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Submission Guidelines

Articles should be submitted in hardcopy and on floppy disc (3.5 inch) in Word , Word for Windows, or WordPerfect formats. There should be single line spacing, no hyphenation or justification, no page titles, subtitles or numbering, and hard carriage returns should be used only to separate paragraphs and headings. The discs must be clearly labeled with the article title and authors, the font type used to produce the disc and the word processing program (with version number) used. The article should be the only file(s) on the disc and should perfectly match the hardcopy version. Illustrations should be either separate graphics files (such as TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PostScript, or bit-mapped image) or hard-copy, which will be scanned in as bit-mapped images. If color figures are submitted as hardcopy, there will be a charge for digital conversion. There must a summary of no more than 200 words which states the purpose, methods, results and conclusions. The remainder of the manuscript should follow the standard format of introduction, methods, results and conclusions. Figures should have a legend which explains all symbols and abbreviations and from which the figure can be understood without referring to the text. References should be cited in the text by the first author(s) name(s) followed by the publication year, in chronological order; for more than 2 authors give only the first authors name followed by 'et al'. The reference list should be arranged in alphabetical order. Any reference not published cannot be cited (e.g., in preparation or submitted for publication), except for those accepted for publication which should be listed as 'in press' with the journal name. A copy of any manuscript cited as 'in press' should accompany the article submitted to this journal.

The references should be listed with the author's last name without a following comma, initials without periods, comma between authors, semicolon after last author's initials, title, period, journal name in standard abbreviation without periods, no punctuation, journal volume, optional volume number in round brackets, colon (no spaces between volume, volume number and colon), optional single space, page range separated by a hyphen without spaces, comma, year of publication, e.g.;

Hill RA, Chiappa KH: Electrophysiologic monitoring in the intensive care unit. Canad J Neurol Sci 21(2):S12-S16, 1994.

Books should include the publisher's name and the year of publication at the end of the citing.

Book chapters should have the following format after the chapter title: In: abbreviated editors' names (last name initials), comma, eds, preiod, book title, period, publisher's name, colon, page range separated by a hyphen, comma, year of publication, e.g.;

Kiers L, Chiappa KH: Motor and somatosensory evoked potentials in spinal cord disorders. In: Young RR, Woolsey RM, eds. Diagnosis and management of disorders of the spinal cord. WB Saunders: 153-169, 1995.
Abstracts can be cited.

Send your submissions to:

Dr. Keith Chiappa
Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA 02114
Tel: 617-726-8737 Fax: 617-726-2019

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