Netscape Physical Style Elements

Netscape supports several tags and attributes that enhance author control over the appearance of the text in a document.

BLINK tag:
The <BLINK> tag can be used around text just like the bold or italics tag. It causes the marked text to flash continually.

The <CENTER> tag causes blocks of text to be centered. It can be used to center headings, paragraphs, tables, even entire documents. The following line uses the center tag:

This text is centered in the Netscape window

FONT tag:
The <FONT> tag sets can be used to change the font size used to display a portion of a document. It is always paired with a SIZE attribute which can be assigned a value from 1-7 where 3 is the default. The value can also have a plus or minus to indicate a relative size change from the default:
This text is <FONT SIZE=+3>large</FONT> while this text is <FONT SIZE=-2>small</FONT>
This text is large while this text is small

The <BASEFONT> tag changes the base font used to determine the font size for all text in the document. It is always paired with a SIZE attribute of the range 1-7 where 3 is the default: <BASEFONT SIZE=4>

None of these tags are part of the current HTML 3 Specification.

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