FDA Approved Animal Drug Data Base

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The Generic Animal Drug and Patent Restoration Act of 1988 requires that a list of all animal drug products approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for safety and effectiveness be made available to the public. Please note: Drugs marked **V/WD** have been voluntarily withdrawn by the manufacturer.

This information is available from the FDA and from the Veterinary Medical Informatics Laboratory at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and University. Additionally, the Informatics Laboratory is placing the information on a server accessible via the Internet with the intent of making it more widely available to the public.

The information is in a searchable file. Queries are for any word(s) found in any part of the text. Therefore, if you search on the text "bovine" you may get a list of drugs used in bovine species but you may also get one that has information saying "not for use in bovine species." Please read your results carefully to be sure you are obtaining the information you are seeking. Boolean searching is also supported and can allow you to perform more exact searches.

The Informatics Laboratory at Virginia Tech also has the information in relational database forms that have more refined and complete search capabilities. Please contact us at the internet address below or fdacvm@vetmed.vt.edu should you have need for additional information.

This database is updated quarterly. Last update: 8/95.


                 Dr. Jeff Wilcke, (DVM, MS) Diplomate ACVCP 
             Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
        College of Veterinary Medicine * Blacksburg, VA 24061-0442 USA
      Voice: 703.231.4819 * Fax: 703.231.7367 * Internet: jwilcke@vt.edu
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