The Alan Review
Wendy Glenn, Senior Editor
Ricki Ginsberg, Assistant Editor
Danielle King, Assistant Editor
Volume 32, Number 2
Winter 2005

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Table of Contents

From the Editors
Jim Blasingame and Lori Goodson[PDF   68 KB]

The Art of the Young Adult Novel: The ALAN Workshop Keynote Address
Stephen Roxburgh[PDF   124 KB]

Young Adult Literature in the 21st Century: Moving Beyond Traditional Constraints and Conventions
The Research Connection

Jeffrey Kaplan[PDF   128 KB]

Life with Ted: A Hipplite Speaks Out
Melissa Comer[PDF   92 KB]

Remembering Ted Hipple: Thoughts and Feelings from Those Whose Lives were Touched by a Great Man
Melissa Comer[PDF   60 KB]

“Fearful Symmetry:” Clive Barker Discusses the Art of Fantasy
James Blasingame[PDF   92 KB]

The Art of the Graphic Novel
Eric Shanower[PDF   124 KB]

The Truth about Graphic Novels: A Format, Not a Genre
Kristin Fletcher-Spear, Merideth Jenson-Benjamin, and Teresa Copeland[PDF   120 KB]

Clip and File Book Reviews
Lori Atkins Goodson[PDF   100 KB]

Loving the Young Adult Reader Even When You Want to Strangle Him (or Her)
Laurie Halse Anderson[PDF   68 KB]

The Animal Within: Recognizing the Fullness of Adolescent Selves
Mark Vogel[PDF   80 KB]

Remembering Paula Danziger
Elizabeth Levy[PDF   80 KB]

Film in the Classroom: The Nonprint Connection
Jean Brown[PDF   80 KB]

The Wandering Womb at Home in The Red Tent: An Adolescent Bildungsroman in a Different Voice
Holly Blackford[PDF   152 KB]

Memoirs of Survival: Reading the Past and Writing it Down Mary Karr’s The Liars’ Club and Barbara Robinette Moss’ Change Me Into Zeus’ Daughter
Myrna Dee Marler[PDF   80 KB]

For Your Consideration: The Publisher’s Connection
M. Jerry Weiss[PDF   80 KB]

Call for Manuscripts[PDF   28 KB]

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