The Alan Review
Wendy Glenn, Senior Editor
Ricki Ginsberg, Assistant Editor
Danielle King, Assistant Editor
Volume 26, Number 2
Winter 1999

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Table of Contents

A Note from the Editor
Pamela Sissi Carroll

The Eye Under Oath: Why Stories Are Alive
doi: 10.21061/alan.v26i2.a.1

Michael Cadnum

"The Misfortune of a Man Like Ourselves":
Robert Cormier's The Chocolate War as Aristotelian Tragedy

doi: 10.21061/alan.v26i2.a.2

Kara Keeling

Images of Women in Historical Young Adult Fiction:
Seeking Role Models

doi: 10.21061/alan.v26i2.a.3

Jean Boreen

This Writer's Safe
doi: 10.21061/alan.v26i2.a.4

Graham Salisbury

Brock Cole: The Good, The Bad, and the Humorously Ironic
doi: 10.21061/alan.v26i2.a.5

Wendy J. Glenn

Clip and File YA Book Reviews
Lawrence Baines, Editor

The Middle School Connection
Middle School Readers: Common Views, Different Worlds

doi: 10.21061/alan.v26i2.a.6

Rita Karr, Editor with Leslie Verzi Julian

An Interview with YA Author Patrice Kindl
doi: 10.21061/alan.v26i2.a.7

Lisa Winkler

The Author and The Watsons ...
doi: 10.21061/alan.v26i2.a.8

Christopher Paul Curtis

Bringing The Watson's Go to Birmingham, 1963 To the Middle School Classroom
doi: 10.21061/alan.v26i2.a.9

Marshall George & Melissa Comer

Professional Resources Connection
Susan Hynds's On the Brink: Negotiating Literature and Life with Adolescents —A Review Essay

doi: 10.21061/alan.v26i2.a.10

Kathleen M. Carico, Editor

The Pleasure of Discovery: Medieval Literature in Adolescent Novels Set in the Middle Ages
doi: 10.21061/alan.v26i2.a.11

Rebecca Barnhouse

Harlem Connections: Teaching Walter Dean Myers' Scorpions with Paul Laurence Dunbar's The Sport of the Gods
doi: 10.21061/alan.v26i2.a.12

Mark I. West

Young Adult Literature for Young Adult Males
doi: 10.21061/alan.v26i2.a.13

Sam D. Gill

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