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Open@VT is a blog by Scholarly Communication at Virginia Tech Libraries, focusing on open access, open data, and open educational resources.

Library Publishing Services for Faculty, Students and Staff

Scholarly Communication is a dynamic landscape, and we have returned to our roots. Our focus is on epublishing services supporting the creation and dissemination of scholarship.

The Virginia Tech Libraries provide services to expand and diversify publishing to meet the needs of the university community. We empower you to be creative and develop new modes of scholarship.

Scholarly Communication will help you publish and disseminate a range of publications not limited to peer reviewed journals, undergraduate research, grey literature, Open Educational Resources, or monographs. Please contact us to explore your ideas.

Our services enable you to create new open access journals or transition existing journals from print to electronic and to produce and disseminate articles and conference proceedings widely.

Don’t hesitate to ask us about related topics such as altmetrics, data curation, VTechWorks, and our digital preservation strategy.

To fulfill our commitment to long-term access, Scholarly Communication is committed to a distributed digital preservation strategy as a partner in the MetaArchive Cooperative.

To take advantage of our services and resources, contact Gail McMillan:, Director of Scholarly Communication, or any of the Scholarly Communication staff.


VT Libraries and the Provost have established an Open Access Subvention Fund (OASF) of $100,000 for FY2017.

If you have an article accepted for publication by an open access, peer-reviewed journal that has article processing charges, the OASF will cover up to $1500.

The OASF enables you to include your next article in your digital P&T dossier, CV, and FAR.

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Open Access Subvention Fund
$1500 per article

VT eJournal Publishing Services

VT eJournal Publishing Services

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