TITLE, BASE and ISINDEX are elements of the <HEAD> tag and cannot appear outside the header section of the document:
This should be a unique and descriptive title for the document. While it is not displayed with the document, many browsers display the title elsewhere and use it when constructing hotlist entries.
<TITLE>Introduction to HTML</TITLE>
Sets the URL for relative links within the current document. This tag is not required but can be useful when a document includes many local hypertext links. In this example all relative links within this document will have this URL prepended to them.
<BASE HREF="http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/reports/annual-1994/">
Indicates a document is keyword searchable - this is usually an unnecessary tag as some web browsers make documents searchable by default. In HTML 3.2, you may add a prompt attribute to customize the text displayed with the input field.
<ISINDEX PROMPT="Enter one or more search terms: ">

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