The Alan Review
Wendy Glenn, Senior Editor
Ricki Ginsberg, Assistant Editor
Danielle King, Assistant Editor
Volume 31, Number 2
Winter 2004

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Table of Contents

From the Editors: Don Gallo Award & Barron Award
Jim Blasingame and Lori Atkins Goodson PDF HTML

Call for Manuscripts PDF HTML

doi: 10.21061/alan.v31i2.a.1
Mining the Riches of Story: Young Adult Literature and the Peaceable Classroom
Virginia R. Monseau PDF HTML

doi: 10.21061/alan.v31i2.a.2
Caring About the Topic: An Interview with Valerie Hobbs
Jim Blasingame PDF HTML

doi: 10.21061/alan.v31i2.a.3
Contrasting Points of View (And Then Some): The Research Connection
Jeffrey S. Kaplan PDF HTML

doi: 10.21061/alan.v31i2.a.4
Teens Meeting the Challenge: Young Adults Gain a Voice Deciding What's Hot to Read
The Library Connection

Diane P. Tuccillo PDF HTML

doi: 10.21061/alan.v31i2.a.5
Form Follows Function: Structure Meets Content in Three of Karen Hesse's Novels
Wendy Glenn PDF HTML

Clip and File Book Reviews
Lori Goodson PDF HTML

doi: 10.21061/alan.v31i2.a.6
Assembly on Literature for Adolescents Loses a Pioneer: The Professional Resource Connection with Richard F. Abrahamson, Terry C. Ley, Alleen Pace Nilsen, Ken Donelson, and Ben F. Nelms
Bill Broz PDF HTML

doi: 10.21061/alan.v31i2.a.7
What a Wonderful World: Notes on the Evolution of GLBTQ Literature for Young Adults
Michael Cart PDF HTML

doi: 10.21061/alan.v31i2.a.8
Single-handing: An Interview with Gary Paulsen
Lori Atkins Goodson PDF HTML

doi: 10.21061/alan.v31i2.a.9
On the Trail with Jack London: My Journey to Jason's Gold and Down the Yukon
Will Hobbs PDF HTML

doi: 10.21061/alan.v31i2.a.10
An Invitation to the Writing Game: Monica Hughes (1925-2003)
Bonnie Kunzel PDF HTML

doi: 10.21061/alan.v31i2.a.11
No More Just Making Do with What We Have Done: The High School Connection
Kay Smith PDF HTML

doi: 10.21061/alan.v31i2.a.12
Leave No Child Be. . .: The Publishers Connection
M. Jerry Weiss PDF HTML

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