NEXTID and LINK are elements of the <HEAD> tag and cannot appear outside the header section of the document:
This is usually generated by automated markup systems as a portion of anchors within this particular document. Do not insert this tag manually. Not found in HTML 3.2.
A Level 1 HEAD element that can be used to indicate relationships between documents such as next and previous documents, glossaries, related indexes, document author. Mutiple <LINK> tags can be used to include multiple relationships:
<LINK HREF="mailto:jpowell@vt.edu">
<LINK HREF="glossary.html">
<!-- --> (comment tags)
Comment tags may actually occur anywhere in an HTML document but are most commonly used in the document header to encode miscellaneous information about a document, such as version, creation date, last update, etc.
<!-- Version 2.1, last updated August 22, 1994 -->

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