Stephens, Co-Editors

Clip and File YA Book Reviews
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i3.a.7
Jeff Kaplan, Editor

Non-Print YA Literature Connection
Bud, Not Buddy: Common Reading, Uncommon Listening

doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i3.a.8
Marjorie M. Kaiser, Editor

Middle Schoolers and the Right to Read
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i3.a.9
John S. Simmons

Why I Choose to Teach Sapphire's PUSH
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i3.a.10
Mary Baron

Young Adult Literature as Key to Literacy
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i3.a.11
J. Elaine White

Professional Resources Connection: Resources for Teaching Human Rights Issues to Young Adults
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i3.a.12
Kathleen M. Carico, Editor

A Review of The Holocaust in Literature for Youth
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i3.a.13
Lee H. Brown

Using the World Wide Web to Teach Human Rights
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i3.a.14
Susan Ariew

Reviews of Four Reference Books in the Greenwood "Literature in Context" Series
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i3.a.15
Clarissa West White, Kimberly Quackenbush, Susan Phelan, and Judy L. Harrison

Interdisciplinary Connection
Proving That Oil and Water Mix: Science and Literature in the Middle School

doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i3.a.16
Jim Brewbaker, Editor Kerri Deal

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