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Staff Senate Outgoing President's Message

Spectrum Volume 18 Issue 06 - September 28, 1995

There are times in our lives when opportunities present us with some difficult decisions. I've had to make one of those decisions regarding my career. Unfortunately, as a result of my decision I will no longer be a classified employee, and therefore must resign as president of the Staff Senate. I have accepted the position of corporate audit manager with the Virginia Tech Related Corporations and Foundation, effective October 9. I have notified the Executive Committee, and I've arranged with Wyatt Sasser to resign as president of Staff Senate effective October 1.

It has been a pleasure to serve with you on senate, and I appreciate the confidence you've placed in me by allowing me to serve as president this year. I regret that I will not be able to continue with you throughout this year, and apologize for the inconvenience that I will cause you. However, Wyatt and I are already working to make this a smooth transition as he will once again take over as president of Staff Senate.

I have come to know Wyatt well over the past year and highly respect this man, his vision, his morals, and his commitment to the classified staff and the university. Give him the same support that you have given me.

And finally, when you agreed to serve as a senator, and possibly as a representative to a council, commission, or committee, you made a commitment to represent the classified staff to the best of your ability. I charge you to do that. Don't be fooled into believing that you can't change things, that you can't improve the quality of the work environment for the classified staff. The only reason you can't is if you don't try.

And don't approach shared governance with an adversary attitude. It's not "us" against "them." Remember that as a partner in shared governance, we are a part of university management. We represent one third of that governance team. Get to know the committee or commission that you have been appointed or elected to. Develop an understanding of their charge, their purpose. Learn what they can and cannot do within the governance structure and use that knowledge and understanding to work for the betterment of classified staff. Don't be afraid to make concessions along the way. Sometimes, you can gain an advantage later by conceding on a lesser issue today. Shared governance is give and take on everybody's part. We make progress one step at a time.

I've enjoyed working with you, and I'll miss Senate. Thank you.

Fred Phillips