More Physical Style Elements

HR tag:
Netscape supports several attributes that control how the horizontal rule is displayed. SIZE sets the thickness of the line. WIDTH sets the width of the line in characters or as a percentage of the current Netscape window width. ALIGN can be set to left, right or center to control justification of the rule. NOSHADE turns off the default shading. Here are a couple of examples:

<HR WIDTH=50% ALIGN=right>


BR tag:
The break tag has a CLEAR attribute which ensures that the next line will be completely left justified (necessary to compensate for Netscape floating images, around which text normally wraps).

NOBR tag:
The no break tag ensures that the marked text will not be wrapped.

WBR tag: The word break tag indicates that a word can be broken if needed, but does not cause a break like the BReak tag.

None of these tags/attributes are part of the current HTML 3 Specification.

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