2007 Virginia Tech Staff Employee of the Week Archive

This page contains links to individual PDF files for each staff member listed. This list is based on the date of web capture.

Judy Alford
Patricia A. Baker
Lawrence R. Bechtel
David W. Berry
Carol Y. Bishop
Jean Brickey
Christina K. Brogdon
Business Affairs Staff Association
Heather Riley Chadwick
CLAHS Staff Association
Laura V. Coffey
College Association for Staff in Engineering
College of Science Staff Association
Johnny L. Cox
Cynthia Crawford
Sue Ellen Crocker
Dining Services
Linda B. Fountaine
Paulette Gardner
Graduate Life Center Transition Team
Russell T. Holbrook
Edward Lee Linkous
Maxine Lyons
Orie L. Quesenberry, Jr.
Peggy P. Quesenberry
Ila W. Schepisi
Lori Anne Sheppard
Robert A. Simonds
Carol Sue Slusser
Lisa G. Stables
Brian L. Stanford
David A. Wedin
Jon Wooge