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Digital Libraries for Users


"Put the Library in Digital Library"
draft of a presentation for 'Racing toward Tomorrow," the Association of College and Research Libraries 1999 Conference, Detroit, April 9, 1999. Acrobat gif

Definition of "Digital Library"
Nan Seamans and Gail McMillan

DLI2 for Real Users

Nan Seamans
Whole Library Scenario
Gail McMillan

DLI2 for Information Users

Eileen Hitchingham
Library Reference Scenario
Jane Schillie
Collection Development
Gail McMillan
Teaching Faculty Scenario
Dan Mosser
Research Faculty Scenario
Robert France
Scholarly Communications Project
and the DLI2 Initiative
Gail McMillan
Quality of Online Information Resources:
Annotated Partial Bibliography

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Gail McMillan, Director, Scholarly Communications Project, with
Nan Seamans, Director, Center for Alternative Media, and

Robert France, Programmer/Analyst, Computing Center
Eileen Hitchingham, Dean, University Libraries, Virginia Tech
Dan Mosser, Faculty, English Department
Jane Schillie, College Librarian for Arts and Sciences--Social Sciences Librarian

July 5, 1998; updated Feb. 17, 1999 (GMc)

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