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Current Editor: Dr. Robert T. Howell
Volume 45, Number 3
Winter 2009

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Closing the Gap: Education Requirements of the 21st Century Production Workforce
by Kyle B. Stone, Karen Kaminski and Gene Gloeckner PDF [550 KB]HTML [53 KB]

Learning and Collaboration in Professional Development for Career and Technical Education Teachers: A Qualitative Multi-Case Study
by Patricia A. Sturko and James A. Gregson PDF [235 KB]HTML [62 KB]

An Evaluation of the “Computer Technology and Programming” Curriculum in the Vocational Higher Education System in Turkey
by Oktay C. Adiguzel and Cigdem S. Cardak PDF [414 KB]HTML [52 KB]

The Effectiveness of Instructional Methods Based on Learning Style Preferences of Agricultural Students: A Research Tool for Continuous Improvement for Faculty in Career and Technical Programs
by Dominick E. Fazarro, Tim Pannkuk, Dwayne Pavelock and Darcy Hubbard PDF [224 KB]HTML [47 KB]

At Issue

Certification of Postsecondary Career and Technical Instructors: Issues for Debate
by Stanley A. Bazile and Richard A. WalterPDF [147 KB]HTML [19 KB]

Awards and ElectionsPDF [117 KB]HTML [6 KB]

Bits and PiecesPDF [148 KB]HTML [14 KB]

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