Netscape HEAD and BODY Changes

The HEAD of a document remains essentially unchanged. The only element affected is the ISINDEX tag. It now has a PROMPT attribute which can be assigned a string of text that will be displayed next to the text input field normally displayed by ISINDEX:
<HEAD><ISINDEX PROMPT="Enter a year and month ">
The PROMPT attribute for ISINDEX is part of HTML 3.0 as well.

The BODY tag has several new attributes:

BACKGROUND causes Netscape to retrieve an image and display it tiled as a background for the current HTML document. It should be assigned a URL for a GIF image e.g.
<BODY BACKGROUND="bricks.gif">
or the background can be set to a different color (see Color Guide):
<BODY BGCOLOR="#ffee00">

Changing the background to an image can make text difficult to read so the other Netscape BODY attributes control text color:

BODY text color attributes
Set the default text color: <BODY TEXT="#ccff00">
Set the default hypertext anchor color: <BODY LINK="#00eeff">'
Set visited or active (selected) link color
Only BACKGROUND is currently supported in the latest HTML 3 specification.
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