The Alan Review
Wendy Glenn, Senior Editor
Ricki Ginsberg, Assistant Editor
Danielle King, Assistant Editor
Volume 26, Number 3
Spring 1999

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Table of Contents

A Note from the Editor
Pamela Sissi Carroll

Book Bubbles
7th grade students of Jan M. Battistini, Sycamore Junior High, Cincinnati, Ohio

Pardon My French
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.1
David Lubar

Excerpt from Hidden Talents
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.2
David Lubar

Survival as a Bridge to At-Risk Readers: Applications of Gary Paulsen's Hatchet To an Integrated Curriculum
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.3
Cynthia G. Unwin and Brian Palmer

Course Correction
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.4
Janet Bode

Female Adoelscent Immigrant Experiences In Young Adult Literature
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.5
Gail P. Gregg and Dyanne Knight

Non-Print YAL Column
Listen My Children and You Shall Hear: Audio Books for Young Adults
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.6
Marjorie M. Kaiser, Editor

Writer to Reader
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.7
Martin Waddell

Better Safe than Sorry
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.8
John S. Simmons

Using Young Adult Literature with Adolescent Learners of English
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.9
Elizabeth L. Watts

Clip and File YA Book Reviews
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.10
Lawrence Baines, Editor

Gender Representation in Poetry for Young Adults
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.11
Angela Beumer Johnson and Lauren G. McClanahan, with Maia Pank Mertz

The Research Connection
Current Studies in Young Adult Literature
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.12
Jean E. Brown and Elaine C. Stephens, Co- Editors

The Interdisciplinary Connection
Doing the Decades
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.13
James Brewbaker, Editor

Appalachian Literature for Young Adults: The Contributions of Rebecca Caudill
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.14
Mary Warner

Memories of Reading, Memories in Writing
doi: 10.21061/alan.v27i1.a.15
Joyce Hansen

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