The Alan Review
Wendy Glenn, Senior Editor
Ricki Ginsberg, Assistant Editor
Danielle King, Assistant Editor
Volume 37, Number 2
Winter 2010

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From the Editors
Steven Bickmore, Jacqueline Bach, and Melanie Hundley PDF [941 KB] HTML [13 KB]

Call for Manuscripts PDF [589 KB] HTML [6 KB]
“Similar Literary Quality”: Demystifying the AP English Literature and Composition Open Question
sj Miller and Josh M. Slifkin PDF [826 KB] HTML [60 KB]
“Why Do Chinese People Have Weird Names?”: The Challenges of Teaching Multicultural Young Adult Literature
Nai-Hua Kuo and Janet Alsup PDF [771 KB] HTML [44 KB]
Holden Caulfield—Alive and Well
John S. Simmons PDF [813 KB] HTML [30 KB]
The Trouble with Normal: Trans Youth and the Desire for Normalcy as Reflected in Young Adult Literature
Robert Bittner PDF [776 KB] HTML [29 KB]

Clip and File
Melanie Hundley PDF [722 KB] HTML [48 KB]
“Their Lives Are Beautiful, Too”: How Matt de la Peña Illuminates the Lives of Urban Teens
Jennifer Buehler PDF [788 KB] HTML [45 KB]
Scattering Light over the Shadow of Booklessness
Alan Sitomer PDF [756 KB] HTML [25 KB]
Pushing Back the Shadows of Reading: A Mother and Daughter Talk of YA Novels
Teri Holbrook and Haviland Holbrook PDF [747 KB] HTML [26 KB]
Doctoral Dissertations (2008–2009): A Review of Research on Young Adult Literature
Jeffrey Kaplan PDF [751 KB] HTML [28 KB]
Dare to Disturb the Universe: Pushing YA Books and Library Services—with a Mimeograph Machine
The Library Connection
Cindy C. Welch PDF [783 KB] HTML [36 KB]
The Intersection of Meaning: A Conversation with Emily Wing Smith
April Brannon PDF [794 KB] HTML [24 KB]
Truant Teaching: A Conversation with Isamu Fukui
Sara L. Schwebel PDF [803 KB] HTML [24 KB]

Stories from the Field PDF [780 KB] HTML [12 KB]

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