The Alan Review
Wendy Glenn, Senior Editor
Ricki Ginsberg, Assistant Editor
Danielle King, Assistant Editor
Volume 31, Number 3
Summer 2004

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The ALAN Preview Fall 2004 Workshop:

The Art of Young Adult Literature

The fall 2004 ALAN Workshop is scheduled for Nov. 22 and 23 in Indianapolis, Ind., and the lineup is filled with well-known authors, publishers, and experts in the field of young adult literature. The activities actually kick off with the annual breakfast featuring author E.L. Konigsburg on Saturday, Nov. 20.

But, before you head to Indianapolis, we’ve provided this workshop preview to give you a sampling of what to expect. Then get your suitcase out and start packing.—JB & LG

The Art of Young Adult Literature: A Welcome from ALAN President, Michael Cart

Welcome to the 2004 ALAN Workshop. The theme I’ve selected—“The Art of Young Adult Literature”— reflects my long-held belief that YA has come of age and that if the term “Young Adult Literature” might once have been regarded as an oxymoron (like “jumbo shrimp” and “military intelligence”), that surely is no longer the case. For the genre is now arguably the liveliest in publishing, enriched and informed by so many dynamic trends, artistic innovations, and examples of creative risk-taking that I do not hesitate to call this a new “Golden Age” of young adult literature.

I hope you’ll find proof of this extravagant claim in the workshop that has been assembled for you. More than fifty authors, editors, and experts in the field will participate in an extraordinarily content-rich conference, the tone of which will be set by keynote speaker Stephen Roxburgh, the distinguished publisher of Front Street Books and staunch advocate of literary fiction. Other speakers include the likes of Printz Award-winner An Na, Printz Honor Award recipients Jennifer Donnelley, Garret Freymann-Weyr, Helen Frost, Jan Greenberg, Terry Trueman, and Ellen Wittlinger; National Book Award-winner Han Nolan, Newbery Medalist Christopher Paul Curtis, 2004 ALAN Award recipient Jacqueline Woodson, two-time Eisner Award-winner Eric Shanower, and many, many more. They will address an array of topics that range from “The Art of Story” to “Discovering Sexual Identity in Literature,” from “The Art of the Graphic Novel” to “The Art of Poetry” and from “The Art of the Short Story” to “The Art of the Novel.” Indeed, virtually every aspect of the now artful and newly expansive field of young adult literature will be addressed.

As a result, the conference is, admittedly, an ambitious one and one that is very, very tightly scheduled. It will invite your patience and occasional indulgence with the briskness of its pace and the—well, ampleness of its content. To accommodate that, please note that we will be starting at 8:00 both Monday and Tuesday mornings.

If it all seems, from time to time, a bit overwhelming, it will, I promise you, never be dull. And it will also be a continuous exercise in intellectual excitement and personal and professional growth.

I look forward to sharing this excitement and to greeting each of you in Indianapolis!

Michael Cart, ALAN President


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