Interactive HTML:

Server-side Image Maps

The ISMAP attribute of the IMG tag causes an image to function as a graphical navigation tool, when combined with an anchor tag. Select a GIF image and use a graphics application to locate the upper left and lower right coordinates for each area that should be selectable. Next, choose a URL to which the user should be directed when they select this region. This data will be the contents of the image map file, stored on the same Web server as the document containing the image. You can also specify a DEFAULT URL to which users will be sent if they click on the image but outside of any region specified in the image map file.

Here is an ISMAP example:

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="floor2.gif" ISMAP></A>
Example uses include selectable floor maps for libraries, weather maps allowing the user to click on their region, shelf of manuals with selectable spines, and learning exercises such as an image map for anatomy.
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